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Top 10 Compatible Breeds For Corgis (Best Companions!)

If you have a corgi and are considering getting a second dog, it’s essential to know which breeds will have the best chance of getting along naturally with your corgi.

This article will run through the 10 best breeds that get along well with corgis.

This will be your complete breed compatibility guide for your corgi, containing the most frequently asked questions on this topic.


Are Corgis Good With Other Dogs?

Corgis are usually good with other dogs and are friendly most of the time. It must be said, however, that their level of socialization from a young age will have a big influence on how each corgi handles new interactions.

Corgis are known to have a “feisty” side to them and are certainly not a submissive kind of breed.

Essentially meaning a corgi won’t have a problem telling off a larger dog should something upset them.

Naturally, corgis may not be the most social, but assuming we (the owners) facilitate and provide socialization from a young age, then a corgi will be just fine with other dogs.

Key Characteristics Of Corgis To Consider First

When considering a second breed, you must first think about the characteristics of your corgi specifically. Only you will know how your corgi is, and this will impact what breed will work best.

Below are typical corgi traits that for the most part will include your corgi. But if not, that’s okay too. Just keep in mind your corgi’s personal traits when making a decision.

1. Corgis have A LOT of energy

Corgis have a lot of energy and love to play. For a small dog, these little fluff balls just keep going. And this will have a big impact on your second dog too. Either for good or for bad.

There are some dogs that enjoy their quiet time, are very chilled, and prefer to lay around and do nothing.

Bassett Hounds, for example, are like this. Two breeds with such a miss-match of energy will find it hard to click. One will constantly annoy the other wanting to play and things could get nasty when frustration sets in.

It’s a better idea to have two dogs with similar energy levels, playfulness, and roughhousing habits. It’s important that each dog can hold its own to avoid constantly being trounced upon.

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2. Corgis Can Be Stubborn & Mischievous

Corgis may be adorable, but they can stir up their fair share is trouble when they want to. Add some stubbornness to the mix and you’ve got yourself a right handful.

Maybe your corgi isn’t like this, but I know many that are! So keep this in mind, because there are many other breeds out there that are exactly the same.

Depending on the breed you want to get, you could be in for double trouble or if you choose a less stubborn breed, you may find that the second dog eventually has a positive influence over your corgi, which would be great.

3. Corgis Love Nipping

Corgis have the instinct to herd and nip. It’s literally in their DNA. When they don’t have any cattle to herd, they opt for humans instead. It’s that serious.

So caution needs to be taken when you get your new pup (or even an adult). Your corgi will assume the leadership role and use the new puppy to practice their herding skills.

It’s vitally important you understand that this will likely happen so you’ll need to be there to step in and correct the behavior immediately. The puppy could end up getting hurt which could make them extremely anxious and scared.

10 Breeds That Get Along Well With a Corgi

Let’s run through 10 breeds that I have found to work really well with corgis. Through careful research and with the help of my friend (who owns a corgi and a beagle). This list contains the breeds that are often seen living harmoniously with corgis.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Labrador
  • Dachshund
  • Pug
  • Border Collie
  • Havanese
  • Beagle
  • Golden Retreiver
  • Chihuahua
  • Australian Shepherd

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers make great companions for corgis. These two breeds are similar in size with the cavalier being a tad bigger.

Cavaliers have a great character. They are affectionate, very good-natured and at the same time love to play, exercise, and they certainly have a working streak in them. So these two breeds make natural playmates from the get-go.

Cavaliers are naturally less bossy and more easy-going than corgis, so this should help the relationship from the beginning. The less confrontation, the better.

Cavaliers are also very intelligent and can be trained to a high level just like a corgi can.

All in all, these two breeds are known to make good partners.

2. Labrador

We’ve suddenly jumped up in size here, but that’s okay. Labradors try to make friends with everything from inanimate objects to dogs actively attacking them, so this is a sure win for most corgis.

Labs are playful, love their exercise, are naturally friendly, and have an incredible tolerance to being nagged and pushed around, despite their size. Perfect for those bossy corgis out there.

If you were considering a larger second dog then a labrador should be very high on your list.

You can rely on this easy-going breed to find a way to make the relationship work.

3. Dachshund

Dachshunds generally get along very well with corgis. And better yet, your corgi can pull out the height card on dachshunds, as they are typically taller.

These breeds have many more similarities than they do differences. They are both working dogs with a keen desire to play, run around, and exercise in general.

Dachshunds are good-natured and highly trainable, with only a little stubbornness. I would mention, though, that dachshunds can be big troublemakers if untrained so this is something important to remember.

Another bonus with dachshunds is that shedding is extremely minimal. Compared to how much your corgi sheds you’ll hardly notice shedding from a dachshund.

4. Pugs

Sticking with the small dogs, for now. Next on the list is the pug, another breed that often gets along well with corgis.

Pugs are extremely friendly, affectionate, and make awesome family pets. There may be some arguments between who receives the most attention, but in general, this shouldn’t be considered a big issue.

Pugs can give their fair share of playtime too, but they do not have the endurance and stamina that a corgi does. So this breed certainly won’t need any more exercise than what you are already providing your corgi with.

Pugs are not as intelligent as corgis but they can still be trained to a basic level. Just don’t expect the pug to have much influence over your corgi, if anything, your corgi would more likely encourage your pug to misbehave. So training will be critical with this pair.

5. Border Collie

Consider the border collie to be the bigger and wiser brother of a corgi. The perfect role model, perhaps.

Border collies are the world’s most intelligent dogs, and they have been for a while. They are also herding dogs just like corgis are. These breeds are incredibly similar and make great pairs with the correct upbringing.

One thing I would point about these two breeds is that they are both incredibly strong-minded and will likely try to establish themselves over one another sporadically. But this isn’t anything you can’t manage.

Apart from that, I would say these two breeds make an excellent pair. And you can expect that a well-trained border collie will positively influence your corgi.

Apart from the size and color differences, these breeds are extremely similar.

6. Havanese

These little fluff monsters are consistently rated as one of the world’s friendliest breeds.

Havanese are a little bigger than corgis, but they come with A LOT more hair. Many owners keep their Havanese’s coat trimmed at a specific length year-round but that’s down to you.

This breed is incredibly gentle, kind, intelligent, and friendly so there will be no issues in how these two breeds get along. Although I wouldn’t put it past a corgi to pull-rank on a Havanese and constantly show them who’s boss, so this is something you will want to keep an eye on.

These two breeds would also make great playmates, but keep in mind the stamina of a corgi will certainly be greater than a Havanese.

7. Beagle

Beagles are another family favorite and they often make great companion breeds for most dogs.

Due to their hunting heritage, living and working in large packs, beagles often develop strong bonds with other dogs with whom they live with. Their strong “pack instinct” encourages them to quickly get along with dogs who they spend a lot of time around.

It goes without saying that a beagle will be a corgi’s ideal playmate and exercise partner. Both breeds require the same amount of exercise and have a similar desire to play.

The only thing I would mention about beagles is that they often misbehave if training is not taken seriously. You may have big trouble if you are not on top of your training A-game with these two breeds.

As long as you have training taken care of, beagles can be a great option.

8. Golden Retriever

What breed companion list would this be if it didn’t contain golden retrievers? It goes without saying that America’s No.1 dog will suit practically all other breeds out there.

Golden retrievers are much like labradors. They are incredibly friendly, affectionate, and playful.

Despite the huge size difference, these two breeds will certainly make the best of paw friends without much work on your part.

Retrievers are extremely tolerable and can put up with your corgis nonsense without getting frustrated or reacting negatively. But this doesn’t give your corgi a free ticket to annoy or nip legs, behavior like this should always be swiftly corrected.

If you want a big second dog and don’t mind even more hair on your floors, a golden retriever is an awesome choice.

9. Chihuahua

When it comes to which breeds get along well with corgis, chihuahuas are always a hot topic of discussion.

These two breeds definitely get along with each other. But, unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma surrounding chihuahua which I think is incredibly unfair.

Chihuahuas have been labeled as an aggressive and unfriendly breed, but this isn’t how they are naturally.

With the trend of handbag dogs, chihuahuas spend more time being chauffered around rather than actually living life like a dog, in the dog park, meeting other dogs, and sniffing butts. And as a result, those chihuahuas become incredibly anxious and their immediate reaction is to show aggression (out of fear) when they encounter new people or dogs.

Chihuahuas are in fact very friendly, loving, and affectionate when raised normally. And there is no doubt that these two breeds can form a strong bond.

The corgi would likely influence the chihuahua so it’s important to ensure your corgi is well trained and can demonstrate good habits to pass on.

10. Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd makes a great companion breed for corgis. This breed combination can be closely compared to corgis and border collies, as Aussies are extremely similar.

Australian Shepherds are known as being very family orientated as well as hard-working herding dogs.

An Aussie is pretty much like a corgi on steroids. The Aussie is bigger, faster, loves to herd, and is extremely intelligent. They are typically similar in color too.

When comparing Australian Shepherds against Border Collies, The Aussie typically wins as a more naturally friendly and social breed.

If you don’t mind the extra hair and are prepared to increase exercise levels, then an Aussie will be a great dog for your family and your corgi.

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Characteristics That Best Suit a Corgi

Despite only listing 10 breeds above, there are of course many other breeds that get along well with corgis.

Below are some of the characteristics to look out for when considering your second dog:

Naturally friendly
Preferably not as stubborn as a corgi
Not overly territorial

Most breeds that fit the above criteria will work just fine with your corgi.

One Important Point To Remember

There are many owners out there who get caught up when trying to find the perfect breed for their corgi.

The truth is that the vast majority of breeds will be able to get along with your corgi if you monitor, control, and responsibly nurture the relationship.

While searching through the corgi-web and scouring forums, Facebook groups, and corgi subreddits, I kept on finding more and more examples of different breeds working perfectly with a corgi.

And a common agreed-upon statement throughout was that any breed will get along well with a corgi if the right amount of time and care gets put into making the relationship work.

So, the chances are, if you already have a preference for a second breed, there’s a good chance you have nothing to worry about.

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Are Corgis Better In Pairs?

What’s better than one corgi? Two corgis.

Corgis are great in pairs. It’s not known whether dogs are able to recognize their own breed but due to being so similar, they have a natural tendency to get along well with each other.

A male and a female would likely get along better than two males or two females.

This will reduce the number of territorial disputes and it will be easier for them to establish who’s the alpha.

If you were to get two males, for example, it would be incredibly likely for them to fight for years trying to be the “alpha”. Whereas a male and female would find a resolution much quicker.

So, if you want a second dog but really can’t decide on a breed, getting another corgi is a great choice.

To Summarize

Corgis are capable of getting along with a range of breeds. But it’s always important to consider the natural characteristics of YOUR corgi before going ahead with a decision.

Try your best to pick a breed that will complement and match your corgi’s personality.

The breeds that get along well with corgis:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Border Collie
Golden Retriever
Australian Shepherd

And of course, another corgi!


Do Corgis Get Along With German Shepherds?

Most of the time, a German shepherd and Corgi will get along well. But this assumes both are introduced to each other carefully and have had previous socializing experience.

Do Corgis Get Along With Huskies?

Huskies are much friendlier and more social than many people realize, so in most cases, a husky and corgi will get along well. But of course, always introduce these dogs carefully and slowly.

Do Corgis Get Along With Other Corgis?

Most breeds get on well with their own kind, but it does help to have opposite sexes. A male and female Corgi are more likely to get on well than two male Corgis for example.

Do Corgis Get Along With Pitbulls?

If both breeds are introduced as puppies to each other then this relationship will likely work out. Extreme caution is recommended if introducing these two dogs as adults.

Do Corgis Get Along With Dachshunds?

These two small breeds compliment each other in many ways. Both Corgis and Dachshunds are energetic, active, love to play, and have similar temperaments. So yes, these two dogs will likely get along.

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