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Are Vizslas Better In Pairs: The PROS & CONS

Are you considering getting a second vizsla? or even two at the same? This article focuses on whether vizslas are better off in pairs, and highlights the pros and cons you’ll want to know.


Are Vizslas Better Off In Pairs?

Vizslas are great in pairs. Although dogs may not be able to recognize their own breed, it’s likely that a pair of vizslas will bond the best due to having such similar behavior and temperament.

If you already have one vizsla and are considering getting a second dog, it makes a lot of sense to simply get another vizsla. But does the breed make a difference? Are vizslas better off being in pairs?

To start with, it has not yet been confirmed whether dogs can even recognize their own breed and most experts lean towards them not being able to. So that’s something to keep in mind.

However, when it comes to relationships in the dog world, opposites usually don’t attract.

This means that due to vizslas being so inherently similar to one another, it means there’s a strong chance that two vizslas will get along very well with each other.

The Advantages Of Having Two Vizslas

Getting a second vizsla certainly has its benefits. Let’s run through some of the main advantages of having two vizslas instead of just one.

1. Having Two Vizslas Helps With Exercise & Mental Stimulation

From playing with each other, chasing each other, play-fighting, and generally interacting with each other, they will do an awesome job of tiring each other out. And a tired dog is always a happy dog.

This does not mean you can get away with exercising or training them less, oh no, it certainly doesn’t.

But you will notice a big difference in their energy levels and their overall interaction with each other will leave them feeling stimulated and satisfied, without a whole lot of extra work on your part.

2. Vizslas Prefer Living In Packs

Vizslas are very much in-tune with their pack instincts from their pointing and hunting past. Working, living, sleeping, and eating in packs is how vizslas used to live.

Your vizsla will without a doubt prefer having another canine-buddy. Whether he will understand that he’s got himself another vizsla is beside the point, working dogs love to live with other dogs and is what they have been used to for thousands of years.

3. Training The Second Could Be Easier

Notice I said “could” be easier. Let me explain…

It’s very important that your first vizsla is already trained to a high level. Good habits and reliable obedience is a must before getting your second.

And if this is the case, then training a second vizsla will be much easier as she will learn, copy, and follow the good behavior from your first V.

If you get a second vizsla before your first one is properly trained, they will likely be the catalyst of each other’s naughty behavior.

4. Vizslas Get On Well With Each Other

Matching temperaments is crucial for dogs to get along well with each other, and it goes without saying that nearly all vizslas get along well with other vizslas.

Managing different temperaments and breed traits is one of the most difficult aspects of getting a second dog. But if you get the same breed, it’s very likely going to work out just fine, without much additional assistance.

5. They Will Keep Each Other Company (to some extent)

Vizslas hate being left alone, just like most working breeds do. And having another canine buddy will certainly make things easier for when you need to leave the house. Two dogs are better ready to spend some time alone than just one, to some extent...

I do want to clarify, though, that this is NOT a fix for leaving your vizsla home all day when you go to work.

Although having a second dog will help, they do not replace us, and in the end, you will have two dogs longing for their owner to come back.

I have another article dedicated to vizslas spending time alone you may want to check out.

6. Double The Love!

Lastly, vizslas are beautiful and make wonderful family dogs. They have one of the best temperaments I have ever known for a dog to have, and adding another one to your family, just doubles the awesomeness.

If you already love one vizsla, you’ll be able to love another, and it goes without saying they will show you and your family a ridiculous amount of love and affection back!

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The Disadvantages Of Having Two Vizslas

Advantages usually come with disadvantages, and here are the main ones that you must consider before getting a second vizsla.

1. Potentially Double The Trouble

Double the love, may come with double the trouble, under the wrong circumstances. Two things may happen, either your first vizsla encourages the second one to behave badly, or your training doesn’t quite captivate the second vizsla, who then encourages your first vizsla to behave badly.

For most, this can be avoided by waiting until your first vizsla is exceptionally obedient and until you have a good grasp of training (around 1-2 years old), but if you skip this part, it could cause you an endless amount of stress, especially through their puppy and adolescent months.

2. Significant Increase In Costs

I hate to mention it, but money is a big one on this list. The cost of having two dogs sometimes exceeds double the cost of one. You may be wondering how that’s possible, but it is as unforeseen events always happen.

You have to be ready to part ways with your cash even more than you already are. Double the dog food (not to mention the chances of needing to change foods multiple times), the dog bed, leash, harness, toys, treats, shampoo, vet visits, and even insurance. It all adds up very fast.

Having two vizslas will cost a lot, and in some cases, more than double the cost of one. So be ready for that!

3. Walking Two Dogs Is Harder Than Walking One

Walking two dogs is harder than walking one, and that’s even when both dogs are obedient.

Sometimes, a smell or the sight of another animal can get the better of even the most obedient dog, and now, you have two to worry about.

Many unforeseen problems may happen on any given walk, and by having two dogs, you’ve essentially doubled your chances.

One dog may not get in a fight, whereas the other has, and before you know it, you need to control two strong vizslas, which could be difficult on your own. Of course, it’s not impossible, but it’s something to keep in mind.

4. There May Be Some Initial Hardship

Although I’ve been saying two vizslas will get along just fine, it doesn’t mean a good relationship will happen instantly… Especially for your first vizsla.

The thing with vizslas, and with most breeds, is that they can get jealous when another dog enters the family and “steals” a portion of the attention away from the first dog. It always happens.

It always takes time for the first dog to finally “accept” the situation and come around to liking the new dog. You will also need to make a conscious effort of equally sharing the attention and nurturing a positive relationship between the two.

Of course, if you get two vizsla puppies at the same time, this isn’t an issue, even if the two pups are not siblings.

Should You Get Two Males, Two Females, Or One of Each?

This is a very good question and is something you must consider.

You will hear from nearly all breeders and veterinarians that male and female dogs get along much better and quicker than two of the same. And in the beginning, this is true.

The potential issue with either two males or two females together is that they will fight significantly more in order to claim the alpha position over each other.

Although this will likely still happen with one male and one female, a resolution is often met between the two much earlier on, and it tends to stay that way. With two males or two females, they may continue fighting for a long time (even years), in order to be the alpha.

It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and there are plenty of examples where it works out just fine having two of the same gender. But keep in mind it may take a while, and you will have to take extra steps to monitor how both of them behave around each other and be ready to split them up.

Plus, if you get one of each gender, you have the option of producing offspring. You can easily stop this with spading and neutering if you don’t want that, but of course, this isn’t an option at all if you have two males or two females. It’s something extra to think about…

Should You Get Two Vizslas?

There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t have two vizslas. As long as you can care for both of them sufficiently, without the second vizsla taking away from your first, it’s a green light!

Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages outlined above and you will understand the most important points you need to know first.

Thank you for reading! I hope this has helped you better understand whether vizslas are better in pairs. If you have further questions be sure to contact me! All the best, Harry


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