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I receive A LOT of messages regarding puppy training, pretty much for every breed we write about here on The Puppy Mag.

While we do have some articles that focus on specific areas of puppy training, sometimes, articles just don’t cut it! Honestly…

For those interested in completely training their puppy from start to finish including potty training, obedience training, leash training, crate training, and soooo much more, there’s one course (yep, course) that blows all puppy training courses out of the water.

And that’s Brain Training For Dogs. You may have already heard of them as they have gained a huge audience over the recent years.

They haven’t contacted me to write this, but I did go through their course with dogs I’ve worked with as well as with my friend’s dogs. And I managed to achieve great results by following their methods. This is why I’ve finally decided to write this mini-review.

What I like about Brain Training For Dogs is their scientific approach to training. It’s actually truly amazing what they teach in there and no article of mine can rival the quality of what’s inside their course. Sad but true!

I won’t go into all the details here, as you can check out their page on their official website here. They go into A LOT of detail, so I highly recommend going through it slowly and thoroughly.

I personally saw amazing results from following their instructions and guidance, and I think for the small investment they charge it is absolutely worth it. You’ll gain the skills and necessary knowledge to nurture your puppy into an angel rather than a wrecking ball!