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Can Havanese Go Hiking? Top Hiking Tips For Havanese

Do Havanese make good hiking partners? This article will explain the do’s and don’ts when it comes to hiking with your Havanese, plus some additional exercise tips.


Can Havanese Go On Hikes?

Yes, Havanese can go hiking, and they’re pretty good at it too! Havanese may be small but they can easily keep up with you on a 3-mile hike and be outside for hours at a time.

But is hiking good for havanese?

Hiking is a fantastic outdoor activity that Havanese absolutely love. Hiking isn’t just exercise… it’s different smells, sights, terrains, and every trail is more exciting than the last.

With all of these senses kicking into action, your Havanese will receive not only a good amount of physical exercise but mental exercise too. Mental stimulation is extremely important for Havanese and hiking certainly helps towards that.

Many Havanese owners often wonder whether it’s ok for their Havanese to hike, mainly due to their small size. You may be surprised to know that these little fluffballs are quite the athlete under all of that hair.

Most owners report their Havanese to have no issues hiking for long distances and are can even keep up with larger breeds.

Here’s What Other Havanese Owners Had To Say

I know it’s always valuable to hear it directly from other Havanese owners. So in preparation to write this article we scoured the web and Havanese forums with this exact question in mind.

⭐ Here’s what we found from Havanese owners.

“The great thing about a Havanese is that they are extremely adaptable. Mine has the energy of a husky it seems. I take him on 3-4 mile hikes in the woods (about 2 hours) almost every day. He usually passes out for a couple of hours but then perks up again for more play.” Havanese Subreddit – Credit To Source

“Brady also loves to be outside. He has gone on a few hikes with us. I remember one in particular with my sister in law’s golden retriever. We must have hiked 4 miles on a dirt trail. Brady turned and looked at us at the end like “really, we have to go now”.” Havanese Forum Group – Credit To Source

“This couple walks their dogs almost daily for a good long walk and weekly go on hikes through woods, up mountains and can be gone half a day. Their 4 Havanese follow along and absolutely love it! They look forward to it and get very excited when they know they’re going on a hike again.” Havanese Forum Group – Credit To Source

These are just three of MANY responses about how well adaptable and capable Havanese are when it comes to hiking and exploring in general.

How Far Can a Havanese Walk?

Evidently, Havanese can easily walk around 3 miles on a single hike. Assuming they are completely healthy with no physical limitations to start with.

Havanese are a breed that, despite their size, require their fair share of exercise. With many owners reporting their Havanese “looking at them for more” after a 3-mile hike, it’s safe to say that this mileage will be just fine for most Havanese.

Of course, it is always important to act responsibly and over-exercising is never a good idea for any dog. Pushing your Havanese too much could result in injury or even long term conditions.

If your Havanese starts to slow down, trail behind, or just looks exhausted, then it’s time to go home and rest.

In reality, it’s hard to give a set number of hours that will be ok for all Havanese, as all will be different. How far your Havanese can walk will be down to their age, current health, how accustomed they are to walking, and even the weather and temperature.

Please take all of these important factors into consideration if you are planning on hiking with your Havanese soon.

Top Tips For Hiking With Your Havanese

Below I will run through important tips for hiking with your Havanese.

There will be a mixture of best practices, safety tips, and hiking etiquette to be aware of.

1. Check If Dogs Are Welcome

Be sure to check if the area where you are planning on going welcomes dogs. Fortunately, most public places, national parks, and trails do allow dogs, but it’s important to check first. Hiking on known trails where dogs are not allowed could result in a substantial fine.

2. National Parks Have There Own Rules

Again, with National Parks, it’s your responsibility as the owner to stick to their rules. It may be fine to let your Havanese off the leash in some parks, but in others, all dogs must remain on the leash. Even within National Parks that do allow dogs, there may still be zones where dogs are not allowed. If you plan on using a National Park near you, it’s important to check the rules first.

3. Be Cautious of Rivers, Lakes, and Bodies of Water

Havanese are a breed known to love swimming. But it’s best to avoid letting yours swim in rivers or lakes as there can be many unknown contaminants in the water. There may be parasites and bacteria like Leptospirosis as well as many other harmful diseases that could make your Havanese very ill. This is particularly true for standing pools of water.

4. Take Extra Water And a Drinking Bowl

It’s an obvious one, but it still has to be said! Taking extra water is extremely important and it helps to bring along a proper drinking bowl that your Havanese can use easily. Fortunately, there is a wide range of portable water bottles made specifically to take out with your dog. We’ve included our favorite option below.

5. Be Wary of Other Animals And Wildlife

This is very location-dependent and for some, this may not even be an issue. For others, there can be a range of animals that present a risk to your Havanese, and even yourself! Snakes, badgers, and even mountain lions could be out there in the bushes and mountain regions. Always consider your location and if the area is known to have such animals or wildlife, it would be more sensible to keep your Havanese on the leash.

6. Consider Your Havanese’s Recall And Obedience First

If you plan on letting your Havanese off-leash, then it’s necessary to consider her level of recall and general obedience to your commands. There can be many unforeseen events happen out on hikes, where you’ll need to call your Havanese away from a potentially dangerous situation. If you know your Havanese does not really listen to you when you call her, then she should ideally stay on the leash until recall and obedience are at a higher level. This, you can improve at home.

7. Always Bag The Brownies

Yep, another obvious one but it still needs to be on the list!. Poop should always be bagged and disposed of appropriately, even if she goes in the shrubs. There are many nasty fines and penalties if you were to be caught leaving poop behind anywhere.

8. Consider The Weather And Temperature

It’s important to consider the weather conditions and temperature. If you’re hiking throughout summer, extra caution needs to be taken to prevent heatstroke, dehydration, and injuries. The hotter it is, the shorter your hike should be. Once the temperature rises past 20°C (70°F) hikes should be kept very short. Although not common on trails, surfaces like pavements or tarmac can become hot to the point where they will burn your Havanese’s paws. (if the ground is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for paws).

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Recommended Hiking Gear For Havanese

Preparation is the key to a successful hike. Here are some of the best hiking accessories that will supplement your hikes and ultimately make them safer for your Havanese.

Water bottle and bowl combination. (recommended option)
Pet first aid kit. (recommended option)
Collar TAG I.D. (recommended option)
Dog Booties For Rough Terrain. (recommended option)
Pet Insect Repellent. (recommended option)

All items recommended are high quality with excellent reviews and at the most reasonable price.

Last Thoughts

Havanese make great hiking partners and will easily keep up with the crowd on the majority of hikes. This breed may be very small in size, but don’t underestimate their physical performance!

If you plan on hiking with your Havanese be sure to consider their health and safety as well as your own, rules and regulations of the area you are hiking and always go prepared.

Stay safe and happy hiking!


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