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10 Undeniable Signs Your Poodle Loves You

Do you wonder if your Poodle loves you? It’s a common thought most dog owners have: do our dogs love us as much as we love them?

It’s a great question and this article will run through 10 ways your Poodle shows her love for you.

poodle love signs of affection

10 Ways To Know Your Poodle Loves You

Although it’s not as simple as your poodle telling you with words, she’s likely giving you a range of clues through her body language indicating just how much she loves you.

Let’s run through them below.

1. Ear and Eyebrow Movements

Why not start with a peculiar one! The ears and eyebrows reveal a canine’s true feelings and emotions, particularly when it comes to affection.

You’ll be able to read your Poodle like a book if you start observing her ear and eyebrow movements on a regular basis.

Japanese researchers have actually found that when dogs look at someone they love or have a strong bond with, they shift their ears back, and raise their eyebrows (specifically their left one!) If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is!

It may be hard to see your Poodle’s eyebrows with all that curly fur but try your best. She may be giving you the look of love more than you thought.

2. Physical Contact (Coming To Lean On You)

There isn’t a clearer sign of love and affection than this.

You know you have a great relationship with your Poodle when she voluntarily comes to find you and sits down next to you making sure her body is touching your body.

Dogs, especially Poodles, love to spend time around their favorite person, this is typically their owner or whoever shows them the most attention (more than likely) And this will often be paired with ample physical contact.

3. Your Poodle Is Always Excited To See You

It feels great when you come home through the door, and your Poodle is as excited to see you as you are to see them.

You can tell A LOT about how your Poodle feels about you, when they first see you after a period of your absence. Gauge their reaction and body language.

When she bounds to you, tail wagging, walking in and out of your legs (yet more physical contact) this is a clear sign that your bond is strong. This screams “I wuvvv you”.

4. Frequent and East Eye Contact

Eye contact is arguably the most powerful form of non-verbal communication.

Eye contact can suggest both positive and negative feelings, depending on your relationship and the context of the situation.

Assuming you already have a relatively good relationship with your Poodle, eye contact should be made casually, easily and, frequently.

Dogs will often look to their owner for recognition and commands, and that’s normal. But when you look back at her, she should be able to remain looking at you without cowering, avoiding you, or looking uneasy.

Sometimes dogs will briefly look away as a show of respect, but she should be able to regain eye contact quickly and without much fuss.

To sum this all up, if your Poodle can’t look you in the eyes, there’s a problem. This means the bond isn’t strong enough or she’s too intimidated or scared.

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5. Relaxed Body Language When You Are Around

Her overall body posture, and ability to relax when you are around is a big give away into your relationship.

If your Poodle felt uneased by you, she wouldn’t be able to relax when you are there. Her body posture will remain tense and she may be ready to dart up and leave the room if you get too close.

But, if you are around and she’s able to lay down, nap, roll on her back, and even come to you for some attention, this means she’s feeling calm and happy.

Although you might not consider this to be a way of her showing love, It does mean she’s comfortable around you, and that’s still a testament to a good relationship.

6. She Listens To You When You Aren’t Talking To Her

This is an interesting one.

When you really make a connection with your Poodle, your voice becomes everything to her. Whenever you speak, whether you are talking to her or not, she’s listening to you.

And make no mistake, dogs don’t do this to everyone.

The classic way to test this is when she’s supposedly resting or sleeping. If you start speaking, her ears will prick up, and if you dare say her name, she’ll bolt upright as if she was never asleep.

Again, you may think this is normal for dogs, but it doesn’t usually happen until your Poodle considers you very important.

7. Your Poodle Brings You Her Toys

Doesn’t it just melt your heart when your Poodle brings you her toys? Well, it should, and it’s a moment to feel flattered too.

If your Poodle is choosing you to play with her, it’s a big deal.

Poodles are a high-energy breed and they love attention, but the fact she wants to play with you suggests she trusts you and wants to engage with you. This will only happen if you have a good relationship with her.

This doesn’t just go for her toys either. You may find her bringing random objects to you, and while this may be confusing at first, it’s nothing but her saying she loves you and wants you to interact with her.

8. Your Poodle Will “Check” On You

When your Poodle has a good bond with you, she’ll be checking up on you all the time.

This goes for around the house and also when you go out for walks and let her off the leash.

When it’s during a walk, you may be thinking “well that’s only due to being obedient” and while that is partly the case, she’ll also be checking on you to see if you are ok.

She’ll want to know exactly where you are and what’s happening close to you.

The next time you are out, notice her stop and look around at you, to ensure you are there and safe.

9. Face Licking

You either love it or you hate it, but face licking is rather enjoyable and endearing for your Poodle.

It’s not been proven whether face licking is actually considered a dog’s version of a kiss. But at the very least we know its a form of either grooming or playing.

Either way, if your Poodle is making this kind of physical contact with you, it means she loves you.

So if you are one who severely dislikes face-licking, just remember that this could in fact be her way of saying “I wuvvv you!”

10. Your Poodle Yawns With You

Another rather interesting one!

We already know that when a human yawns, most other people around will also yawn too. 7 Reasons Why Your Dog Yawn When You Pet Them. But it’s not just limited to us, and for owners who have an exceptionally strong connection with their Poodle, yawns will be mimicked too.

When it comes to humans mimicking yawns, researches link it to showing empathy, but for our canine companions, they haven’t proven anything yet.

While not scientifically proven, it still means you have an awesome bond with your Poodle! Yawn buddies!

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What About My Puppy? Does My Poodle Puppy Love Me?

We are usually very sensitive when it comes to puppies, after all, puppies are pretty much exactly like babies.

If you’ve recently got yourself a Poodle puppy, you are probably showing her as much love, care, and attention as you possibly can… And what eventually happens is you wonder if she’s really “getting it” and if she loves you back?

But it’s important to remember that puppies are not mature, in any way, not physically, sexually, mentally, or emotionally. Puppies don’t have the capacity to understand or show you love and affection.

Not to mention, puppies are super hyper, and any display of affection coming from you is almost definitely going to be seen as an invitation to play.

So don’t be worried about whether or not your puppy loves you. As long as you are providing her a safe, loving home, she will grow up to love you just as much as you love her.

What If Your Poodle Doesn’t Show Signs of Affection

If you’ve finished the list in the first section and are thinking to yourself “damn, my Poodle doesn’t do any of that!” you are not alone!

All Poodles are different, and just because your Poodle doesn’t show you affection, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you.

Some Poodles are naturally more stubborn, independent, or just like their own space.

As long as you are providing your Poodle with a warm home, food, water, toys, your attention, and love. She’s going to love you back without a shadow of a doubt. Even if she doesn’t really show it.

Thankfully, dog’s are more simple than we are.

Last Thoughts

If you have anything you would like to add to this article, or you have some comments on any of the above signs of affection, please contact us and I will look forward to speaking to you. For now, have a great day, and continue reading more Poodle articles here on The Puppy Mag.

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