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220 Exotic Names For German Shepherds (Badass!)

German shepherds deserve an awesome name. For such a striking breed, a bland name just isn’t good enough!

This article lists 250 unique, creative, and catchy names that suit german shepherds, both male and female. And of course, each name includes a fascinating meaning!

In this article:

  • 55 Tribal-inspired names
  • 55 Short and catchy names for MALE German shepherds
  • 55 Unique names for FEMALE German shepherds
  • 55 Inuit-inspired names

Choosing The Perfect Name For a GSD

names for german shepherds

Here are our tips on choosing a great name for your German shepherd… Some considerations include:

  • Consider how easy it difficult it is to say
  • Say it out loud! Verbalize it to get a feel for the name
  • Shout the name (what will it sound like at the dog park)
  • Can it be shortened even further? Think of likely nicknames
  • Does it “feel” right for your GSD’s personality
  • Try the name for a few days after bringing your pup home! If you don’t like it, you can try another

The tips above are the best way to figure out which name you like the most. At first, it’s best to go with your first impressions and then try it out! There’s nothing wrong with changing your pups name a few days after.

55 Tribal-Inspired Names

Tribal-inspired names sound super cool for dogs, so let’s run through 75 of the best ones below.

Most of these names are Unisex and owners should focus more on the “sound” of the name to determine whether or not it suits a male or female.

  1. Aksana (Chukchi for “eagle”)
  2. Akta (Lakota for “star”)
  3. Alawa (Chippewa for “pea”)
  4. Ama (Cheyenne for “water”)
  5. Anoki (Inuit for “playful”)
  6. Asante (Swahili for “thankful”)
  7. Bina (Ojibwe for “song”)
  8. Chogan (Algonquin for “raven”)
  9. Dawa (Tibetan for “moon”)
  10. Dena (Athabascan for “wise one”)
  11. Edan (Cherokee for “fortunate”)
  12. Elu (Inuit for “hunting”)
  13. Enapay (Lakota for “brave”)
  14. Fala (Cherokee for “wolf”)
  15. Galilahi (Cherokee for “attractive”)
  16. Gani (Tlingit for “raven”)
  17. Hania (Chippewa for “spirit”)
  18. Hopper (Navajo for “rabbit”)
  19. Iktomi (Lakota for “spider”)
  20. Ilanna (Cheyenne for “sun”)
  21. Inali (Hopi for “frost”)
  22. Ipari (Hopi for “desert”)
  23. Jacy (Navajo for “moon”)
  24. Kachina (Hopi for “sacred dancer”)
  25. Kanti (Lakota for “sing”)
  26. Kaya (Lakota for “elder sister”)
  27. Koda (Algonquin for “friend”)
  28. Kolta (Cheyenne for “red”)
  29. Kuna (Inuit for “snake”)
  30. Kunu (Hopi for “bear”)
  31. Kya (Sioux for “tiger”)
  32. Lulu (Cheyenne for “rabbit”)
  33. Mako (Inuit for “shark”)
  34. Malani (Hawaiian for “calmness”)
  35. Mandy (Cherokee for “raccoon”)
  36. Masika (Swahili for “born during rain”)
  37. Mato (Lakota for “bear”)
  38. Mohawk (Mohawk for “man-eaters”)
  39. Naya (Cherokee for “fawn”)
  40. Neela (Hindi for “blue”)
  41. Nita (Cherokee for “bear”)
  42. Nokomis (Ojibwe for “grandmother”)
  43. Oceana (Hawaiian for “ocean”)
  44. Onawa (Omaha for “wide awake”)
  45. Oski (Cherokee for “bear”)
  46. Pahana (Hopi for “lost white brother”)
  47. Paiute (Paiute for “water Ute”)
  48. Paska (Inuit for “easter”)
  49. Pawgan (Micmac for “swan”)
  50. Poko (Cherokee for “gray fox”)
  51. Poma (Hopi for “flower”)
  52. Poot (Mayan for “flower”)
  53. Pukawiss (Ojibwe for “eagle”)
  54. Quana (Cherokee for “deer”)
  55. Quannah (Comanche for “fragrant”)

55 Short & Catchy Names For MALE German Shepherds

  1. Ace (Latin for “one, unity”)
  2. Ben (Hebrew for “son of”)
  3. Boy (Old English for “servant”)
  4. Chip (Old English for “puppy”)
  5. Jack (English for “God is gracious”)
  6. Jasper (Persian for “treasurer”)
  7. Jax (American for “son of Jack”)
  8. Koda (Algonquin for “friend”)
  9. Leo (Latin for “lion”)
  10. Max (Latin for “greatest”)
  11. Milo (Germanic for “merciful”)
  12. Mo (African for “born on Monday”)
  13. Rocky (English for “rest”)
  14. Rufus (Latin for “red-haired”)
  15. Sam (Hebrew for “asked of God”)
  16. Sandy (Scottish for “defender of the people”)
  17. Scout (Old English for “one who gathers information”)
  18. Simba (Swahili for “lion”)
  19. Sonny (English for “son”)
  20. Spike (Old English for “sharp object”)
  21. Thor (Norse for “thunder”)
  22. Toby (Hebrew for “God is good”)
  23. Tom (Hebrew for “innocence”)
  24. Tony (Latin for “priceless”)
  25. Zane (English for “God’s grace”)
  26. Bear (Old English for “brown”)
  27. Benny (Hebrew for “son of the right hand”)
  28. Bo (Old English for “lively”)
  29. Boomer (American for “large bird”)
  30. Buddy (American for “friend”)
  31. Duke (Latin for “leader”)
  32. Finn (Irish for “fair”)
  33. Gus (Latin for “majestic”)
  34. Ike (Hebrew for “laughter”)
  35. Jock (Scottish for “God is gracious”)
  36. Kip (English for “baby kangaroo”)
  37. Nash (American for “by the ash tree”)
  38. Ollie (English for “elf warrior”)
  39. Pete (Latin for “rock”)
  40. Roxy (Latin for “dawn”)
  41. Rusty (English for “red-haired”)
  42. Sid (Old English for “wide island”)
  43. Sunny (English for “cheerful”)
  44. Taz (American for “short form of Tazmanian Devil”)
  45. Tim (Latin for “honoring God”)
  46. Toby (Hebrew for “God is good”)
  47. Ziggy (American for “short form of Zigmond”)
  48. Aiden (Irish for “fiery one”)
  49. Bailey (Old English for “steward or public official”)
  50. Beau (French for “handsome”)
  51. Blake (Old English for “fair-haired, dark”)
  52. Cole (Latin for “swarthy, coal-black”)
  53. Evan (Welsh for “God is gracious”)
  54. Flynn (Irish for “descendant of the red-haired one”)
  55. Graham (Scottish for “gravel home”)

55 Unique Names For FEMALE German Shepherds

Let’s run through some of the best and most unique names for German shepherds below.

  1. Ada: Noble, Kind
  2. Ava: Like a bird
  3. Bella: Beautiful
  4. Bonnie: Pretty, charming
  5. Clara: Clear, bright
  6. Coco: Short for Coco Chanel, meaning “victorious”
  7. Daisy: A type of flower
  8. Dolly: A popular nickname for Dorothy, meaning “gift of God”
  9. Eden: Paradise
  10. Elle: Short for Ellen, meaning “bright one”
  11. Eva: Life
  12. Fern: A type of green plant
  13. Gigi: A popular nickname for Georgina, meaning “farmer”
  14. Grace: Graceful
  15. Hana: Flower
  16. Iris: A type of flower
  17. Jade: A type of green stone
  18. Kiki: A popular nickname for Katherine, meaning “pure”
  19. Lila: Purple
  20. Lily: A type of flower
  21. Luna: Moon
  22. Mae: Bitter
  23. Maeve: Intoxicating
  24. Mabel: Lovable
  25. Maeve: Intoxicating
  26. Mika: Beautiful fragrance
  27. Mimi: A popular nickname for Mary, meaning “star of the sea”
  28. Niki: Victory of the people
  29. Nina: Little girl
  30. Nova: New
  31. Olive: A type of tree and fruit
  32. Penelope: Weaver
  33. Poppy: A type of flower
  34. Queenie: Queen
  35. Rosie: A type of flower
  36. Ruby: A type of red stone
  37. Sadie: Princess
  38. Sage: A type of herb
  39. Sally: Princess
  40. Sami: High, elevated
  41. Sandy: Protector of man
  42. Selma: Safe
  43. Skye: From the Isle of Skye
  44. Stella: Star
  45. Sunny: Sunny, cheerful
  46. Tessa: Harvester
  47. Tilly: Mighty in battle
  48. Tina: A shortened form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”
  49. Trudy: Spear of strength
  50. Violet: A type of purple flower
  51. Willow: A type of tree
  52. Winnie: Fair one
  53. Zara: Princess
  54. Zoe: Life
  55. Zola: Peaceful

55 Inuit-Inspired Names For German Shepherds

Why Inuit? Well, they sound awesome! That’s pretty much why. Take a look below. Most names are unisex

  1. Aput: “snow”
  2. Atka: “guardian spirit”
  3. Ilu: “light”
  4. Koda: “friend”
  5. Nanook: “polar bear”
  6. Nuna: “earth”
  7. Nutaaq: “firstborn”
  8. Paija: “silver”
  9. Pakak: “mischievous one”
  10. Paniq: “surprise”
  11. Piqalik: “magical one”
  12. Qannik: “snowflake”
  13. Quvianaq: “star”
  14. Siku: “ice”
  15. Sinikka: “little daughter”
  16. Siku: “ice”
  17. Tahki: “snowshoe”
  18. Takoda: “friend to everyone”
  19. Tanana: “valley”
  20. Tikaani: “wolf”
  21. Tiktaalik: “large freshwater fish”
  22. Toq: “seal”
  23. Tupik: “tent”
  24. Ukpik: “snow bunting”
  25. Una: “fluffy white thing”
  26. Uqalik: “little one”
  27. Uqpik: “arctic hare”
  28. Utuqqanaq: “little one”
  29. Aaka: “soul”
  30. Adik: “beloved”
  31. Aka: “soul”
  32. Anana: “elder sister”
  33. Atka: “guardian spirit”
  34. Elin: “most beautiful”
  35. Elu: “human being”
  36. Emilia: “industrious”
  37. Inu: “dog”
  38. Iqaluk: “fish”
  39. Ittulik: “little ice”
  40. Kali: “forever”
  41. Koda: “friend”
  42. Kya: “diamond”
  43. Lila: “good fortune”
  44. Lulu: “pearl”
  45. Mae: “brave one”
  46. Nana: “elder”
  47. Nanook: “polar bear”
  48. Nat: “gift”
  49. Nina: “fire”
  50. Nuna: “earth”
  51. Nutaaq: “firstborn”
  52. Paija: “silver”
  53. Pakak: “mischievous one”
  54. Paniq: “surprise”
  55. Piqalik: “magical one”

Last Thoughts

Our favorite kinds of names here at The Puppy Mag are certainly the tribal-inspired names, as well as the Inuit-inspired names.

These names have beautiful meanings, are so unique, and suit German shepherds so well.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a name, there is no “wrong” or “right” name. It’s entirely down to individual preference.

Consider how easy it is to say the name, what it sounds like when said loud, and most importantly, go with your first impressions!

Thanks for reading! Back to more awesome German shepherd tips and advice below


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