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Boxer Dog Prices (USA & UK): Why Are They So Expensive?

This article will explain the average prices of boxer dogs and boxer puppies, how much it will be to raise one, and other miscellaneous costs you may not have thought about.


How Much Do Boxer Puppies Cost? (USA)

The best answer: Purebred Boxer puppies typically cost between $700-$2500 with an average price of $950. Prices vary depending on the reputation of the breeder, location, puppy availability, markings & colors, gender, and health.

If you are considering rescuing a boxer, the price will always be much cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder. Rescue boxers typically cost between $100-$300.

How Much Do Boxers Cost In The UK?

Boxer dogs in the UK typically cost between £450-£1500. Prices vary depending on blood lineage, the breeder, availability, markings & color, and in some cases the gender too.

Why Are Boxer Dogs So Expensive?

Not all boxer dogs are expensive if we compare their price to other breeds. However, if the boxer is from a reputable breeder, comes from a show dog bloodline, and has desirable physical traits, it will always raise the price up significantly.

Boxer Price Variations

Breeder reputation:
The reputation of the breeder can have a big impact on puppy price. Breeders that have big followings or are well-known for healthy, high-quality puppies, will definitely have higher-priced puppies. It always important to do your research on the breeder you are choosing.

Location & puppy availability:
Boxers are a relatively common breed so they are available in most places. If, however, there’s a shortage in a few states, this could momentarily push the price up in other states. Puppy prices are certainly influenced by basic supply and demand.

Markings & colors:
Boxers puppies with unique markings, colors, or blue eyes, are considered more desirable and therefore fetch higher prices.

Some breeders charge more for female puppies. Females have long been more valuable for breeders themselves due to the nature of their business and this is reflected in their pricing. This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Good health should be a given, the only thing to be concerned about here is if the puppy is priced suspiciously low. This is a red flag and could indicate poor health or that the breeder hasn’t had them checked. Always be cautious with low prices.

So how much should you pay for your boxer?
You must consider all of the factors mentioned above. In most cases, purebred boxer puppies in good health that are AKC registered will cost on average $950. Unique markings, breeder reputation, and puppy availability could see this figure change drastically (which is to be expected).

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Upfront Costs of Getting a Boxer

No doubt, the first year will certainly be the most expensive. Not only do you have monthly costs, but you’ll have some big upfront costs too.

The upfront cost of getting your boxer puppy will be around $1750. This includes the cost of the puppy, initial vet bills, and all the accessories you’ll need to get right away. If your puppy requires transport across the state, this could add an extra $200.

Upfront costs you’ll need to pay for right away:

  • AKC registered puppy
  • Transport of puppy if buying from another state
  • Initial vet medical bills
  • Accessories
Upfront one-off costsAverage Cost
Purebred Boxer Puppy$950
Transport of puppy
(if buying from another state)
Initial vet medical bills$600
Accessories $200
Total$1750 (without transport)
$1950 (with puppy transportation)

Transporting the puppy:
Believe it or not, a large percentage of dog owners actually buy their puppies out of state. This is either due to availability, price, or picking reputable breeders. The average cost of transporting puppies across states can range from $100-$400 depending on the distance and method. Between land travel and flying, $200 is the typical fee a breeder will charge for professional transportation in most cases.

Initial vet bills:
When it comes to vet bills, location is significant. The same medications, services, and procedures cost very differently depending on where you live. In states like Arkansas and North Dakota, vet bills are the cheapest, and in California, they are the highest (of course!). Vet bills including all puppy vaccines, deworming medication, flea & tick prevention, and microchipping can range from $300-$1000 with $600 being a safe average to go by.

For new owners, you’ll need to factor in things like a large crate (which can be $60 alone for an appropriate size), and other things like a bed, harness, leash, id tag, toys, food and water bowls, pet-friendly cleaning products, and poop bags. Most of the time, initial puppy accessories will cost around $200. But this can be a lot higher if you go for expensive brands.

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Monthly Costs of Owning a Boxer

In addition to the upfront costs, you’ll have monthly costs. And yes, these start from month zero!

The basic ongoing cost of owning a boxer is around $150 per month. This includes the cost of high-quality kibble, treats, insurance, dental care products, and other miscellaneous items that always crop up.

Basic monthly costs include:

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Insurance
  • Dental care (toothpaste & chews)
  • Misc: new toys, leashes, cute boxer coffee mugs 😉
Basic monthly costs of owning a Boxer:costs
Food (assuming high-quality kibble)$50
Dental care (toothpaste & chews)$20

Pricey extras: (optional)

  • Professional dog training – $100-$700
  • Professional grooming – $50-$200
  • Pet sitting – $100-$300
  • Raw food diet / human-grade kibble – $200-$400

If you include things like professional dog training, grooming services, dog sitting/walking, or alternative diets, the monthly expenses could potentially total several hundred dollars or more. But for most, it’s around $100-$200 with $140 being the average.

Additional Potential Costs

There are a few other potential costs that you need to consider when owning a dog, these include:

Emergency vet bills:
Situations requiring emergency vet care can be expensive. Thankfully this may never happen, but it’s worth just giving at least some initial thought. Depending on the help required and the situation, emergency help could cost anywhere between $250-$1500 in one go. And whether or not your insurance plan covers this is something else crucial to consider.

Travel (bringing your dog with you on vacation):
It’s truly awesome if your kind of annual vacation allows for your dog to come with you. This may incur extra costs depending on where you are staying and what you are doing. Some hotels charge more for being pet friendly and the same goes for certain campsites around the country.

Pet sitting:
Pet sitting is becoming increasingly common nowadays as people are learning about the ill effects of leaving their pooch home alone for too long. Pet sitting is an important service and they know it… Depending on how often and for how long you require pet sitting, this could cost an additional $50-$300 a month.

Potential health issues & vet bills:
If your boxer was to develop any health issues the vet bills and treatment costs could be very expensive, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the issue. No one enjoys forking out for monthly insurance, but when the potential vet bills are so high, it seems to justify it for the majority of dog owners.

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Average Price of Boxers In 20 States

Boxers are most popular in the following 20 states (in order of popularity). I’ve also listed their average price for each state. To get this data, I personally trawled through countless web pages on American Listed, Gooddog, Craigslist, and made the average. This may change over time according to breed popularity and availability.

West Virginia$1250
North Carolina$1250
South Carolina$900
New Hampshire$1350
Pennsylvania $1050


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