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5 Best Dog Foods For PICKY Yorkies (2023 Update)

If you’ve got yourself a picky Yorkie, you’re likely struggling to find an option that they actually like for more than one day!

Believe me, I’ve been through this struggle too, and after a fair share of hit and miss with numerous top-tier brands, I’ve managed to refine the list to the best options that my little furry friends enjoy.

To further solidify my selection, I’ve sought the opinion of fellow Yorkie parents too.

In this article, we delve into:
✅ The hallmark of a superior dog food (features to consider)
✅ 5 outstanding dog food options for your Yorkies (both adult and pups)
✅ Guidelines on how to transition your Yorkie to a new food effectively
✅ An additional noteworthy tip worth considering

best food for picky yorkies

Something to Try Before Switching Foods

Before feeding your Yorkie their kibble, consider soaking it in water or a weak, unsalted meat broth.

This process not only enhances the taste, making the meal more appealing to your fussy eater, but it also aids digestion.

Soaking the kibble also increases your Yorkie’s fluid intake, contributing to better hydration. Furthermore, the kibble expands before it’s eaten, reducing the risk of bloat and further stomach upset.

While it’s not a requirement, it’s a strategy I’ve found beneficial after my vet recommended it.

This is worth trying before changing kibbles. You never know, you Yorkie could just be acting fussy for no good reason. This could be enough to get them eating their usual kibble again.

Aspects to Consider in a Premium Dog Food

There are certain features you should always keep an eye out for to distinguish a superior dog food. These factors separate the exceptional from the mediocre, and the downright awful.

⭐ Whole or unprocessed lead ingredients:

In your quest for the perfect Yorkie food, aim for one that gets the first 3-5 ingredients spot on. Hunt for ingredients that are as close to their natural, unrefined form as possible such as whole meats, fish, and vegetables. This typically indicates that the food is of high quality and comprises authentic, nutritious ingredients that your Yorkie can easily digest.

⭐ Low carbohydrate content:

Energetic breeds like Yorkies thrive on food that’s protein-rich, has a medium to high fat content, and is low in carbs. A high carbohydrate concentration in the dog food is an indication that it’s not a top-notch product. The reality is, carbs are inexpensive, easy to store, and are ideal for manufacturers looking to “fill” their product at minimal costs. Genuine forms of protein and fat are more challenging and costly to incorporate into the food, hence the heftier price tags for foods that prioritize this.

⭐ Origin of the food:

It was uncovered that many well-known brands were actually clueless about the components in their dog food formula. This was mainly because their production facilities were outsourced overseas with sparse inspections. And of course, because they simply weren’t that bothered! Prefer a brand that uses its own local production facilities and closely monitors all the ingredients incorporated into its food. This is always something worth considering.

⭐ Artificial ingredients, preservatives, and fillers:

You’d be shocked at the amount of rubbish that finds its way into inexpensive dog foods. From terrible carbs to ghastly fillers and by-products, I wouldn’t inflict this on any dog. It’s basic, but owners should always opt for a food that doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, fillers, and by-products. Most of the time, this is clearly indicated.

⭐ Omega 3 content & other vitamins and minerals:

A high-end food using authentic ingredients will be laden with Omega 3, as well as other crucial vitamins and minerals. To support your Yorkie’s overall growth, recovery, and health, make sure you choose a food that ticks all these boxes. Low-quality foods are devoid of overall nutrition, and this can gravely impact your dog’s health in the long run.

5 Best Foods for Picky Yorkies

Let’s run through the best food options for pick Yorkies. All of these options are high quality, and work super well with fussy and sensitive Yorkies. Most Yorkie owners we speak to feed their pups one of the following.

1. Orijen: Six Fish

Ideal for all Yorkies, including fussy yorkies and those with sensitive stomachs.

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Orijen is my absolute favorite dog food brand, not only because it sits well with most Yorkies, but because they genuinely care about their product quality.

Why this works perfectly for Yorkies:

✅ High protein and fat content
✅ Low in carbohydrates
✅ Rich in Omega 3 & essential DHA fatty acids
✅ First 6 ingredients are fresh or raw!
✅ 85% high-quality animal ingredients
✅ Avoids many common allergens
✅ Free from artificial preservatives, flavors, fillers or by-products
✅ Produced in their own US kitchens with no outsourcing

Sure, Orijen comes with a higher price tag, but the quality is indisputable. It’s rare to find a kibble like this that you know is enhancing your Yorkie’s health and not harming it!

➡️ With 85% of the food comprising high-quality animal ingredients in their natural state, your Yorkie gets maximum nutrition. This also means better digestion and absorption.

➡️ With the Six Fish variant, it sidesteps common allergens like chicken, beef, lamb, and pork. This suits both fussy and sensitive Yorkies.

This food is high in protein, medium to high in fat, and low in carbs – the exact balance that Yorkies thrive on. It ensures your Yorkie can recuperate from their daily exercise.

2. Acana: Freshwater Fish

Ideal for all fussy Yorkies.

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Acana: Freshwater Fish is another incredible option to consider. It’s on par with Orijen and has similar quality attributes. Many owners find success with this variant, particularly freshwater fish.

Why this works well for Yorkies:

✅ 60% high-quality animal ingredients, 40% vegetables, fruit, and botanicals
✅ Lead ingredients are whole salmon and menhaden fish meal
✅ High protein, medium fat, low carbs
✅ Avoids most common allergens to reduce upset stomachs
✅ Digests well
✅ Made in USA kitchens
✅ Grain-free
✅ Ideal for active dogs
✅ No artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, additives, by-products, fillers

This is a great option for all Yorkies, particularly those that are quite active but also have sensitive stomachs.

➡️ With the optimal macronutrient breakdown, and with minimal common allergens, this food is highly nutritious and easily absorbed, resulting in fewer upset stomachs.

➡️ Acana is a well-respected brand that produces all its food in the USA with locally sourced and trusted farmers and suppliers.

3. Merrick: Real Salmon + Sweet Potato

Ideal for all Yorkies, including those that are picky and have sensitive tummies.

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Merrick: Real Salmon + Sweet Potato is another excellent choice to consider. Focusing on whole, fresh ingredients, limited common allergens, and a slightly lower price tag than Orijen and Acana.

Why this works well for Yorkies:

✅ Premium ingredients including deboned salmon
✅ Avoids many common allergens
✅ High in Omega 3 + 6 fatty acids
✅ Great to preserve joint health (contains glucosamine and chondroitin)
✅ Includes probiotics for better digestion
✅ Added blueberries and cranberries for extra fiber, vitamins, and minerals
✅ No artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or fillers
✅ Produced in their own regulated kitchens

Merrick provides a super high protein, medium to high fat, and low carb premium dog food. This food is easily digestible and is ideal for breeds prone to sensitive stomachs, like Yorkies.

➡️ Merrick emphasizes high-quality, whole, and fresh ingredients and uses deboned salmon as the number one ingredient. This is followed by other healthy sources of nutrients.

➡️ This option also contains added glucosamine and chondroitin, which is crucial for Yorkies’ joint health due to their active nature.

4. Victor Super Premium Hi-Pro Plus

A high-quality grain-included dog food for Yorkies.

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Victor Super Premium Hi-Pro Plus is a quality food with a high protein and fat content, ideal for active small dogs like Yorkies. This product DOES contain non-GMO whole grains.

Why this works well for Yorkies:

✅ Excellent protein and fat levels with low carbs
✅ High in Omega 3 fatty acids
✅ Contains prebiotics and probiotics for great gut health
✅ Ideal for active Yorkies
✅ Supports healthy skin & coat from essential minerals
✅ Produced in USA kitchens with locally sourced ingredients
✅ Grain-inclusive (non-GMO)
✅ No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives

❌ The lead ingredients are proteins from “meal” not whole sources. While this is important to consider, “meal” is still okay and can be of high quality. It is not the same as a by-product. Meal is dried and rendered clean meat, skin, bones, and organs. By-products are the less desirable parts of the animal.

➡️ This food is high in protein and low in carbs, which comes from 85% animal sources, 10% from plants, and 5% from grains.

➡️ The inclusion of grains in this option caters to mixed feelings about grain-free dog food. While there’s evidence supporting grain-free, there’s also evidence suggesting otherwise. Many dogs fare well with dog food containing grain.

➡️ This food is known to digest well and contains both prebiotics and probiotics to help your Yorkie’s gut and digestive system.

Victor Super Premium Hi-Pro Plus specializes in high-quality dog food, and this one, in particular, is perfect for active small breeds.

5. Wellness CORE Natural Food (Puppy Formula)

The best option for picky Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

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Wellness CORE is an ideal option for Yorkie puppies. Never opt for the “all-life stages” formulas. Puppies need their unique formula to support their rapid growth.

Why this is excellent for Yorkie puppies:

✅ Quality whole ingredients for maximum nutrition
✅ Sufficient Omega 3, & DHA fatty acids from quality sources
✅ Great calcium, phosphorus, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals
✅ High protein, medium fat, and low carbs for the ideal macro breakdown
✅ Includes ingredients for joint health
✅ Probiotics for gut health and good digestion
✅ Contains everything a puppy needs

This premium formula contains absolutely everything that a growing Yorkie puppy needs during their first year.

➡️ It’s high in protein and includes enough Omega 3, DHA fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, and other essential vitamins and minerals for strong bones and immune system development.

➡️ The kibble is made from chicken by-product meal as the first ingredient, followed by other healthy sources of nutrients.

This is a popular puppy formula that many Yorkie owners, including me, have used with success.

Switching Over Your Yorkie’s Food

If you’re in the process of changing your Yorkie’s food, it’s crucial to transition gradually! Yorkies have sensitive stomachs and a sudden change in diet can cause digestive issues like diarrhea or vomiting.

Here’s a simple guide to help you switch over your Yorkie’s food:

Day 1: Mix 25% new food with 75% old food
Day 2: Mix 50% new food with 50% old food
Day 3: Mix 75% new food with 25% old food
Day 4: Your Yorkie should be ready for 100% new food

This is the minimum recommended timeline for switching your Yorkie’s diet. It might be a good idea to extend the transition period to a week if your Yorkie has a particularly sensitive stomach.


Before making any decisions that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog, you should always consult a trained veterinarian in your local area. Even though this content may have been written/reviewed by a trained veterinarian, our advice to you is to always consult your own local veterinarian in person. Please read our full dislcaimer if you have any questions.