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7 Telltale Signs Your Border Collie Is Happy & Healthy!

Still to this day If I catch my collies looking glum, I ask myself whether they’re truly happy or not. It’s a surprisingly common thought us proud pup parents have.

Thankfully, there are clear body language signs and behaviors we can spot when our collie is clearly happy. Likewise, there are signs to be aware of that signify discontent.

Let’s run through everything border collie owners should know below!

7 Signs Your Border Collie Is Happy

is my border collie happy

Let’s cover 7 basic, yet important signs that tell owners just how their collie is truly feeling. If you witness these signs (preferably some of them if not all of them) then you can rest assured your collie is happy.

1. Wagging tail

One of the most obvious signs that a border collie is happy is a wagging tail. Dogs wag their tails when they are excited, content, or feeling playful, and a wagging tail can be a clear sign that your border collie is feeling happy.

2. Relaxed body posture

A border collie that is happy will typically have a relaxed body posture, with their head and tail held in a natural position and their body appearing loose and relaxed.

3. Playful behavior

Border collies are energetic and playful dogs, and when they are happy, they may exhibit playful behavior such as fetching toys, chasing after objects, or engaging in play with other dogs or humans.

4. Eagerness to please

Border collies are highly trainable and are often eager to please their owners. If your border collie is happy, they may be more willing to obey commands and engage in training activities.

5. Happy vocalizations

Some border collies may vocalize when they are happy, such as barking, whining, or making other happy sounds.

6. Soft, relaxed facial expression

A happy border collie may have a soft, relaxed facial expression, with their ears perked up and their eyes appearing bright and alert.

7. Seek out attention and affection

Happy border collies may seek out attention and affection from their owners and may be more inclined to snuggle or cuddle.

It’s worth noting that every dog is different and may exhibit their happiness in different ways. These are just a few signs that may indicate that your border collie is feeling happy and content.

7 Signs Of An Unhappy Border Collie

Let’s run through the signs that owners should be aware of indicating an unhappy pooch.

Of course, all dogs will indicate their discontent in different ways, but these are some of the most commonly seen behaviors in border collies.

1. Lack of energy or enthusiasm:

If your border collie is not feeling happy, they may appear lethargic or uninterested in their usual activities.

2. Lack of appetite

A loss of appetite can be a sign that your border collie is not feeling well or is experiencing stress or anxiety.

3. Withdrawn or distant behavior

A border collie that is not happy may become more withdrawn or distant, and may seem less interested in interacting with their owners or other pets.

4. Aggressive or destructive behavior

A border collie that is not happy may exhibit aggressive or destructive behavior, such as growling, snapping, or chewing on inappropriate objects.

5. Excessive barking or whining

Some border collies may bark or whine excessively when they are feeling anxious or distressed.

6. Changes in body posture

A border collie that is not happy may have a tense or rigid body posture, with their head and tail held low and their body appearing stiff or stiffened.

7. Panting or pacing

Panting or pacing can be a sign of anxiety or stress in dogs, and may indicate that your border collie is not feeling happy.

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5 Bulletproof Ways To Keep a Border Collie Happy

In most cases, if you’re meeting your collies basic needs then you are likely doing enough to keep them happy and content. Let’s run through those below.

1. Provide plenty of physical and mental exercise

Border collies are highly intelligent and energetic dogs that require daily physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. This can include activities such as long walks, runs, hikes, and play sessions with toys and puzzles.

2. Give your border collie plenty of attention and affection

Border collies are known for their strong bond with their owners and crave attention and affection from their human companions. Make sure to spend quality time with your border collie every day, including playtime, grooming, and training sessions.

3. Provide a structured routine

Border collies thrive on structure and routine and do best with a consistent schedule for meals, exercise, and other daily activities. Establishing a routine will help your border collie feel secure and content.

4. Offer a variety of toys and puzzles

Border collies are known for their high intelligence and need mental stimulation to keep them happy and engaged. Offer a variety of toys and puzzles, such as interactive toys, chew toys, and food-dispensing toys, to keep your border collie’s mind active.

5. Make sure your border collie gets plenty of socialization

Border collies are social animals and benefit from interacting with other dogs and people. Make sure to take your border collie to the dog park or on regular walks to help them socialize and stay happy.

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