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Border Collie Obsessed With Cats: 5 Reasons & What To Do

If you have a Border Collie who can’t seem to get enough of your cat, you’re not alone!

Whether you’ve got a collie and a cat under the same roof, or your collie is fixated on them when outside on a walk, this article answers everything.

border collie obsessed with cats

5 Reasons Why Border Collies Obsess Over Cats

Let’s run through the main reasons behind a collie’s curiosity with cats.

Herding Instinct

First, let’s talk about the “herding instinct.” Border Collies are known for this. They were bred to herd sheep and keep them safe. When your dog sees your cat, their herding instinct may kick in.

Your dog might try to gather the cat like it would with sheep. This is totally normal for this breed. It’s just how they are wired. But don’t worry. Training can help control this instinct.


Border Collies are very playful. They have a lot of energy. Cats are also playful but in a different way. So, your dog may just want to play with the cat.

Remember, not all cats like to play the same way dogs do. Some cats might get scared or annoyed. It’s always good to keep an eye out when they are playing together.


Dogs are naturally curious animals. Your Border Collie might just be really interested in your cat. Cats are quick and can jump high. This could be super exciting for your dog.

Your dog might love watching the cat or even following it around. This isn’t usually something to worry about. But if the cat seems upset, it might be good to give them some space.

Hunting Instinct

Now, let’s touch on the “hunting instinct.” Even though Border Collies are not hunting dogs, they still have some of those old instincts. They might see a small animal like a cat and get really focused.

However, this is less common in Border Collies compared to other breeds. Plus, most of the time, they don’t mean any harm. They’re just interested. Again, it’s all about watching their behavior and training them well.

Social Animals

Both dogs and cats are social animals. They like being with others. Your Border Collie might just be trying to make a friend.

If your dog is young or hasn’t been around cats much, this could be even more true. It’s a new experience for them. Who doesn’t love making new friends?

Here’s a great video about border collies, cats, and how they get along:

Are All Collies So Obsessed With Cats?

It’s easy to think all Border Collies act the same. But guess what? They don’t! Each dog is unique. Some Border Collies might not care about cats at all.

Personality plays a big role. Some dogs are just more laid-back. Others are more excited and curious. It’s a lot like how people are different too.

Also, experiences matter. If a Border Collie has been around cats a lot, they might be more used to them. This could mean they are less obsessed. But a dog that has never seen a cat before might be super interested.

So, no, not all Border Collies are obsessed with cats. Just like people, dogs have their own likes and dislikes.

Does Your Collie Pose a Risk to Cats? What To Do

So, you’re worried your Border Collie might actually hurt a cat? That’s a serious concern. Let’s talk about what to do.

Step 1: Assess the Risk

First, think about how your collie acts. Does he just bark a lot? Or does he try to chase or even bite? The more aggressive the behavior, the bigger the risk.

Step 2: Keep Control

Always keep your collie on a leash, especially in areas where you might see cats. This is the best way to keep control if your dog gets excited or aggressive.

Step 3: Muzzle Maybe?

If your collie poses a real risk, consider a muzzle. This can keep both your dog and the cat safe. But remember, a muzzle is not a long-term fix. It’s just to help keep things safe for now.

Step 4: Seek Expert Help

If you think there’s a big risk, it’s time to call an expert. This could be a vet or a dog trainer. They can help figure out why your dog acts this way and how to make it better.

Step 5: Work on Training

Training is key. The more your collie listens to you, the safer everyone is. So work on training every day. It can really make a difference.

If you’re worried your dog might hurt a cat, it’s super important to take steps to fix this. Always aim for safety first. With some help and hard work, you can teach your dog to be better.


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