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The Perfect Crate Size For a CORGI: (All Ages)

Bringing home a new corgi pup is like winning the doggy lottery!

It’s a pawsitively wagtastic experience, but let’s not forget the planning that goes into it.

Choosing the perfect crate for your new corgi friend is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Sure, Corgis may be small in size but they pack a punch when it comes to taking up space.

It’s even more baffling when you’re dealing with a Corgi puppy. Do they need a small or a medium? Let the crate selection begin!

Key Points Summarized:

  • Best crate for Pembroke Corgis: 30″
  • Best crate for Cardigan Corgis: 36″
  • Even for puppies, purchase a crate that will fit them as an adult.
corgi crate

The Perfect Crate Size For a Corgi

It depends on the type of Corgi. The best crate size for Pembroke corgis is a 30″ Inch crate. While the best crate size for Cardigan corgis is a 36″ Inch crate.

Why suggest different sizes?

Well, Cardigans often grow to be a little bigger than Pembrokes, so it’s essential to accommodate this extra size.

Why 30″ & 36″?

These crate sizes are for medium-sized dogs, but they also aren’t too large either. These sizes are PERFECT for corgis of all ages and sizes.

Are 30″ Inch Crates Big Enough For Corgis?

Yes, 30″ Inch crates are big enough for Pembroke corgis in terms of length, width, and height.

However, a 30″ Inch crate might be a little tight for Cardigan corgis which measure about 24-32 Inches in total body length.

What Size Crate For Corgi PUPPIES?

The best advice is to buy for the future. So that means to buy your corgi puppy whatever crate will also fit them for when they’re an adult.

It doesn’t matter that your corgi pup will initially be relatively small in an adult-sized crate.

  • They will soon grow quickly
  • Despite the bigger size, you can still make it cozy and comfortable

Therefore, it makes the most sense to purchase for the future and go with a crate that will fit them as an adult.

Do not worry about buying a small crate for them as a puppy. Not only does it waste money, but it just isn’t necessary. And anyone that tells you it is, might be trying to sell you something!

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What Kind of Crate Is Best For Corgis?

You’ve got wired metal crates, heavy-duty crates, plastic crates, and wooden (fashion) crates. So which one is best?

From years working with dogs, owning dogs, and training them, the best crate remains to be the simple metal wire crate.

It’s the most reliable, durable, and lightweight, and they’re usually the cheapest.

  • Metal wire crates are the best all-round crates for corgis
  • Wooden or fashion crates are also a good option for corgis if you want the crate to blend into your home furnishings.
  • Heavy-duty crates are NOT necessary for corgis
  • Plastic crates are not strong enough for corgis

Conclusion: We recommend either a metal wire crate, or a wooden (fashion) crate for corgis.

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