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101 Unique Australian Shepherd Names WITH Meanings! (Male & Female)

Choosing your Australian Shepherd’s name is an exciting and important part of getting your new pup.

From cool names to cute names, exotic and unique, one thing always matters, and that’s the meaning!

This article will run through 101 awesome Australian shepherd names for both male and female, as well as providing the meaning.


How To Choose The Best Name For Your Australian Shepherd

It’s all well and good providing a great list of names with interesting meanings, but it doesn’t necessarily make the decision easier…

Things that can help massively when choosing a name:

Verbalize it! Don’t just read or think it, say it out loud multiple times, both loudly and quietly. After all, whatever name you go for, will be what you end up shouting out loud for everyone to hear at the dog park! lol.

Think about how easy it is to say? Does it roll off the tongue and have a nice sound?

Nicknames. It’s also important to consider if there’s a logically shortened version of the name you like, because sure enough, even short names, are inevitably made shorter. Or even completely changed to make something that’s easier to say.

An easy example: I named my black lab rocky, but pretty much only ever called him “rock”

Shortening names always happens, so it helps to think about whether or not you like the nickname too.

50 Exotic Names For Male & Female Australian Shepherds

The following list will cover 50 amazingly exotic and unique names for both females and male Aussies (25 each, although some are more or less unisex).

Each name listed will come with its meaning! Super cool, right!

KenzoMaleKenzo is a Japanese name meaning “healthy and wise”
CalistoMaleCalisto is a Spanish name meaning “most beautiful one”
SageMaleSage is a name of Latin origin and means “wise” or “prophet”
MalekoMaleMaleko is the Hawaiian version of Mark and means “Male”
AkioMaleAkio is a Japanese name meaning “a bright man”
LudoMaleLudo is a name of German origin and means “famous fighter”
NiloMaleNilo has Latin origin and means “butterfly” or “victory of the people”
KojiMaleKoji is a male Japanese name and means “cultivate, heal, and peace”
ObanMaleOban is the name of a small town in Scottland
TauMaleTau is a South-African name meaning “Lion”. Pronounced Tah-Oh
ZeusMaleZeus is the god of the sky in Ancient Greek Mythology
YukiMaleYuki can be male or female and means “snow” in Japanese
BaneMale Bane is a Hawaiian name meaning “long-awaited child”
DenverMaleName of English origin meaning “green valley”
MagnusMaleName of Latin origin meaning “large”
PaoloMale Name of Latin origin meaning “little”
OrionMaleOrion is a Greek name meaning “son of fire” or “the hunter”
Diego Male Diego means “teacher” in Ancient Greek
Cosmo Male Name of Italian origins meaning “order, decency, and beauty”
JazzMaleJazz is a unique name inspired by Jazz music originating in the states
EnzoMaleEnzo is the Italian name for Henry
LeonMale Leon is of Greek origin and means “Lion”
RoccoMaleRocco is an Italian name meaning “rest”
FelixMaleFelix is of Latin origin and means “happy” or “lucky”
SantiMaleSanti can be female or male and has Italian origins relating to all saints day
AlbaFemaleAlba is a female name of Spanish origin meaning “dawn”
MayaFemaleMaya is a Greek name meaning “good mother”
AzoraFemaleAzora is an old Spanish name meaning “sky blue”
CarinaFemaleAn Italian name meaning “cute”
Kai FemaleKai is a name of many countries but in Hawaiian means “ocean”
LolaFemaleLola is a beautiful Spanish name and means “sorrow”
YaraFemaleYara is a name with Persian origins and means “friend” or “helper”
NovaFemaleNova is the astrological name for “bright star”
AkilaFemaleAkila is an Egyptian name meaning “intelligent”
PeniFemalePeni is a shortened version of the Spanish name Penelope
NahlaFemaleNahla has Arabic origins meaning the “first drink of water in the desert” Unique!
IrisFemaleIris has Ancient Greek origins and means “rainbow”
AmyaFemaleAmya is a female name of American origin meaning “night rain”
TashaFemaleFemale name of Russian origin meaning “birthday”
HavanaFemaleHavana is the capital of Cuba, but some consider it to mean “heaven”
SukiFemaleSuki is a Japanese name meaning “beloved”
FijiFemaleFiji is a feminine name inspired by the Fiji Islands
AstraFemaleAstra has Latin origin and means “star”
Kali FemaleKali is the name of a Hindu goddess
AylaFemaleAyla is a unique name meaning “gazelle” or “deer”
SakariFemaleSakari has Native-American origins and means “sweet”
HoneyFemaleHoney has American origins and is a beautiful feminine name
ZannaFemaleZanna has Hebrew origins and means “lily”
MaiFemaleMai is a Japanese name and means “dance”
NaomiFemaleNaomi is a Jewish name meaning “pleasantness”

What are your thoughts on those names above? These names not only sound great, but you certainly don’t hear them often at the dog park.

And remember, say them out loud! Don’t just read them. Some names sound better when actually said, and others not so much…

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30 Unique Australian Shepherd Names For Male & Females

Let’s get straight into another 30 unique Australian Shepherd names for both male and female Aussies. These names may not be as exotic as above, but they’re still unique, beautiful, and easy to say.

HazeUnisexHaze is considered short for “hazelnut” and has Angelo-Saxon origins
JaxMaleShort for Jackson, also has a biblical meaning “God is gracious”
CapriFemaleCapri has Italian origins and means “Island”
SydMaleSyd has English origins and means “wide meadows” suitable for Aussies!
PepperUnisexAn unusual, yet easy to say name that could suit both male and female
MikiFemaleName with Hawaiian origins meaning “who resembles god”
DelilahFemaleDelilah is of Hebrew origin meaning “delicate”
RangerMaleRanger is a french name meaning “guardians of the forest”
AppleFemaleApple is a beautiful feminine name inspired by the fruit!
OsloMaleOslo is the capital of Norway and also means “meadow beneath the ridge”
KodaFemaleName with Native-American origins meaning “friend”
KeanuMaleKeanu is of Hawaiian origin and means “breeze”
WillowFemaleName of English origin and means “freedom”
DallasMaleDallas has Scottish origins meaning “The meadow dwelling”
LuciusMaleLucius has Latin origins and means “light”
GingerFemaleGinger is a unique female name inspired by the spice; Ginger.
LunaFemaleLuna means “moon” in Latin and several languages
CashewMaleCashew is inspired by the cashew tree
CassieFemaleCassie is a unique name meaning “shining upon men”
BlazeMaleInspired by firey blazes. Is also a name of Latin origin
PestoMaleInspired by the Italian dressing/sauce; Pesto!
CocoFemaleUnique feminine name inspired by the cocoa bean
CaliFemaleShort for Calista and has Greek origins meaning “fairest, beautiful, lovely”
DaltonMaleUnique male name meaning “settlement” or “valley”
HarperFemaleName of English origin representing some who plays the Harp
JuliusMaleName of Greek origin meaning “devoted to love”
BacioMaleMeaning “kiss” in Italian
RainUnisexInspired by the Rain! Go figure…
PirroMaleOriginally an Italian name meaning “rock”
SaharaFemaleA unique feminine name inspired by the Sahara desert

I personally love some of these! “Rain” for example, sounds so cool and unique!

Anyway, let’s move on to the next set of 21 names that you might end up choosing for your Aussie!

21 Great Names That Suit Australian Shepherds: Our Favorites!

The following is a collection of our all-time favorite dog names. Some are cute and sweet while others sound more stern and powerful… Let’s get into them!

SabreMaleSabre is a French name and means “Sword”
TigerMaleTiger is a male name of American origin and represents the powerful Tiger cat
ZanteUnisexZante can be a unisex name and is the name of a Greek Island
AmaraFemaleAmara is a name of Latin origin and means “everlasting”
MochaFemaleMocha is a cute feminine name and perfect for those coffee lovers!
HunterMaleHunter is a unique and powerful sounding name perfect for males
AvaFemaleAva has Latin origin and means “bird”. Pronounced A-vah.
AzaleaFemaleAzalea is a name of Greek origin and means “dry”
DukeMaleDuke is a unique name with the meaning “the leader”
CharlieMaleAlthough a popular human name, charlie would sound great for an Aussie!
ArloMaleArlo has Angelo-Saxon origins and means “army” or “troops”
DakotaUnisexDakota is a very unique sounding name and means “friend”
EvaFemaleEva is derived from a Hebrew name that means “dawn”
LokiMaleLoki is a Scandinavian name that originally means “trickster god”
LotusFemaleLotus has Egyptian origins and comes from the Lotus flower
AlinaFemaleAlina has European origins and means “independent and strong-willed”
ParkerMaleParker is an old English name that originally means “park keeper”
OliveUnisexOlive is an unusual name that could work for both male and female
NessaFemaleNessa has Greek origins and means “pure” and “holy”
StormMaleStorm is a powerful sounding name perfect for a male Aussie
PoppyFemalePoppy is a cute name and makes for a great, easy nickname “pop”!

What do you think of those names? Did any stick?

If those names inspired you to think of your own, be sure to let me know! If I receive enough submissions back I’ll be sure to create a new section for future readers!

One Extra Tip!

If you are really struggling to choose a name, it’s a great idea to just wait until you have your Aussie at home with you…

You’ll be surprised how just after a couple of days you’ll get a sense of their character, their natural charm and even unique quirks about them. This can really help you select a name!

It’s fine to wait a couple of days, but try not to wait a couple of weeks! They’ll need to start learning their name soon!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out more of our Australian Shepherd articles


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