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How Much Are Vizslas? Puppy Price Guide: USA & UK

Before you hurry to bring home a stunning golden Vizsla pup, it’s useful to understand their cost. I’ll cover the initial price for a Vizsla puppy, factors that can sway this cost, and the monthly expenses of having a Vizsla.

How Much Are Vizsla Puppies In The USA

The average price of Vizsla puppies in the USA is between $1000-$2500. The demand for Vizslas is growing continuously and with such a beautiful appearance, breeders are able to charge such amounts of money.

The price of rescuing a vizsla from a shelter varies greatly, but we typically see a range of $300-$700. Prices depend on the shelter, temperament, health, age, and how long the vizsla has been in the shelter.

How Much Do Vizslas Cost In The UK

On average, Vizslas cost between £800-£1800 in the UK. Price varies depending on bloodline, breeder, availability of puppies, unique traits like blue eyes, and in some cases gender.

In the UK, rescuing a vizsla typically costs anywhere between £200-£600. Many factors change the cost of rescues which include: health, temperament, age, how long the vizsla has been in the shelter, and the reputation of the shelter.

vizsla puppy price USA UK

Factors That Change The Price of Vizslas

There are several factors that can change the price of a Vizsla. It helps to know the following, as this will explain price fluctuations when comparing different puppies from different breeders.


When it comes to blood lineage, you can get Vizslas that are either from a line of “show dogs”, working dogs, or non-specific (regular lineage).

Vizslas from a line of show dogs are usually the most expensive due to having idealistic features and appearance. Those that are from a working line of Vizslas and “regular” Vizslas are generally on the lower end of the price range.


Breeders themselves can influence the price based on their own reputation. Breeders that make a name for themselves or become well-known usually bump up the price accordingly.

Some breeders pride themselves on breeding only “top quality” pups. In this case, puppies will always be priced at a premium rate.

Supply & Demand

The demand for Vizslas is growing rapidly, yet the supply seems to be relatively low, especially in the USA, this is another reason why the average price of these pups is quite high (compared to other breeds).

General availability will always impact price. If breeders know that a certain breed is popular yet there isn’t a huge supply in your local area, expect premium rates.


In some instances, simply buying your puppy in a certain area of the country or state can result in a different price.

States like California, Texas, and New York are some of the most expensive states to buy a puppy in. The same pup in a different state could cost 10-20% less.

This isn’t so much of a factor in the UK as it is in the USA.

Unique Traits

At first glance, you might think every Vizsla is the same color, but there’s a slight difference. Technically, there’s a handful of different shades that a Vizsla can come in, the three most notable are “red-golden”, “golden”, “golden rust”.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a price difference between these shades, but for eye color there is. While most Vizslas do not end up with blue eyes, those that have lighter or brighter eyes might be seen as more desirable by some breeders, effectively changing the price.

Admittedly, this is rare though.


Some breeders consider female puppies to be more valuable than males. As females can later be bred to produce offspring (that could be sold for profit) some breeders will charge more for each female pup compared to the males.

This is breeder dependant though, some breeders will not charge more for females.

Registration Status

Vizslas puppies that are already registered with the AKC or KC will typically cost more. You are essentially paying for peace of mind (that the pup is purebred) and the convenience of not needing to do this kind of stuff yourself.

How Much Do Vizslas Cost Per Month

If we first take a look at the very basics we’ll see how much most V owners will spend every month. After this, we’ll list extras that are generally more expensive.

On average, Vizslas owners spend between $75-$145 USD per month on the basics. This includes premium kibble, treats, toys, and other miscellaneous costs. For those in the UK, the average monthly costs are between £60-£110

Basic ItemsCost
Premium kibble$45-65
Misc Items
(poop bags, accessories, replacement items)
Pet Insurance$35

The moment you consider extras like professional grooming, training, dog sitting, dog walking, and unforeseen vet bills, your monthly costs can go up dramatically.

Some of the premium extras that you might choose include:

Premium extrasCosts
Professional grooming services$20-$80
Professional training services$50-$450
Dog sitting$40-$250
Dog walking$20-$200
Raw food diet$250-$350
Human-grade pet food$150-$250

Of course, these services have a wide price range depending on what option you go for, and how much of it you require each month. One single training class per month might not cost a fortune, but if you opt for multiple classes a week, it can become very costly.

The same goes for dog sitting and walking. These services are relatively inexpensive if you only need to use them once or twice a month. However, if you rely on them most days or weeks, it can add up quickly.

Vizsla Puppy Price Summary

Let’s run through a summary of the key points outlined above:

  • In the USA, Vizsla puppies typically cost between $1000-$2500
  • In the UK, Vizsla puppies typically cost between £800-£1800
  • Monthly costs of owning a Vizsla in the USA averages between $75-$140 USD per month
  • Monthly costs of owning a Vizsla in the UK averages between £60-£110 GBP per month
  • Adding extras like professional grooming, training, raw food diets, dog sitting/walking will increase monthly costs dramatically
  • Price varies depending upon bloodline, breeder, availability, location, registration status, unique traits, and sometimes gender
  • Vizslas from shelters typically cost between $300-$700 in the USA and around £200-£600 in the UK.
  • Prices depend on the Vizlsa’s age, health, temperament, how long they’ve been at the shelter, and the shelter themselves

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