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Bernese Mountain Dogs & Drooling: (Tips & Advice)

If you’re considering getting a Bernese Mountain Dog, you might be wondering just how much they drool and slobber.

This article covers everything you want to know about these friendly giants and their jowls.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered to be droolers and slobberers, though not every Berner will drool as much as another. Some owners get lucky and their Berner will rarely drool at all.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Drool Excessively?

The simple answer is yes and no. Most Bernese Mountain Dogs drool a reasonable amount (more than the average dog).

Some drool excessively, and few may not drool at all.

We asked 34 BMD owners what they thought… From polls, forums, and asking personal friends here’s what they said:

“How much does your Bernese Mountain Dog drool?”

  • 6 owners (17.6%) said: ALL THE TIME
  • 16 owners (47%) said: MODERATELY
  • 9 owners (24.4%) said: ONLY AFTER EATING OR DRINKING
  • 3 owners (8.8%) said: NOT AT ALL

While this may not be the world’s most extensive study, it does highlight the fact that most Berners drool moderately throughout the day.

After this, it seemed that drooling was only happening after eating or drinking. Berners that drooled excessively or not at all were both far less common.

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Is Drooling Normal or Something To Worry About?

Let’s take a quick look at what causes Bernese Mountain Dogs to drool.

Normal reasons

There are plenty of valid “normal” reasons as to why your Berner will drool. For one, they have very large jowls. Saliva build up collects in their large cheeks and comes out naturally or when they shake their head.

Things that can cause the saliva to build up in the first place are drinking water, anticipating food, the smell of food, in response to getting excited, playing or when stressed.

Problematic reasons

As well being completely normal, there are many not-so-good reasons as to why your Berner could be drooling.

  • He’s eaten something he shouldn’t have
  • He’s got some kind of dental issue or pain
  • He’s feeling unwell/sick in general
  • He’s too hot
  • He’s got something stuck in his mouth
  • Something else

It’s important to take things into context.

If your Berner is drooling a lot more than usual, but it happens to be a very hot summer day, that could be the reason… Just like if he rummages through the garbage, only to be drooling and lethargic: he could be unwell.

If you Berner is drooling excessively there’s no harm in checking this up with your vet. Especially if you see a combination of other symptoms like diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, weakness, loss of appetite, or a change in normal behavior.

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Can You Stop Your Bernese Mountain Dog From Drooling?

Unless your Berner is drooling due to a real problem, owners can’t do too much about it.

Unless you train your Berner to do this!

If there is an underlying problem, addressing this with your vet is the best bet. Other solutions would be to better manage the situation, as you can’t exactly stop it.

For example, if certain things trigger drooling like eating and drinking, then an absorbing mat around their bowl would be a good idea. To further this, you could keep your Berner in one room for 10-20 minutes after they eat.

If your Berner is a natural drooler throughout the day, then perhaps your only method of controlling this would be to limit their space, or have plenty of wipes to hand in each room.

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How Bad Is The Drooling? Really?

If you’re considering getting a Berner you might be wondering whether you can really put up with the drooling…

From speaking to many owners, it’s bearable. Of course, not desirable, but bearable.

Most owners, even those with excessive droolers “get used” to it, and find ways to manage.

The lovable character of the Berner outshines the drooling situation by a mile. So if you were on the fence because of this, I wouldn’t worry too much!

I hope this has helped.

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