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250 Exotic Names For Dobermans: (With Meanings!)

Dobermans are such a striking breed, they deserve an equally awesome name to suit them.

We’ve dug around and come up with 301 of the most unique, cool, and catchy names for both female and male Dobermans.

We’ve also included the meaning behind each name. If you’re interested.

In this article:

  • Choosing The Best Name
  • 50 Tribal-Inspired Doberman Names
  • 100 Unique FEMALE Doberman Names
  • 100 Cool MALE Doberman Names

Choosing The Best Name For Your Doberman

Things to consider when choosing a name for your Doberman:

  • Uniqueness
  • How easy it is to say
  • It’s length
  • What you’ll likely shorten it to (if it isn’t short enough)
  • What it sounds like when you shout it!
  • The meaning behind the name

Considering those things will help owners choose a great name. There will be times you need to shout the name out at the dog park (so consider what that sounds like) as well as the names true meaning, and any likely nicknames that will come.

Nevertheless, the names below are all easy to say, unique, and have amazing meanings.

50 Tribal Inspired Names For Dobermans

names for dobermans
  1. Akita – a breed of dog native to Japan
  2. Apache – a Native American tribe
  3. Asha – means “hope” in Sanskrit
  4. Atikah – means “kind” or “generous” in Arabic
  5. Atka – means “friend” in Inuit
  6. Ayasha – means “little one” in Native American
  7. Bira – means “worthy of trust” in Native American
  8. Cheyenne – a Native American tribe
  9. Dakota – a Native American tribe
  10. Denali – means “the high one” in Inuit
  11. Enkoodabooaoo – means “one who lives alone” in Native American
  12. Etsi – means “deer” in Cherokee
  13. Gizmo – means “gadget” in Native American
  14. Haida – a Native American tribe
  15. Hozho – means “beauty” or “harmony” in Navajo
  16. Iroquois – a Native American confederacy
  17. Koda – means “friend” in Native American
  18. Kola – means “friend” in Native American
  19. Lakota – a Native American tribe
  20. Lenape – a Native American tribe
  21. Makwa – means “bear” in Native American
  22. Mika – means “tiny” or “little” in Native American
  23. Nokomis – means “grandmother” in Native American
  24. Onawa – means “wide awake” in Native American
  25. Orenda – means “power” or “mystic force” in Iroquois
  26. Osage – a Native American tribe
  27. Pakwa – means “animal” in Native American
  28. Pawnee – a Native American tribe
  29. Pequot – a Native American tribe
  30. Pima – a Native American tribe
  31. Quinault – a Native American tribe
  32. Rakuten – means “hope” in Native American
  33. Sable – a type of black-colored animal
  34. Sakima – means “chief” in Native American
  35. Sequoia – a type of tree native to California
  36. Shasta – a mountain range in California
  37. Sika – means “deer” in Native American
  38. Sikyatki – a Native American village
  39. Suki – means “beloved” in Native American
  40. Tala – means “wolf” in Native American
  41. Takoda – means “friend to everyone” in Native American
  42. Tazhi – means “deer” in Native American
  43. Tikaani – means “wolf” in Native American
  44. Tiwakan – means “sentry” in Native American
  45. Tonto – means “wild one” in Spanish
  46. Tsiyah – means “white” in Native American
  47. Tuxa – means “wolf” in Native American
  48. Wapiti – means “elk” in Native American
  49. Weshki – means “new” in Native American
  50. Willow – a type of tree
  51. Yuma – a Native American tribe

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100 Unique Female Doberman Names

  1. Akai: meaning love and affection (in japanese)
  2. Addie: noble and kind
  3. Agatha: good and kind
  4. Alice: noble
  5. Annie: graceful and favored
  6. Aurora: dawn
  7. Belle: beautiful
  8. Bess: consecrated to God
  9. Betsy: consecrated to God
  10. Birdie: little bird
  11. Blaire: plain or field
  12. Bonnie: pretty, charming
  13. Bree: strength or virtue
  14. Brooke: stream
  15. Burt: bright, shining
  16. Callie: beautiful, attractive
  17. Cammy: crooked nose
  18. Cara: friend
  19. Care: free man
  20. Carla: free man
  21. Casey: brave in war
  22. Cassie: unheeded prophetess
  23. Catie: pure
  24. Cece: blind
  25. Chad: warrior
  26. Cher: dear, beloved
  27. Clara: bright, shining
  28. Cleo: glory
  29. Colie: victory of the people
  30. Daisy: day’s eye
  31. Dana: wise
  32. Dara: compassionate, wise
  33. Darby: free man
  34. Dave: beloved
  35. Deb: bee
  36. Delilah: amorous, flirtatious
  37. Delly: noble, kind
  38. Dena: valley
  39. Dina: judged
  40. Dixie: tenth
  41. Dolly: gift of God
  42. Dom: belonging to the lord
  43. Dona: lady
  44. Dora: gift
  45. Drew: manly, brave
  46. Edie: prosperous in war
  47. Elle: sun ray
  48. Elsie: pledged to God
  49. Emmie: work
  50. Essie: star
  51. Ettie: home ruler
  52. Eva: giver of life
  53. Evie: life
  54. Faith: trust, belief
  55. Fay: fairy
  56. Fern: green and graceful
  57. Flo: flourishing, bloom
  58. Fran: free
  59. Gay: joyous, merry
  60. Gene: well-born, noble
  61. Gigi: noble
  62. Gina: well-born, noble
  63. Glad: cheerful, lively
  64. Glo: glowing
  65. Gracie: graceful
  66. Greta: pearl
  67. Gwen: fair, white
  68. Hal: ruler
  69. Hedy: sweet, pleasant
  70. Helen: light
  71. Henny: home ruler
  72. Hetty: home ruler
  73. Holly: the holly tree
  74. Hope: optimism
  75. Ida: work
  76. Ina: home ruler
  77. Issa: God is salvation
  78. Juna: Goddess to juno
  79. Jalia: Important and attention-worthy
  80. Jean: God is gracious
  81. Jen: fair, smooth
  82. Jess: God beholds
  83. Jett: jet black
  84. Jill: youthful
  85. Jinny: fair
  86. Jazz: Inspired by jazz music
  87. Joy: happiness
  88. Jude: praised
  89. Judy: praised
  90. Kate: pure
  91. Katie: pure
  92. Kay: rejoice
  93. Kelly: warrior
  94. Kim: ruler
  95. Kit: pure
  96. Kym: ruler
  97. Lark: songbird
  98. Lila: night
  99. Samira: friend of the night
  100. Zula: brilliant and “ahead”

100 Cool Names For Male Dobermans

  1. Ace: one, unity
  2. Aiden: fiery one
  3. Alex: defender of the people
  4. Ali: noble, elevated
  5. Andy: manly, brave
  6. Arlo: fortified hill
  7. Ash: ash tree
  8. Axel: father of peace
  9. Ben: son of the right hand
  10. Blake: dark, fair
  11. Blue: the color blue
  12. Bob: bright, shining fame
  13. Brad: broad, wide
  14. Brody: ditch
  15. Bruno: brown
  16. Bud: messenger
  17. Cal: bald
  18. Cam: crooked nose
  19. Carl: free man
  20. Chad: warrior
  21. Chip: diminutive of Charles
  22. Chris: anointed
  23. Clay: a clay worker
  24. Cody: helpful
  25. Cole: coal, dark
  26. Conor: lover of hounds
  27. Corey: hollow
  28. Craig: rocky hill
  29. Dana: wise
  30. Dante: the enduring one
  31. Dave: beloved
  32. Dean: valley
  33. Drew: manly, brave
  34. Ed: wealthy protector
  35. Emilio: rival or “eager”
  36. Eli: ascension
  37. Evan: God is gracious
  38. Finn: fair or white
  39. Frank: Frenchman
  40. Fred: peaceful ruler
  41. Galio: gift of god
  42. Gary: spear
  43. Gene: well-born, noble
  44. Geo: farmer
  45. Gil: joy
  46. Glen: narrow valley
  47. Gray: gray-haired
  48. Hal: ruler
  49. Hank: ruler of the household
  50. Haro: army ruler
  51. Hugo: a healthy mind
  52. Ink: Meadow by a river
  53. Juno: Queen of heaven
  54. Jake: supplanter
  55. Julius: julius ceaser
  56. Jay: blue jay
  57. Jeff: divinely peaceful
  58. Jerry: spear ruler
  59. Jim: supplanter
  60. Joe: God will add
  61. Jasper: Treasurer
  62. Jose: God will give
  63. Jules: youthful
  64. Justin: just, fair
  65. Kane: warrior
  66. Keith: wood
  67. Kell: stream
  68. Ken: handsome
  69. Kevin: gentle birth
  70. Kim: ruler
  71. Kirk: church
  72. Kyle: narrow, strait
  73. Lance: servant
  74. Larry: crowned with laurels
  75. Lee: meadow
  76. Len: lion
  77. Leo: lion
  78. Liam: strong-willed warrior
  79. Lin: lime tree
  80. Lou: famous warrior
  81. Luke: light
  82. Mateo: gift of God
  83. Max: the greatest
  84. Mike: like God
  85. Milo: beloved
  86. Neil: champion
  87. Nick: victorious people
  88. Noah: rest, comfort
  89. Ollie: olive tree
  90. Pete: rock
  91. Phil: loving
  92. Quinn: wise
  93. Ralph: wolf counsel
  94. Ranger: forest gaurdian
  95. Ray: wise protector
  96. Rex: king
  97. Sulu: sun covered
  98. Sage: wise or healthy
  99. Taku: living for now
  100. Zion: the highest point

Last Thoughts

Personally, our favorite names are definitely the tribal-inspired ones! They sound so cool, suit the Doberman’s fierce looks and personality, and you don’t often hear them!

Of course, there are no wrongs or rights when it comes to choosing a name for your Dobie. Go with your instincts and the name that clicks with you!

Let us know what you decide or if you have any other suggestions! We would love to add them here.

Thanks for reading! Back to more Doberman articles below


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