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Does Corgi Hair Grow Back? (When & How Long To Regrow)

If you’ve shaved your corgi or given them a significant haircut, you might be wondering if, when, and how long it will take for their hair to grow back.

This article contains everything you need to know about corgi hair regrowth.

The short answer: Yes, corgi hair does grow back as long as they are in good health. If a corgi is shaved, or they lose hair when they are already old and ill, their hair may not regrow.

does corgi hair regrow

Corgi Hair Basics

Let’s explain the basics of corgi hair first and foremost.

Corgis are considered “short” hair dogs, and both Pembroke and Cardigans have double coats.

Something all owners should be aware of is the fact that having double coats dramatically affects the regrowth of the hair. Both in whether it’s possible and how long it takes.

Although this varies dramatically, corgis have hair that’s anywhere between 1-3 inches in length, depending upon their genetics.

So, with hair this short, it shouldn’t take too long to regrow, right? We’ll explain below.

Will Your Corgi’s Hair Regrow?

Whether or not a corgi’s hair regrows depends on three main factors:

  • The reason it came out in the first place
  • Their age
  • Their general health

Assuming your corgi is in their prime with no known health conditions, then it’s very likely that their hair will regrow after a haircut or being shaved.

If, however, your corgi has lost hair due to alopecia or other health conditions, or once they are already very old, there’s no guarantee whether their hair will grow back.

In this case, the best way to know is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to inspect their internal health, and the health of their skin and hair.

How Long Does It Take For Corgi Hair to Regrow?

Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward.

The answer is that it varies for each corgi. Some corgis may experience a complete regrowth of hair in a matter of 3-4 months, but for others, it could be several months.

This depends on their genetics, health, diet, sleep, age, and how short their hair was cut.

Why Shaving Impacts Regrowing Hair

We have another article on The Puppy Mag about shaving corgis which you might want to check out.

But to go over the basic here, shaving can significantly disrupt the way your corgi’s hair is supposed to grow.


When dogs have double coats (an undercoat and a topcoat), their undercoat typically grows faster than their topcoat.

This can cause the undercoat to grow through the slower-growing topcoat, leading to matting issues, tangling, and severe knotting.

If not kept in check, this can alter the texture of the hair if the matting gets serious.

Ultimately, this is why it’s not recommended to shave double-coated breeds. Instead, light trimming with scissors if far more appropriate.

If problems occur like matting and tangling, owners will need to untangle it before the situation gets worse.

5 Tips For Healthy Corgi Hair Growth

For your corgi to have a full and health coat, here’s some essential tips to know.

1. Fish oil

Omega 3 (fish oil) is essential for healthy skin and coat. And not only does it help your corgi’s hair regrow thick, strong and healthy, but it keeps their overall immune system in good working order.

2. Daily brushing

It will help if you give your corgi at least 5-10 minutes of brushing every day with a simple pin brush. Not only will this help with shedding, it’ll stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, and spread those natural oils that keep the hair healthy.

3. Avoid hot baths

When it’s time to bathe your corgi, opt for lukewarm water. By avoiding using warm or ever hot water, your corgis skin will remain hydrated and moist. Hot baths quickly lead to dry skin, and dry skin only encourages further hair loss!

4. Avoid strong shampoos

Similar to above, when bathing your corgi, it’s best to stick to a natural-ingredient dog shampoo. It’s worth avoiding ALL other shampoos, yes, even regular pet shampoo. The truth is that these shampoos are far too strong, creating dry skin, and stripping those natural oils.

5. Exercise

Exercise is often overlooked as a way of nurturing a healthy skin and coat, but it’s essential. Be sure to keep your corgi fit with at least 60 minutes of walking and some jogging every day.

Keeping your corgi healthy on the inside, will ensure they’re healthy on the outside.

Final thoughts

Corgi hair usually regrows so long as the corgi is in full health and isn’t already too old.

Of course, how your corgi lost their hair (shaving or health issues), also impacts it’s ability to regrow.

As for how long it takes, it can range from a few months to several months depending on genetics, health, age, and the reason it was lost in the first place.

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