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11 Actual Signs Your Yorkie Loves You: (Affection Tips)

Does your Yorkie love you as much as you love them?

Almost every pet parent has asked themselves this question at one point or another.

Even though your Yorkie cannot articulate those profound words, it’s probable they’re showing their affection in countless ways.

In this piece, we will underline 11 significant affectionate behaviors and explain how your Yorkie exhibits love on a regular basis. We will also touch on some points about puppies and what it means if your Yorkie isn’t showing much affection.

does my yorkie love me

11 Signs Your Yorkie Loves You

Let’s run through the 11 ways in which your Yorkie is telling you how much they love you. Remember, dog’s communicate their feelings fairly different from how we do. But there’s some interesting similarities as we’ll point out.

  • Maintains eye contact
  • Presents toys to you
  • Relaxes beside you or leans on you
  • Sleeps or rests in vulnerable positions near you
  • Moves their ears and eyebrows
  • Displays excitement when they see you
  • Always attentive to you
  • Engages in face licking
  • Keeps up with you/checks on you
  • Seeks your attention in the morning
  • Yawns with you

Let’s run through them below!

Maintains eye contact

Eye contact is an intense form of nonverbal interaction. Animals, through a simple gaze, can either feel safe and relaxed or threatened and ready to defend themselves.

One way to determine the depth of your relationship with your Yorkie is to observe how comfortable they are maintaining eye contact with you. The ability to keep eye contact when being looked at signifies trust and comfort and is a subtle yet powerful indication of your connection’s strength.

If your Yorkie rarely maintains eye contact or seems unable to do so, this may suggest an underlying issue. It could imply feelings of fear, anxiety, or overall discomfort.

Presents toys to you

When dogs offer their toys to their owners, it signifies a desire for play. However, there’s more to this action than meets the eye.

This simple act of selecting you as the recipient of their toy demonstrates that your Yorkie trusts you and anticipates your engagement. This implies a strong bond.

This gesture also shows that your Yorkie associates you with fun, happiness, and all-around positive vibes. Dogs typically avoid people they don’t connect with, so sharing toys is a substantial sign of affection.

Relaxes beside you or leans on you

Whether your Yorkie opts to sit beside you on the couch or lies down on the floor resting their head on your feet, such casual physical contact is a powerful and meaningful form of communication.

Nothing surpasses physical contact in conveying feelings to those we can’t verbally express our affection for.

These actions not only suggest your Yorkie feels safe and comfortable around you but also serve as a direct sign of their affection. So if your Yorkie frequently leans against you, it’s as significant an expression of love as a human hug.

Sleeps or rests in vulnerable positions near you

Does your Yorkie stretch out on their back with their legs in all directions? Though it may seem odd, this behavior says a lot about your bond.

Choosing to sleep or rest in a vulnerable position around you doesn’t exactly yell “I love you,” but it does convey a sense of security. If your Yorkie sleeps on their back or assumes any other vulnerable position in your presence, it’s a sign of a strong bond.

Dogs that don’t feel comfortable around their owners often shy away, attempt to make themselves appear smaller, or position themselves to be ready to escape. These behaviors, seen as basic survival instincts, are indications of a hostile environment.

Moves their ears and eyebrows

A study in Japan found that dogs often pull their ears back and slightly raise their left eyebrow when they see someone they love or admire.

While these movements can be difficult to observe, they’re worth paying attention to next time you share a gaze with your Yorkie!

Displays excitement when they see you

The way your Yorkie reacts to your presence can tell a lot about their feelings for you.

If they eagerly await your return, with tail wagging and eyes filled with anticipation, it’s a positive sign. Their excitement upon seeing you indicates their love and that you’re an essential part of their life.

Always attentive to you

An interesting indicator of your bond is how closely your Yorkie listens to you.

A true test is when your Yorkie perks up their ears at the sound of your voice, even while resting or sleeping. In contrast, someone they’re not as connected to may not elicit the same response.

Engages in face licking

While some might find it repelling, if your Yorkie attempts to lick your face, it signifies deep affection.

Though not definitively confirmed as the canine equivalent of a kiss, behavior experts consider face-licking a strong sign of affection.

Keeps up with you/checks on you

Your Yorkie’s concern for your well-being can be seen in their habit of checking on you periodically.

This can be observed during walks when your Yorkie might occasionally trot ahead, then stop and look back at you. While part of this could be good behavior and obedience, it also shows concern for your safety and well-being.

Seeks your attention in the morning

If you’re the first person your Yorkie seeks out in the morning, it means you’re the first person they’re thinking of.

Sure, this could be because you feed them, but in reality that goes hand in hand with being the most important person in their lives.

Yawns with you

Researchers in Tokyo confirmed in studies that dogs often yawn with their owner when they’re emotionally bonded to them.

They may yawn when you yawn, or they may yawn when you stroke or pet them. While this can mean other things, it’s now concluded that it’s most likely to be a calming signal indicating they’re attached and comfortable around that particularly person.

Does Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Show Affection?

When it comes to puppies, the concept of affection can be confusing. Their boundless energy and playful nature may make it seem like they aren’t reciprocating the love you’re showering them with.

However, as they mature and calm down, their understanding of affection grows, and their responses will become more apparent.

During their puppy phase, focus on being a good leader and guide, and you will build a relationship that blossoms into a deep bond.

Why Isn’t My Yorkshire Terrier Affectionate?

If after reading this article, you’re realizing that your Yorkie isn’t displaying these signs, don’t worry immediately.

Yorkies, like people, have their unique personalities and temperaments. Some can be quite independent and prefer to keep to themselves. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

Age and gender can also affect their display of affection. Some owners report their Yorkies become more affectionate in their senior years, while others notice it early on.

Building a Stronger Bond With Your Yorkie: Tips and Techniques

Now that we’ve taken a look at how your Yorkie expresses their love, let’s explore how you can enhance that bond and make your Yorkshire Terrier love you even more.

The best tips to improve your bond:

  1. Regular Playtime
  2. Quality Time Together
  3. Mental Stimulation
  4. Consistent Training
  5. Positive Reinforcement
  6. Regular Exercise

1. Regular Playtime

As we’ve established, if your Yorkie brings a toy to you, it’s a clear sign of their trust and affection. Encourage this interaction by setting aside regular playtime. Whether it’s fetch, tug-of-war, or just a fun game of chase, your Yorkie will not only enjoy the physical exercise but also the connection built with you during these moments.

2. Quality Time Together

Sometimes, the simple act of being together strengthens the bond. Even when you’re busy, include your Yorkie in your activities where possible. Let them sit next to you while you work, include them in family activities, or even take them on errands where dogs are allowed. These shared experiences can make your Yorkie feel more secure and loved.

3. Mental Stimulation

Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent dogs that love a good challenge. Providing mental stimulation through puzzle toys, new tricks, or interactive games can help foster a deeper bond. As they rely on you to learn and solve these challenges, your relationship becomes more enriching.

4. Consistent Training

Training is not only essential for good behavior but also a brilliant way to build trust and mutual understanding. Being consistent with your training methods and commands will make your Yorkie feel secure and more connected to you. Remember, patience is key in training sessions, and never resort to punishment, as it can damage your bond.

5. Positive Reinforcement

Always reward good behavior. Positive reinforcement – treats, praises, or belly rubs – can go a long way in deepening your relationship with your Yorkie. They will associate their actions with your happiness, strengthening the emotional connection between you two.

6. Regular Exercise

Yorkies are energetic little pups that need regular exercise. This not only keeps them healthy but also creates a routine that they look forward to sharing with you. Whether it’s a daily walk in the park, a run in the backyard, or some indoor playtime, exercising together is a potent bonding tool.

Each Yorkshire Terrier is unique, and the ways to improve your bond with them can vary. However, these general tips offer a solid foundation to deepen your relationship. The more time and love you invest in your Yorkie, the more they’ll express their affection and love towards you.

Last Thoughts

The key takeaway is that if your Yorkie isn’t showing signs of fear, anxiety, or nervousness around you, your relationship is probably fine. We must sometimes reassess our expectations and give our furry friends the space they need to express their love in their own way.

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