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Can Australian Shepherds Eat Watermelon? (Answered)

Fancy giving your Australian shepherd some watermelon? 🍉🍉🍉

This short article highlights essential safety tips and answers to FAQs owners should know before handing their Australian shepherd some juicy watermelon.

aussie shepherd watermelon FAQ

Can Aussies Eat Watermelon?

The quick answer: Yes, Australian shepherds can eat watermelon in small portions as a healthy treat or snack. Just be sure to remove the hard outer rind and all seeds. Only feed the flesh.

Australian Shepherds & Watermelon: FAQs

Let’s run through some of the important questions about Aussies eating watermelon.

🍉 How much watermelon can Australian shepherds eat?

3-5 medium-sized chunks are about right. This is the equivalent of 1 cup.

As watermelon is almost 90% water and considered low in sugar, your Aussie can enjoy a handful of chunks without negatively impacting their health.

Still, you want to avoid it disrupting their appetite. So it’s important to avoid feeding around their mealtime.

🍉 Can Australian shepherds eat watermelon every day?

Yes, so long as portion sizes are controlled, it doesn’t disrupt their appetite, and they are not experiencing adverse effects like diarrhea.

🍉 Why do I need to remove the seeds and rind?

The seeds may cause intestinal blockage and the rind is practically indigestible, so it can cause severe gastrointestinal upset if large amounts are swallowed.

Owners should aim to remove ALL seeds, and cut off all the rind, both the green and white area.

🍉 Is watermelon good for Aussie shepherds?

In small quantities, yes, your Aussie will benefit from essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, A, B6, and Potassium.

Still, you do not want to overfeed your Aussie with fruit. Despite watermelon having a relatively low sugar content, it still has a high glycemic index, so it moderation remains essential.

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Give Your Aussie a Test First

Although watermelon rarely causes adverse reactions in dogs, it’s important to give a test amount first. Your Aussie might not like it.

Give your Aussie a single chunk of seedless and rindless watermelon and watch how they react for 30 minutes.

If they enjoy it and experience no adverse effects like diarrhea or vomiting, then you’ve pretty much got the green light to give a little more.

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