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How To Make Your Doberman’s Coat Shiny: 7 GREAT Tips

To get your Dobie all nice and shiny, there are a few tips and best practices you need to know. This article will run through how to make your Doberman’s coat shiny in no time at all and how to keep it that way.


7 Ways To Make Your Doberman’s Coat Shiny

Having a shiny coat not only looks amazing, but it signifies health and strength, who doesn’t want that! And as it happens, Dobies can have one of the shiniest coats among all breeds when kept in proper condition.

The following steps will show you how to improve your Doberman’s current coat, and how to keep it strong, shiny, and healthy.

1. Use Baby Wipes or Grooming Wipes

Using baby wipes or purpose-made grooming wipes is a trick all Doberman owners should know. It’s known that the majority of Dobies hate having a bath, so for some, this is a welcomed alternative.

If you don’t want wipes to replace bathing, that’s fine, but they do certainly extend the time your Dobie remains clean.

Wiping the coat down from the head all around the neck, back and underbelly will not only help remove any surface dirt, but it will also help to remove some of the dead hairs too. Wipes may also have the added benefit of spreading the natural oils found in the coat evenly across his body (although brushing does this more effectively).

Frequent wiping will be an instant improvement to your overall routine. Wiping doesn’t technically replace bathing, but it will certainly increase the time he remains clean. Opt to wipe your Doberman down at least once per week for the best results.

Our favorite grooming wipes: Pogis Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes

2. Brush Regularly With The Correct Brushes

Although Dobies don’t really shed that much, brushing is still an important maintenance task that should be done a couple of times per week.

Brushing helps to keep on top of shedding by removing the loose hairs lying within his coat, plus it will spread the existing natural oils found in his coat over his body. It’s these oils that are essential for keeping his skin and coat healthy, strong, and shiny!

Another added benefit of brushing that isn’t often mentioned is the fact that it acts as a light massage to the skin. This promotes blood flow to the skin’s surface which again drives nutrients to his coat keeping it healthy and shiny from the inside out.

For Dobermans, perhaps one of the best brushing tools you can use is a simple rubber brushing comb.

Dobies really don’t require those fancy de-shedding tools with all the bells and whistles, not only are they expensive, but they just aren’t necessary for this breed. On top of rubber combs, a simple pin and bristle brush will do a great job.

When brushing, start from the head and make long steady strokes in the direction of the coat. Be sure to work his neck area, underbelly, and backside area thoroughly.

Our favorite rubber comb: Bamboo Groom Palm Soft Rubber Brush
Our favorite pin & bristle brush: BV Dog Pin & Bristle Brush

3. Use Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Don’t Overbathe!

So, although most Dobies don’t like bathing, it still helps to give them a proper bath once every 3-4 months. Despite wipes doing a great job, in my honest opinion, they don’t replace a real bath with shampoo.

Many owners ask me how often they should bathe their dogs and the advice changes depending on the breed, but for Dobermans, it doesn’t need to be frequent! Frequent bathing can actually make the coat worse by stripping their oils and drying out their skin.

When it comes to shampoo, only use a natural-ingredient shampoo with oatmeal. Natural ingredients are much more easy-going on the skin and coat compared to regular dog shampoo (which has tonnes of harsh chemicals inside).

Why oatmeal?

Oatmeal has been used for decades as a therapeutic tool to help heal and soothe skin. It does an amazing job of moisturizing the skin and hair follicles naturally without any fancy chemicals. This kind of shampoo will help your Dobie’s coat become smooth and shiny in a healthy, long-lasting way.

Our favorite natural oatmeal shampoo: Pro Pet Works Organic Natural Oatmeal Shampoo

4. Add Coconut Oil When Using Wipes

The first tip on the list was to use baby wipes around once a week. Well, if you want to supercharge your wiping game, add a few drops of coconut oil to the wipes before starting.

Coconut oil used topically has numerous proven health benefits for the skin and coat. Coconut oil contains many fatty acids, but the main one is called lauric acid, and it’s this particular acid that has been found to penetrate hair follicles making them healthier, stronger, and improving appearance.

Aside from that, coconut oil has a wide range of further benefits from antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as increasing the lipid content in the skin’s surface.

If you want to try using coconut oil topically, but sure to buy organic coconut oil, and only use a few drops at a time. If you use too much, your Dobie’s coat may need to be shampooed afterward to remove the excess oil.

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5. Add a Fish Oil Supplement To Their Diet

To really improve your Dobis overall coat and skin, adding a fish oil supplement to his diet will work wonders. Omega 3’s have long been known for dramatically improving the health of a dog’s skin and coat (and even for us too!).

You can opt for either an Omega 3 supplement or a fish oil supplement (but not both).

Certain kibbles, depending on the brand and the source of the protein may or may not have an adequate amount already contained. Kibbles that use oily fish like salmon tend to have a naturally higher level of Omega 3, although even this may not be enough.

Having great skin and a shiny coat is created from being internally healthy just as much as it is from outside maintenance. Little things like this that improve his diet will subsequently improve his overall health.

Our favorite option: Zesty Paws Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

6. Have An Amazing Exercise Routine

As you likely already know, Dobies need a lot of exercise. 2 hours per day is pretty standard, and some will happily exercise for more.

You may be wondering how is exercise linked to a shiny coat? Well, as veterinarians often say, a dog’s coat reflects their internal health. And it’s so true.

Exercise is a fundamental part of keeping your Dobie healthy and strong. When all the bodily processes and organs are working as they should do, they will naturally do an excellent job at keeping everything in tip-top condition, including his coat.

Exercise also increases blood flow which in turn helps to bring a constant supply of important nutrients exactly to where they are needed.

Be sure to give your Dobie exercise in the morning and in the evening for a least 1 hour each session. Hikes, runs, fetch, swimming and jumping are all high-intensity activities that will keep him strong and fit.

7. Schedule Routine Appointments at The Vets

I’m guilty of not visiting the vets as much as I should do, and maybe you’re the same. But the truth is that routine appointments are very valuable and necessary.

Veterinarians do an amazing job, and I know it’s really easy to do a lot of self-diagnosing at home, but nothing beats their professional opinion.

Having your veterinarian give your Dobie the once over a few times per year will ensure he’s in top condition both internally and externally. Plus, if they do notice anything out of place with either his diet, skin, coat, or anything else, they will be able to guide you appropriately.

So never underestimate the power of routine check-ups.

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The Importance Of His Diet

Before ending, It’s necessary to mention just how important his overall diet is and the role it plays in developing a healthy shiny coat.

Just like the saying does for us “you are what you eat” it’s the same for your Dobie, too!

The quality of the diet your Doberman consumes will have a huge effect on his overall health and the functioning of his body.

Raw food diets are great and my personal opinion is that they are likely the best… but they’re not for every dog out there. And they are notoriously difficult to get right and maintain. But not to worry, a high-quality kibble can be just as good.

Tips for a healthy Doberman diet:

Only use a high-quality kibble that lists whole food ingredients as the main ingredients.
Avoid fillers, high carbohydrate levels, and foods full of by-products.
Opt for salmon, fish, or duck for a naturally higher level of Omega 3’s + 6’s
Ensure your Dobie digests the food well. It may be high-quality, but if his body doesn’t agree with it, then it’s no good either way.
Ensure the kibble contains omega 3, plenty of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
Try opting for a kibble that uses a premium form of Zinc (Citrate, Picolinate, Gluconate, Chelated or Methionine) These zincs are more easily absorbed by the body. Zinc is very important!
Stick to well-known brands like Orijen, Acana, Taste of The Wild, and Merricks.

Check the reviews & The Dog Food Advisor. When opting for a new kibble, it’s important to check the reviews and recalls list for any dodgy behavior from the brand you are considering.

Reviews are awesome and I always read plenty before buying any pet-related product. However, sometimes they make the decision more difficult than it needs to be. Use fair judgment with reviews as there are always negative ones that perhaps have no proof to back it up.

The Dog Food Advisor is one of the leading resources to check products at an in-depth level. They review and rate the dog food which is credited as perhaps the best rating system for dog food there is. They also list controversial ingredients as well as recalls.

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Thank you for reading! I hope I answered your question and have given you actionable tips to try right away. I am sure your Dobie will have a gleaming coat in no time at all! If I missed any information out you were expecting to see, please let me know. I am always happy to add relevant sections.


Before making any decisions that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog, you should always consult a trained veterinarian in your local area. Even though this content may have been written/reviewed by a trained veterinarian, our advice to you is to always consult your own local veterinarian in person. Please read our full dislcaimer if you have any questions.