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Dachshunds & Kids: TWO Things Parents Must Know First

If you’re considering getting a dachshund for your family, you’ll definitely want to know about their natural temperament around kids and even babies. This article has everything you need to know on this important topic. Let’s get into it!

are dachshunds good with kids

Are Dachshunds Good With Kids?

Dachshunds are typically very good with kids and are sensible and friendly with them. That said, Dachshunds can sometimes be nippy, and while not done maliciously, could still cause some tears.

They are an intelligent breed and understand how to act appropriately with young children. As always though, kids must be equally as sensible and never provoke or tease a dog.

Another key point to bring up is how due to their working backgrounds, Dachshunds have a strong sense of companionship ingrained into them. This makes them a breed capable of establishing strong bonds and relationships, which is what a child will naturally want and expect with a new dog.

TWO Important Things Parents Should Know

Dachshunds, like with all breeds, will come with their own set of challenges. Let’s cover the potential problems that any parent would certainly want to know about beforehand.

1. Dachshunds can be nippy

Dachshunds are known for having a slight tendency to nip. And with children, any nipping is already too much nipping! The nipping isn’t malicious but it is fueled by either frustration, jealousy, or overexcitement.

This can be a volatile combination when children themselves are known for pushing limits. Any teasing or constant annoyance could result in retaliation nips.

The Good News: This kind of nipping behavior can be prevented entirely when sufficient training and good behavior is instilled from very early on. It will also be avoided if the kids learn appropriate boundaries and limits when interacting with your Dachshund.

2. Dachshunds can be stubborn

Dachshunds are also known to have a stubborn streak in them. Which is the last thing any busy parent needs while simultaneously managing kids. Just like with most working dogs, they have strong minds and need to know who’s “boss” without a shadow of a doubt.

The Good News: Just like with nipping this kind of behavior can be trained against but it will require a lot of consistency and dedication on your part to establish your position as the leader. Basic command training and recall training taught, in the beginning, will overcome most stubbornness.

5 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are Great For Kids

There are many more positives to be talked about when it comes to Dachshunds and kids. So let’s run through why these little sausage dogs are a good option to go for.

1. Dachshunds love to play

Kids love nothing more than to have a constant buddy who’s willing to play. And that’s exactly what a Dachshund can be.

Dachshunds are naturally playful and will love to chase their ball in the yard for as long as the kids can throw it. Both the kids and the dachshund will feed off each other’s positive energy and will result in many hours of valuable entertainment for both of them.

2. Dachshunds make great companions

Relationship building and developing bonds is a crucial skill for young children, and that just happens to be something Dachshunds are excellent at doing.

Having a close companion provides numerous benefits to young children and teaches them many life lessons such as the responsibility of care, empathy, and self-confidence, and gives them an outlet to express themselves.

3. Dachshunds are small

This doesn’t mean to say that large breeds don’t work well with kids, but having a small dog has some big benefits. One of them being the fact that a dachshund won’t accidentally send a kid flying!

A common issue when kids get overly excited playing with a big dog is that they end up knocking them over causing all kinds of injuries. Apart from that, being small makes them a lot more manageable in general.

4. Dachshunds enjoy the attention

When kids get a new dog, they become their world. And this will suit most Dachshunds just perfectly. Dachshunds are a naturally affectionate breed and they certainly love their attention.

As long as the kids understand boundaries and don’t disturb your dachshund throughout rest periods, all affection will be well received without any issues whatsoever.

5. Dachshunds are fun and humorous

Dachshunds have a strong happy-go-lucky spirit about them and provide hours of laughter and hilarious antics. This alone will keep the kids engaged, occupied, and really happy.

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8 Tips To Ensure Your Dachshund Behaves Well With Kids

In order for the relationship to work without any accidents or tears, boundaries and “rules” must be put in place. And this would be is the same with any breed.

Kids, being kids, love to push limits, and although you understand how to best deal with that, your Dachshund won’t.

1. Sleeping or napping should not be interrupted

Whenever your Dachshund is sleeping or even just napping throughout the day, the child must quickly understand that this means no playing for the time being. A sleeping dachshund may react badly to abrupt noises or physical aggravation.

2. Picking up is not allowed

If your little ones come to realize they are strong enough to pick up and hold your Dachshund, they’ll probably try doing it all the time.

Either your Dachshund will get frustrated by this, or the kids may accidentally drop him, or cause some kind of physical issue.

Dachshunds are particularly vulnerable to spinal issues, and picking them up is something to do carefully. For these reasons, it’s best to establish from the beginning that picking up is reserved for only mom and dad.

3. Eating should not be interrupted

Dogs tend to go into their instinctive survival mode when they’re eating food, and it’s always best to just let them do their thing.

Your Dachshund will not like to be provoked or disturbed while eating and so the little ones should remain elsewhere. Excessive provoking while eating could lead to a nasty reaction or food aggression.

4. No holding or restraining

It’s natural that kids like to hold, squeeze and hug their dog without any end in sight. This kind of restraining is something that dogs HATE and will easily annoy and provoke your Dachshund.

To avoid any bad reactions the kids must know they can’t hold or restrain your Dachshund at any moment. Gentle stroking only is a good rule to establish first thing.

5. No tail pulling or poking

Tail pulling and belly poking is a favorite for kids who are trying to initiate play, or just tease in general.

This kind of behavior will frustrate even the calmest of Dachshunds and could end up with some nipping or growling, so it’s best to make this a clear rule from the start.

6. No feeding or food sharing

As kind-hearted as it may be, it’s best to let the kids know that food giving is not something to be done.

Many household foods are toxic for dogs and if the kids try giving him something while you aren’t there it could make him very sick. For this reason, it’s essential that the kids know food sharing is completely off-limits.

7. Sometimes, your dachshund might not want to play

There will certainly be times when your Dachshund is just tired and doesn’t want to play. It’s a good idea that the kids know beforehand that this will happen from time to time, and when it does they must leave him alone so he can rest and relax.

8. Noisy environments create anxiety

It’s important to explain to the little ones that it’s best to be as quiet and calm as possible when around your Dachshund.

Of course, there will be loud laughter and some craziness when playing and chasing their ball, but for all other times, it’s best to remain as quiet and calm as possible to avoid nervousness, stress, or anxiety.

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Making Sure Your Dachshunds Needs Are Met

In order to bring out the best in your Dachshund, it’s important that his basic daily needs are sufficiently met.

What your Dachshund will need every day:

60 minutes of dedicated exercise outside
30 minutes of basic command training
Additional playtime and interaction
Socialization with other dogs
Plenty of time to rest
To not be alone for many hours

As long as your Dachshund receives his basic daily needs then he will be at his best to be the kind, friendly and happy dog you wish him to be.

Managing kids can be tough at the best of times, but this should never mean putting your Dachshund on the backburner. If it does, then it may not be the best move to get a family dog just yet.

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