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5 Best Supplements For Border Collies: (Vet-Approved)

Daily supplements are a way of getting beneficial nutrients that are not present in your daily diet, as well as offering the body additional support where it’s needed. 

The human body and canine body are very different, leading many to wonder if their furry friends can benefit from daily supplements as well. 

In this article, we will discuss the details of supplements for Border Collies and help you make an educated decision on what to offer going forward!


Do Border Collies Need Daily Supplements?

So do Border Collies need daily supplements? While they can certainly improve a dog’s quality of life in different ways, a dog does not need daily supplements to survive. 

Unlike you and I, our dog’s standard diet is formulated to meet each of their nutritional needs. Humans can pick and choose what they eat each day, meaning we may fall short of our dietary needs at some point. Daily supplements for humans can essentially help to fill in the gaps.

Because approved dog food must meet certain regulations, this means a dog will get their essential vitamins and nutrients from your dog food of choice. However, just because they are eating an approved diet does not mean they can’t benefit from daily supplements. 

Unless your collie is eating a prescription diet, their diet may not include any extras that can improve any current health struggles. This is where daily supplements come in to offer additional support.

How Can Supplements Help Border Collies?

If you have a Border Collie with a chronic medical condition, you may wonder if supplements can help them thrive. There is a daily supplement for everything in our canine friends, ranging from joint support to gut health promotion. 

Different forms of supplements can help with chronic inflammation, joint pain, joint damage, skin and coat health, immune support, cardiac health, vision, cognitive function, and digestive health.

Supplements may not cure your pup or rid them of all their pain, but they may certainly take the edge off for many Border Collies. 

Research is still underway on different forms of daily supplements for dogs, but results are promising for the supplements we will mention below. To help you better understand the supplements we feel to be the best for Border Collies, let’s discuss the details below. 

The Best Supplements For Border Collies

If you are the proud owner of a Border Collie, there are a few daily supplements that can help to improve their life.

Standard aging and chronic medical conditions can put a strain on a Collie’s overall health, most of which can be supported with the addition of daily supplements. 

So which supplements can you give a Border Collie? Let’s dive in!

Joint Supplements ⬇️

Joint supplements are a wonderful addition to any medium or large breed dog’s life. Border Collies are a medium-sized breed that is known to be generally active, making them the perfect recipient of daily joint supplements. Joint supplements often contain multiple ingredients that are known to promote joint and health, offering your pup multiple forms of support with one daily pill or chew. 

When used proactively, joint supplements in Border Collies can prevent deterioration of the joints, promote cartilage health, and aid in preventing painful inflammation. When used for a current joint condition, these supplements can help to diminish the daily struggles a Collie may face.

There are many different types of joint supplements for dogs, ranging from prescription supplements to those you can purchase at your local pet store. We always suggest speaking with your vet when choosing the best joint supplement for your Border Collie, as they always know your dog’s case best. 

Our favorite option!

Glucosamine ⬇️

Glucosamine is another beneficial supplement for dogs with current joint conditions, at-risk dogs, or even active pups. While glucosamine is likely already included in a daily joint supplement, some Border Collie owners choose to offer this instead before using daily joint supplements. 

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound in the tissue of a healthy canine joint, as it helps to protect and repair damaged cartilage. As a Border Collie ages, the levels of glucosamine within the joint begin to decrease. 

A daily glucosamine supplement can help to maintain the therapeutic levels of glucosamine within your dog’s joints and help to maintain their joint health as long as possible. 

Fish Oil ⬇️

Fish oil can have many purposes when used daily in Border Collies. Fish oil contains fatty acids like EPA and DHA, both of which are used to manage inflammatory conditions in our canine friends. Not only can these compounds aid in managing inflammation, but they can also promote immune health and neurological function.  

Fish oil is often used in Border Collies with joint conditions, skin allergies, dry skin, immune conditions, or even as general health support. There are many forms of fish oil supplements, so we always suggest speaking with your vet about their supplements of choice. 

One of our favorite ones is:
Pure wild alaskan fish oil from Zesty Paws

Probiotics ⬇️

Probiotics are a wonderful daily supplement for Border Collies that struggle with their GI health. Probiotics contain live microorganisms that support gut health in dogs, offering additional support to the naturally occurring bacteria that is already present in the gut. A Border Collie’s gut also plays a huge role in immune health, meaning probiotics may support wellness in many ways. 

Daily probiotics can be great for Border Collies with chronic GI conditions, sensitive stomachs, previous GI illness, current GI illness, and food sensitivities. If you think your Border Collie may need probiotics, we suggest speaking with your vet about their recommended options. 

Vitamins ⬇️

Daily vitamins may be a great addition for some Border Collies that need additional immune support. Vitamins contain antioxidants that target free radicals within the body, helping to promote immune health in the process. 

Approved daily vitamins in dogs may help to rid the body of toxins, promote heart health, support the skin and coat, and assist in fighting off harmful illness. There are many different supplements that contain an array of vitamins, so we always suggest speaking with your vet about their daily vitamin of choice. 

Always Speak With Your Vet First

Daily supplements may be a wonderful way to offer your dog additional support, but it is still critical to speak with your vet before starting any new supplements. It is possible to give your dog too much of a good thing, leading to dangerous complications if your dog is receiving too much of a certain vitamin or compound. 

For example, some dogs have been known to experience serious complications with vitamin overdoses, some of which take months to display symptoms. You never want to accidentally harm your dog when trying to improve their health. 

This rule goes for all new additions to your Border Collie’s life, as it is always best to get vet approval before switching up your dog’s daily food or supplement intake. To ensure that your dog benefits from the use of daily supplements, we always suggest speaking with your vet first. 

Final Thoughts

Supplements can be a wonderful way to boost your Border Collie’s overall health. Be sure to review the information that we discussed above, so you can best support your Collie going forward!


Before making any decisions that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog, you should always consult a trained veterinarian in your local area. Even though this content may have been written/reviewed by a trained veterinarian, our advice to you is to always consult your own local veterinarian in person. Please read our full dislcaimer if you have any questions.