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How Much Exercise Do Aussiedoodles Need: All Ages & Sizes

It’s important to exercise your Aussiedoodle correctly. These lovable pups are quite energetic and need plenty of both physical and mental exercise, and in this article I’ll explain both!

We’ve been covering both Australian shepherds and Poodles for many years, but now it’s time to show some love to their beautiful offspring, the Aussiedoodle!

This guide covers everything owner’s need to know about exercising an Aussiedoodle, both adults AND puppies.

how much exercise do aussiedoodles need

How Much Exercise Do Aussiedoodles Need?

An Aussiedoodle adult over 1 year needs between 45-120 minutes of exercise every day depending on their size. Ideally this is split up into two sessions, at least 45 minutes early in the morning and another 45 minutes or more in the afternoon.

  • Aussiedoodle with standard poodle parent – 90-120 minutes per day
  • Aussiedoodle with miniature poodle parent – 60-90 minutes per day
  • Aussiedoodle with toy poodle parent – 45 minutes per day

Puppies need less, and it’s important to stick to the following method to avoid overexercising and causing injury.

Aussiedoodle puppies with miniature and standard poodle parents should receive 5 minutes of exercise per month of age they have, twice a day.

➡️ at 4 months, they receive 20 minutes, twice per day.
➡️ at 6 months, they receive 30 minutes, twice per day.
➡️ at 8 months, they receive 40 minutes, twice per day
➡️ at 10 months, they receive 50 minutes, twicer per day
➡️ At 12 months they’ll be exercising like an adult.

For Aussiedoodles with toy poodle parents it’s the same, but just once per day instead of twice.

It’s so important to stick to this gradual build up. This is how you avoid overexerting your growing pup and potentially causing them some serious injuries.

How Far Can Aussiedoodles Walk? 🐕

A simple walk is a popular way to exercise your puppy and adult. As you don’t always need to exert them with agility training and games of fetch. But how far can they go?

Aussiedoodle adults have great endurance so they can easily walk 5-10 miles providing weather conditions are just right. Puppies shouldn’t walk this far.

Aussiedoodle puppies should always stick to the 5 minute method laid out above. ⬆️

You must also consider walking surface. Walking on concrete is okay for short distances, but not appropriate for long distances. Anything more than 3 miles should be on softer surfaces like mud or grass.

Cesar’s Way: Extra Exercise Info

What Exercise Is Good For Aussiedoodles? 🏓

Aussiedoodles love a variety of different activies thanks to having active and outgoing parents. While poodles love pretty much anything, australian shepherds LOVE to chase things, herd, and be agile, so things like fetch, frisbee and hiking are perfect for Aussiedoodles too.

When it comes to puppies, it’s best just to keep it to a simple walk with the occassional fetch included in it. We don’t want to place too much stress on their joints too soon!

Great exercise ideas for Aussiedoodle adults

  • Fetch
  • Frisbee
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Walking/jogging/running
  • Flirt poles (great for at home)

In most cases you Aussiedoodle will be more than happy with the options outlined above! Just be sure to monitor their activity levels, ensure they remain safe, and don’t push them past their limits.

When Should The Exercising Start? 🏃‍♂️

It’s important to get your Aussiedoodle following an exercise routine as soon as possible, even if you are following the 5 minute method (which starts off pretty slow!).

It’s also important to venture outside to the local dog park as soon as safetly possible so your Aussiedoodle can start being exposed to new environments and dogs. This is about 2 weeks after their final vaccinatio n shot (around 18 weeks).

Socialization for this pup is absolutely critical and taking them out for walks outside is a great way to start with this. Both parents can be a little nippy and aloof if they aren’t socialized, and this trait passes down to Aussiedoodles too.

What time of the day? 🕒

In terms of when to exercise throughout the day, it’s best to provide half of their daily exercise first thing in the morning after waking up (ideally before they eat). This gets rid of a huge chunk of their pent up energy, which is important for their overall behavior and stress levels. Then it’s best to provide the other half in the evening which will settle them before bedtime.

Exercising first thing in the morning will instantly calm them down and set them up for success. This is especially important if you leave for work during the day. Leaving an aussiedoodle home alone isn’t good to start with, but leaving them full of energy is asking for things to go wrong. It’s crucial to prioritize early-morning activity, even if it means waking up earlier! sorry!

Guidelines about exercising after they’ve just eaten:

Never exercise your Aussiedoodle soon after eating. Always way at least 1 hour preferably 2 hours before exercising. This allows them to digest and prevents them vomiting up their food should they run around. So be sure to plan this appropriately around the mealtime.

Guidelines about feeding shortly after exercising:

If you choose to feed your aussiedoodle after you exercise them, give them 30 minutes to catch their breath and calm down. This will prevent choking and consuming too much air while eating. This is very important as consuming too much air while eating can lead to bloat or worse, gastric torsion which could turn into a life-threatening emergency. Extra info from VCA Hospitals about feeding times.

Aussiedoodle Mental Stimulation 🧠

Mental stimulation overlaps with physical exercise, as it’s pretty much just exercise for the brain. And Aussiedoodles need A LOT of it.

Both parents are highly intelligent and thrive on having tasks to complete and problems to solve. This gives them a sense of fullfilment and usefulness and it’s crucial for their behavior and mental wellbeing.

Aussiedoodles that don’t receive enough of this kind of stimulation will become bored, frustrated, potentially destructive and more disobedient. In a way, mental stimulation has more of an impact on their behavior, while physical exercise has more of an impact on their health.

Not all dogs are like this and need so much stimulation, but the Aussiedoodle is. So owners must provide them with enough of it.

Mental stimulation comes in the form of command training, socialization, puzzle toys, nose work games, and even hide and seek.

I have another article dedicated to Aussiedoodle mental stimulation here going into detail some super cool games and methods to try, so be sure to check that out.

Key Points Summarized

Let’s run through the main takeaways about exercising your Aussiedoodle below:

  • Aussiedoodle adults need 45-120 minutes of exercise per day, depending on their size
  • Aussiedoodle puppies should stick to 5 minutes of exercise per month of age they have (twice a day)
  • Aussiedoodles love walking, running, but also games of fetch, hiking, and frisbee
  • Aussiedoodle adults can walk 5-10 miles but puppies much less: 1-2 kilometer
  • Always wait 30 minutes after exercising before feeding
  • Always wait 1-2 hours after feeding before exercising
  • Aim to provide half of their daily exercise first thing in the morning as this will release a lot of pent up energy
  • Aussiedoodles need a lot of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise

Thanks for reading! Do you have any more exercise questions about your Aussiedoodle? Let us know


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