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Top 10 Breeds Compatible With Pit Bulls: (The Best Ones!)

If you’re a proud Pit Bull owner and you’re thinking about adding another dog to your family, you’re probably wondering which breeds will mesh best with your Pit Bull’s temperament and characteristics.

In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 breeds known for getting along well with Pit Bulls.

Consider this your comprehensive guide to breed compatibility for your Pit Bull, answering your most pressing questions on this topic.

what breeds get along with pit bulls

Are Pit Bulls Good With Other Dogs?

Pit Bulls can be great with other dogs and typically show a friendly demeanor. However, their early socialization experiences play a significant role in shaping their responses to new interactions.

Pit Bulls are often known for their courageous side and aren’t typically submissive. This means a Pit Bull will not shy away from standing its ground with a larger dog if something bothers them.

Pit Bulls may not naturally be the most sociable, but with appropriate and consistent socialization from a young age, they can get along well with other dogs.

Key Characteristics Of Pit Bulls To Consider First

When contemplating a second breed to introduce into your home, it’s important to reflect on the unique traits of your Pit Bull. Only you know your Pit Bull’s specific behaviors and this will influence which breed will make the best match.

Below are typical Pit Bull traits that should give you a good understanding of what to expect. However, if your Pit Bull differs in some aspects, that’s perfectly fine. Just remember to factor in your Pit Bull’s individual traits when making your decision.

➡️ Pit Bulls Are High Energy Dogs

Pit Bulls are energetic and love engaging in play. Despite their sometimes imposing appearance, these dogs are full of life and this can significantly affect your choice of a second dog.

Some breeds prefer a quieter, more relaxed environment, and may not appreciate the high energy levels of a Pit Bull. For example, breeds like the Basset Hound are often more laid back. If there’s a significant mismatch in energy levels, it can create friction between the dogs.

Choosing a second dog with similar energy levels, playful nature, and resilience can help ensure a harmonious relationship between the two.

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➡️ Pit Bulls Can Be Stubborn

Although Pit Bulls can be lovable and friendly, they can also show a stubborn side. They’re known for their determination, which can be a challenge at times.

Many breeds share this trait, so be aware that if you choose another stubborn breed, you might be doubling down on this behavior. Alternatively, a more compliant breed may influence your Pit Bull in a positive way.

➡️ Pit Bulls Are Protective

Pit Bulls can be protective, a trait that comes from their history as guard dogs. They may display this protectiveness towards their family, which now includes your new dog.

Understanding this trait is important because your Pit Bull may show protective behaviors when the new dog is introduced. You should be ready to intervene and guide these interactions positively, to avoid any potential issues and to help ensure a safe and happy environment for both dogs.

Remember, these characteristics can vary from dog to dog, so it’s important to take the time to understand your Pit Bull’s unique personality. This understanding will help you make the best choice when bringing a new dog into your home.

10 Best Companion Dogs for Pit Bulls

Let’s run through the best dogs suitable for living with Pit Bulls. There are many more than just this list, but in our experience, these breeds are the most likely to “click” with a Pit Bull with the least amount of effort and risk.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendly nature and their ability to get along with most other breeds, including Pit Bulls. As both breeds are high-energy, they can match each other’s play style and keep each other occupied.

  • Both breeds are known for their love of play and their active lifestyles.
  • They’re both highly sociable, which can lead to a strong bond.
  • They can both benefit from activities that work off their energy, such as fetch or running.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are often a great match for Pit Bulls because they are tolerant, friendly, and enjoy the company of other dogs. Both breeds are known for their devotion to their families, which can make them fast friends.

  • Both breeds are known for their friendly, outgoing personalities.
  • They are both loyal and dedicated to their families.
  • Their similar sizes mean they can play together comfortably.

3. Boxer

Boxers and Pit Bulls have many similar traits. They’re both energetic, playful, and love to engage in physical activity, which makes them compatible in their play styles.

  • Both breeds are known for their playful, energetic natures.
  • They share a similar physique, which can make play more balanced and enjoyable.
  • Both breeds require ample exercise, which they can provide for each other.

4. Beagle

Beagles are known for their friendly and social nature, which can complement a Pit Bull’s playful and active temperament. Both breeds are known for their loyalty and love of play.

  • Both breeds are sociable and enjoy the company of other dogs.
  • They share a love of active play and would enjoy activities such as fetch.
  • Their loyalty to their families can help build a strong bond between them.

5. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds, while laid-back, can balance out a Pit Bull’s high energy levels. They’re known for their friendly nature and can offer a calming influence on a Pit Bull’s energetic personality.

  • Both breeds are known for their friendly natures.
  • Basset Hounds’ laid-back temperament can complement a Pit Bull’s higher energy.
  • Both breeds are generally tolerant and easy-going.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their calm, gentle nature, which can be a good balance for a Pit Bull’s energetic and playful personality.

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are patient, which can complement a Pit Bull’s playful nature.
  • Both breeds are loyal and dedicated to their families.
  • Their larger size means they can comfortably engage in physical play with a Pit Bull.

7. Border Collie

Border Collies are known for their intelligence and high energy, which can match a Pit Bull’s activity level. They can keep up with each other and enjoy engaging in mutual activities.

  • Both breeds are energetic and require plenty of exercise.
  • They share a high intelligence level and enjoy mental stimulation.
  • Their active lifestyles can lead to shared activities and bonding.

8. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are robust and adaptable, capable of matching a Pit Bull’s energy and playfulness. They’re known for their loyalty and dedication to their families, which can lead to a strong bond.

  • Both breeds are known for their loyalty and dedication.
  • They’re both robust and active, requiring plenty of exercise.
  • Their shared intelligence can lead to engaging activities and training sessions.

9. American Bulldog

American Bulldogs often mesh well with Pit Bulls, as they share similar temperaments and play styles. Both breeds belong to the broader “bully breed” category, and they’re known for their muscular physique and high energy levels.

  • Both breeds are robust and energetic, enjoying physical activities.
  • They share a similar “bully breed” background, which can make them more compatible.
  • Both breeds are known for their loyalty and dedication to their families.

10. Boston Terrier

Despite their size, Boston Terriers are tough, playful, and can keep up with a Pit Bull’s energy. They’re known for their friendly nature, which can help them get along with Pit Bulls.

  • Both breeds share a playful, energetic temperament.
  • Boston Terriers are tough and can handle a Pit Bull’s energy levels.
  • Both breeds are friendly and sociable, enjoying the company of other dogs.

Keep in mind, these are generalizations and individual dogs may vary. Socialization, training, and individual personality play huge roles in how well dogs get along with each other. Always take care to introduce dogs to each other in a controlled and calm manner.

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Characteristics That Best Suit a Pit Bull

Though we’ve mentioned 10 breeds above, there are indeed many more breeds that are compatible with Pit Bulls.

Here are some key traits to look for when considering a companion for your Pit Bull:

  • Easy-going
  • Naturally friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Preferably less stubborn than a Pit Bull
  • High-energy
  • Playful
  • Non-aggressive
  • Not overly territorial

Most breeds with these characteristics should get along well with your Pit Bull.

The Impact of Socialization on Pit Bulls and Other Dogs

When it comes to dogs getting along, breed is just one aspect of the equation. An equally, if not more important factor, is the level of socialization that each dog has experienced. In fact, Pit Bulls can get along with any breed, so long as both dogs are well-socialized.

Socialization is the process by which dogs learn to interact appropriately with other dogs, animals, people, and their environment. This process is ideally begun at a young age, often as young as a few weeks old, and should continue throughout a dog’s life.

A well-socialized Pit Bull is often friendly, confident, and able to handle interactions with other dogs with grace. They understand doggy language, are capable of responding appropriately to signals from other dogs, and are more likely to stay calm in a variety of situations.

Similarly, a well-socialized dog of any other breed is more likely to interact positively with a Pit Bull. They will have learned to interpret and respond to the body language of other dogs, which is crucial in preventing misunderstandings and deescalating potentially tense situations.

However, it’s important to note that socialization isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. It involves a variety of experiences and settings, including meeting different kinds of dogs in controlled environments. Socialization should be positive and fun for the dog, never forcing them into uncomfortable situations.

Additionally, the owner’s role in facilitating good behavior cannot be understated. As an owner, you should reward positive interactions, intervene in case of negative behavior, and ensure your Pit Bull and the other dog both have the space and time they need to feel comfortable.

Overall, a well-socialized Pit Bull can indeed cohabitate and thrive with any breed. The key is to prioritize proper socialization and responsible dog ownership, creating a positive environment that allows both dogs to communicate and understand each other effectively.

One Important Point To Remember

It’s easy for owners to get overwhelmed while trying to find the perfect breed match for their Pit Bull.

The reality, however, is that most breeds can coexist harmoniously with a Pit Bull if the relationship is properly guided and nurtured.

In researching the topic across various platforms – from online forums to Facebook groups and Pit Bull-specific subreddits – we found numerous examples of different breeds living happily alongside Pit Bulls.

A recurring theme in these discussions was the importance of investing time and care into fostering the relationship, regardless of breed. So, if you already have a preference for a certain breed, chances are, you have nothing to fear.

Are Pit Bulls Better In Pairs?

Can anything be better than one Pit Bull? Well, how about two Pit Bulls!

Pit Bulls often do well in pairs. While it’s unclear whether dogs recognize their own breed, their shared traits and behaviors often help them get along well.

In terms of gender combinations, a male and a female pair may be the most harmonious. This helps to minimize territorial disputes and establish a clear social hierarchy.

For instance, two males might compete for dominance for a longer period, whereas a male and female pair would likely settle their hierarchy more quickly.

So, if you’re considering a second dog and are unsure about which breed to choose, another Pit Bull could be a fantastic choice.

To Summarize

Pit Bulls can cohabitate well with a range of breeds. But it’s always vital to consider your Pit Bull’s specific characteristics before making a decision. Strive to select a breed that will complement and resonate with your Pit Bull’s personality.


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