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10 Best Companion Dogs For Dobermans: (Updated)

Knowing which breeds will get on well with your Doberman isn’t exactly straightforward.

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you and after having spoken to hundreds of Dobie owners over the last few years, we’ve got it rounded up to the best ten.

We know how important it is to pair your Doberman with a breed that they’ll naturally click with, so here’s what we found out.

doberman with other dogs

10 Breeds That Dobermans Get On Well With

Let’s run through each breed with explaining exactly why they get along well with Dobermans. And below, we’ll explain why there are many more breeds that work well with Dobies!

1) German Shepherds

Dobermans and German shepherds, what a handful, right? Well, actually not! These two breeds are both highly intelligent and obedient, and when together, these traits are amplified.

Not only that but both breeds have a similar temperament in the first place, similar exercise needs, diet, and bond with their owners well.

If you don’t mind some extra shedding, and can manage two large strong dogs, this pairing will work out well for most.

2) Labradors

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Labs are forever popular for many good reasons. They have an even temperament and are naturally well-rounded dogs with the ability to get on with all other breeds.

Labs are not similar to Dobermans in terms of their protectiveness and alertness, but this actually works out well, and the labs placid nature tends to keep Dobies calm and more relaxed.

These two are playful, energetic, and lively, yet they both like to cuddle at the end of a long day. An easy match up for most owners.

3) Golden Retrievers

America’s No.1 dog for years on the trot. Golden retrievers are perhaps the all-around “perfect” dog in many people’s opinions. Assuming dog hair isn’t a problem!

Like Labs, golden retrievers might not exactly be guard dogs, but they make a great pair for many other reasons.

They are large, strong, playful and will be able to keep their own when your Dobie tries playing a little rough.

Golden retrievers often bring out the playful side in other dogs that you don’t always get to see.

4) Boxers

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Oh boy, an energetic pairing. This match-up works well because boxers are extremely friendly and get along well with most breeds. Still, this could be too much for many owners.

Both breeds together will either be a match made in heaven… or hell. Depending on your daily routine.

With enough exercise, training, and stimulation these two breeds will bond and bring out the best of each other. But if their daily routine isn’t perfect, it could be a problem.

While we recommend this match up, it’s one to think about carefully.

5) Jack Russell

This little and large pairing works out fabulously. I personally know many owners with both a Doberman and Jack Russell, and it’s an ideal match up.

Both breeds are highly obedient when trained, yet playful and affectionate when appropriate.

Jack russell, despite their size, are energetic, can take a serious workout, and hold their own against the much bigger Doberman.

A surprising pairing that works out well every time.

6) Vizsla

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Another very common pairing is Dobermans and Vizslas. These two breeds always seem to click at the dog parks and when out on walks, but owners must be ready for a handful if their exercise and stimulation needs aren’t taken care of.

Vizslas are very affectionate, kind, and loving, and this is only amplified when paired with a Doberman.

These two breeds are similar in size and have the same kind of exercise needs.

Perhaps the main difference is of course the Vizslas complete lack of guard dog skills compared to the Doberman. But this is the case for most match ups!

7) Siberian Huskies

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A surprising match up that raises a few eyebrows.

As it happens, Siberian huskies are super friendly and social right off the bat. Despite their wolf-like looks, they’re terrible guard dogs but awesome companions.

This works perfectly with Dobermans, and they’ll be happy to pick up the slack on the guard dog front.

Nevertheless, these two breeds will make perfect exercise partners, have similar dietary requirements, and are quick to bond.

One thing to note about this pairing is that huskies can be stubborn and disobedient when left alone too much or understimulated, this could have a knock on effect to a Doberman and cause them to misbehave too. Something to consider!

8) Weimaraners

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Dobermans and Weimaraners are both energetic and active breeds that tend to get along well with each other.

Weimaraners are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities, and their love of play can bring out the more playful side of a Doberman.

Both breeds also tend to have similar exercise needs, making them well-suited for joint physical activities such as long walks or running.

9) Great Danes

Wasn’t expecting a dog larger than your Doberman? Well, think again, because Great Danes are another amazing fit for all Dobies.

Great Danes make Dobermans look like Dachshunds, but despite their size and intimidation factor are extremely placid, calm, and friendly. Which can have an overall positive knock-on effect for a Doberman

If you love BIG dogs, then this pairing could suit you down to a tee.

One thing that doesn’t quite match up with these two is their exercise. Owners must be careful not to overexert Great Danes, which could get in the way of your Dobie’s current exercise routine.

However, this ultimately depends on your schedule.

10) Dachshunds

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Are Dachshunds just miniature Dobermans? Well, you can find that one out here.

Dobies and dachshunds get on amazingly well with each other, and just like jack russells, are one of the perfect little and large pairings that instantly work.

Dachshunds are feisty little dogs and can keep their own with any Dobie while playing and out on walks.

Owners do need to be cautious with their long backs and short legs but other than that this match up often works out great.

Just like with Jack Russells I know many owners owning both of these breeds and it seems like the perfect combination.

How a Doberman Can Make Friends With Any Dog

The truth about dog pairings is that it nearly all comes down to socialization.

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Your Doberman can befriend almost any dog so long as both your Dobie, and the other dog have received enough socialization when they are young. That’s the truth.

If both dogs have learned proper social skills and understand how to interact when meeting a new dog, then the breed almost doesn’t matter.

Sure, some dogs won’t match up in terms of exercise levels, energy, playfulness and so on, which can make a miss match.

But in terms of their ability to become friends, socialization is the secret sauce.

So this is good news if you have a well-socialized Dobie, and want to get a new puppy. You can slowly introduce the two together, and it’ll be fairly easy for the two to bond over time. So long as you show your Doberman that the new puppy is a part of the family and belong in the home. Of course, always be cautious.

Dobermans With Small Dogs: The Truth

It’s understandable that many think Dobies can’t get on well with small dogs.

From the sizing miss match, to a Dobermans prey drive, these are legitimate concerns to be had.

Still, despite this, Dobermans can get along just fine with dogs smaller than themselves.

There is a limit though…

I wouldn’t go so far as saying it’s okay to pair a Doberman with a tea cup yorkie, as that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

But for the general “small” breeds like dachshunds, jack russells, and corgis, it can work out perfectly fine.

Once again, it comes back down to the level of socialization that truly determines how these breeds get along with each other.

Last thoughts

There are many breeds that Dobermans get along well with. It does help to match up energy levels, playfulness, and each’s ability to hold their own. But the most important factor determining a success bond or not is socialization.

Do you know of a Doberman pairing that’s working out well? Or one that didnt? Let us know!

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