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When Do Border Collies Calm Down: 5 Tips For Hyper Puppies

When will a hyper border collie puppy finally calm down? It’s something both new and experiecned owners have a hard time knowing.

This article explains when most collies calm down, and what you can do in the mean time to handle their excessive energy.

Although most border collies will calm down between 2-3 years old, the truth is that they all have their own moment. For some it may be sooner or later than this.

However, owners can impact how soon or late this happens depending on how well their energy levels are managed growing up.

When Will My Border Collie Puppy Calm Down?


I want to be honest, there’s no definitive age when your collie puppy will calm down.

Although most collies do mellow and calm down between 2-3 years old, some don’t.

Certainly not with time alone.

  • Some owners report a noticeable difference energy between 2-3, and others say they see no difference…

Border collies are strong working dogs so it’s very normal for them to have impressive energy levels long into their adult years.

It would actually be more concerning if you have a collie that’s super calm and inactive. This breed is supposed to be bouncing with energy!

Why Border Collies Don’t Just Calm Down…

One of the biggest mistakes an new owner can make is simply waiting for their border collie to calm down.

I know, I done this with my first. And hyperactivity took over for years.

Although some mellowing happens naturally, just waiting for a puppy to become calm never really works.

This breed is born with energy. For centuries they’ve worked long days herding cattle and have built impressive stamina levels and a desire to be active.

This is why Border collies are not a dog that can just “chill”.

  • Owners must be proactive in managing their collie puppy’s energy levels. This is achieved with a healthy daily routine consisting of sufficient physical exercise, training, mental stimulation, socialization and interaction.

If owners take control and provide proper outlets for their collie to focus their energy, it can be much sooner than 2-3 years to achieve a calm and sensible collie.

Teach Your Border Collie To Calm Down By Herself

I’ll highlight more tips and advice below, but for now, this training video is definitely worth watching!

I’ve implemented this routine with my own collies and have seen great results.

Why this little routine works so well is because it focuses on building self-control. A dog with greater self control always has a calm and relaxed temperament.

5 KEY Tips For a Calm Border Collie

If you want a calmer and more composed border collie from now on, the following 5 tips should become a part of your daily routine.

1. Exercise first thing in the morning

With our busy lives it’s easy to put off exercising our dogs until later in the day when we have time. It’s understandable.

The issue with this is that your hyper collie has just woken up with a full tank of gas ready to go. If we don’t expend some of this early morning energy, it’s the first catalyst of hyper behavior.

Even if this means waking up 30 minutes earlier in order to have time to exercise your collie, it’s a must.

20 minutes of ball chasing FIRST thing in the morning will expend some initial energy and set your border collie up for a calm day ahead.

This is a basic tip, yet it’s a game-changer.

2. Provide more mental stimulation

Mental stimulation is the key to a calm temperament. It’s the holy grail…

Although physical exercise does expend some amount of energy, the thing that TRULY tires out a collie is mental exercise (working their minds!).

Incorporate the following into your collies daily routine:

  • Command training
  • Interactive puzzle toys
  • Nose work games (check link below)
  • Socialization

How much of each? There’s no set amount. But if owners can shoot for 60 minutes of dedicated mental stimulation per day (done in any way), it’ll see a huge improvement with their hyperactivity.

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3. Set a clear daily routine

Having a clear daily routine is crucial for border collies, and in fact, all dogs.

While this doesn’t sound like much to us, our dogs are extremely sensitive to the events of each day, and when they happen.

Having a clear routine that your collie is familiar with will reduce her nerves and anxiety, and she’ll know what to expect and when to expect it.

Owners should really try to establish set times to feed, exercise, train, play, and interact with their collie. Doing things randomly every day will keep your collie on edge and waiting, as she’ll never know when to expect things.

If your collie knows exactly when her daily walk/training/playtime comes, she’ll also know when nothing is going to happen for a while… This encourages them to calm down during quiet times.

4. Increase your collie’s socialization

I mentioned socialization above under mental stimulation, but it’s so powerful for many reasons that it needs its own section!

If mental stimulation is the key to a calm collie, then socialization is the key to mental stimulation.

Literally nothing is more mentally stimulating for a dog than chasing, play-fighting, tail wagging, and sniffing butts with another dog.

Not only will socializing exhaust your collie, but it will hone their social skills and nurture them into an approachable friendly dog, even towards strangers.

Visit the dog park more often, invite friends over if they own dogs, or join doggy meet up groups on Facebook in your local area (yes, they really exist).

5. Interact with your collie more

The power of simple interaction with our dogs is heavily underestimated.

Even just looking and talking to your collie is extremely stimulating. Let alone stopping what you’re doing and giving her a nice belly rub…

Little bursts of mental stimulation like this throughout the day will not only improve your bond and connection with your collie, but it will suddenly engage their minds and get them thinking.

Collies are so attentive to their owners… they’re just craving for their owner to turn around and engage with them. So, sometimes, all we need to do is give them that little bit of attention they want so badly.

Personal experience: I notice a clear change in behavior if I suddenly stop giving my collies the attention they are used to. I don’t go overboard with attention in the first place as this can cause other issues. But ultimately, I do notice an increase in bad behavior and hyperactivity if I ignore my collies beyond what they’re used to.

Why Do These Tips Work?

Why do all of these things work so well to calm down a border collie?

It’s because they all offer an outlet to expend either physical or mental energy. They are all stimulating. 💡

Providing your border collie with a set daily routine focusing on their stimulation, will result in a calm temperament.

  • The truth behind hyper collies is that there’s an issue with their daily routine.

It’s either physical or mental exercise, attention from their owner, or a crazy schedule… if something’s off, their behavior will reflect it.

How Much Will Your Collie Calm Down?

Managing expectations is also important.

I remember handling my first collie’s hyperactivity let’s just say, terribly.

After getting advice from dog behaviorists, breeders, and educated friends, it became clear that many times I was just expecting too much.

After all, puppies are supposed to have bundles of energy, and when it comes to border collies in particular, these are energetic dogs to begin with

Dealing with a bouncy, erratic, and hyper puppy is sometimes just a part of the process.

It would be more alarming if your border collie is overly calm and placid instead of hyper.

Last thoughts

While many collies do calm down a little after about 2-3 years, it’s crucial that owners be proactive in managing their collies energy right away.

Providing a collie with a stimulating daily routine with a set schedule will result in a calm and sensible temperament much sooner than 2-3 years.

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