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4 Best Treats For Border Collie Puppies (Updated!)

We all adore giving our Border Collies a yummy treat. But guess what? Not all treats are good for them. Many are not healthy at all!

Treats make your Border Collie happy, so it’s good to pick ones that are tasty and healthy too.

This article will help you know all about treats for your Border Collie pup!

What we’ll talk about:

  • 4 Best treats for Border Collie puppies
  • What makes a treat really good for your pup?
  • Do little pups need different treats than grown-up dogs?
  • How many treats can you give your Border Collie pup?
best treats for border collies

4 Best Treats for Border Collies Puppies (and adults)

I’ve put a lot of thought into this list. I’ve tried these treats with my own Border Collies and talked to other Border Collie owners as well.

These treats are great for Border Collie puppies and even for the grown-up ones. They’re either healthy or not bad for your pup. Also, they’re small, so they won’t mess with their appetite or teeth.

1. Zukes Puppy Naturals

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Zukes Puppy Naturals are our No.1 pick for Border Collie puppies.

These treats are super cool. Me and my friends have been using them for our Border Collie pups and we’re really happy. I just gave one to my pup!

These treats are full of good stuff and skip the bad stuff that other brands have. They also have very few calories. So, your pup won’t gain extra weight or lose interest in their regular food.

Why these treats are fab for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Low calories (3-5) – Perfect for training
✅ Really yummy for pups
✅ Don’t mess with mealtime
✅ Easy to chew and good for teeth
✅ Only good, natural ingredients
✅ Extra vitamins and minerals
✅ Has good fats like DHA and EPA for growing pups
✅ Made in the USA
✅ No fake stuff like colors or preservatives
✅ No soy, wheat, or corn
✅ No grain at all

There are different flavors, but most of us with Border Collies pick the salmon & chickpea one. Our pups love it.

I know it sounds like I’m the fan club president, but these treats really are that good.

➡️ View Zukes Puppy Naturals here

2. Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

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Wellness Soft Puppy Bites are also awesome. They’re almost as good as Zukes. The lamb & salmon flavor is a hit.

These treats are tiny and soft. They’re great for a Border Collie pup’s teeth and tummy.

The treats have TWO kinds of real meat. So, they’re packed with protein and good stuff.

And guess what? No bad stuff like fake colors, flavors or anything like that.

Why these treats are great for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Full of fresh, good ingredients
✅ Has DHA for your growing pup
✅ Easy to chew and gentle on the tummy
✅ Super yummy
✅ Great for training
✅ Low in calories (just 6 per treat)
✅ Made in the USA
✅ No bad ingredients: no wheat, fillers, or soy
✅ Nothing fake: no colors or flavors
✅ No grain

People love these treats. They’re a bit cheaper than Zukes too. My pup loves them as much as Zukes.

I like Zukes a bit more, but these are really close. They have a few more calories, but it’s not a big deal.

➡️ View Wellness Soft Puppy Bites here

3. Spot Farms All Natural Dog Treats

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If you’re looking for treats that feel like homemade, Spot Farms is the top choice.

These treats are a bit bigger and harder. But they’re good for puppies older than 5 months.

You can break them into small pieces if you want. That’s a good idea.

These treats are really high quality. Believe it or not, people could eat them too! They meet human food standards.

Spot Farms thinks if it’s not good for us, it’s not good for our dogs.

The treats have simple, fresh ingredients. Every bite is healthy and free from bad stuff.

Why these treats are great for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Top-notch, like human food
✅ Fresh and simple ingredients
✅ Very yummy for pups
✅ No bad stuff at all
✅ Made in small batches to human food rules
✅ Chickens from family farms in Kentucky
✅ One of the best treats you can buy
✅ No grain

These treats cost a bit more. But the quality is worth it. If you want only the best for your pup, go for Spot Farms.

➡️ View Spot Farms All Natural Human Grade Dog Treats

4. Cloud Star Tricky Puppy Treats

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Cloud Star Tricky Trainers are also a big hit. They’re great for Border Collie puppies.

Each treat has just 3 calories. They’re made from good stuff like whole salmon. And they’re perfect for training.

💡 These treats have grain. Some pups are okay with that. There are different views on grain, and studies show both good and bad. So, I’ve added this option for those who want grain in treats.

I like these treats because my pup likes them. One bag has about 130 treats, so they last. Plus, they’re not greasy or oily.

The treats break apart easily. So, they’re gentle on your pup’s teeth and tummy.

Why these treats are good for Border Collie puppies:

✅ Low in calories
✅ Super yummy, great for training
✅ Small and soft, easy on teeth and tummy
✅ Made from really good ingredients
✅ No bad stuff or fake stuff
✅ No wheat, soy, or corn
✅ Made in the USA
✅ Approved by the AKC for good dog training

If you want treats with grain, this is a top pick for your Border Collie pup!

➡️ View Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Puppy Treat

What Makes a Good Puppy Treat? 😋

When picking a treat for your Border Collie pup, there are key things to look for. You want treats that are healthy and safe.

Here’s what to think about when choosing:

  • Soft and small
  • Low in calories
  • No fake flavors, colors or preservatives
  • No stuff like wheat, corn, soy, gluten
  • No fillers or other bad stuff
  • Has fresh ingredients first
  • Extra vitamins, minerals, and good fats like omega 3, DHA, or EPA
  • Made in the USA
  • Lots of good reviews and works well for pups
  • These are the basics that a good puppy treat should have.

By looking for these things, you’re picking a high-quality treat that will likely be good for your Border Collie pup.

About grain: it’s a tricky topic. Some treats have it, some don’t. Some people and studies say grain-free is better, but it’s not clear-cut. My advice is to do a bit of research or talk to your vet to decide.

Do Puppies Need Different Treats Than Adults?

🦴 Should your Border Collie puppy have different treats than an adult dog?

It depends on the treat.

A pup can eat any treat if:

✅ It’s not too big
✅ It’s soft and easy to chew
✅ It’s low in calories
✅ It’s healthy

The problem with adult dog treats is they can be big, hard, and have more calories. This isn’t great for a pup.

Puppy teeth are not as strong as adult teeth until about 8 months. So, soft treats are better for them.

Also, treats for pups should be small and low in calories. You might give treats often during early training. You don’t want the treats to mess with their hunger or make them gain too much weight.

How Many Treats Can Border Collies Have?

When training your Border Collie pup, treats help a lot. They make learning faster and keep your pup happy. But how many treats are okay in one day?

If you use low-calorie treats like Zukes, Wellness, or Tricky Trainers, each treat is about 3-6 calories. So, you can give quite a few before you need to stop.

Vets say no more than 10% of your pup’s daily calories should come from treats.

Regular puppy food has all the nutrients they need. So, treats should never be more than 10% of their daily food.

How many treats you can give depends on your pup’s age and how many calories they need each day. Just make sure treats are no more than 10% of that.

AgeDaily CaloriesMax Treat Calories
8 weeks400-60040-60
12 weeks900-110090-110
4 months1400-1600140-160
6 months1000-1200100-120
10 months900-110090-110
12 months800-110080-110

To find out how many treats you can give, divide the treat calories by the calories in each treat.

Like, if your pup is 12 weeks old and you’re giving Zukes (4 calories each), they can have 22-27 treats.

And don’t forget to cut down their regular food by 10% if you’re giving 10% in treats.

So, what treats are you using for your Border Collie pup? Share with me!


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