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When Do Havanese Stop Growing & How Big Do They Get?

Knowing when your Havanese will stop growing and reach full size isn’t exactly obvious. So this article explains everything you could want to know about Havanese and their size.


When Do Havanese Puppies Stop Growing?

Havanese reach their full height by 8-10 months of age and their full weight between 12-16 months of age. This can change depending on their genetics, diet, and rest and recovery.

I didn’t want to solely go by what the AKC had to say on this, so I asked various Havanese owners when their puppies stopped growing. Here’s what the vast majority all had in common.

Puppies usually stop growing around the 8-month mark or at least slow down growing dramatically. By 10 months old, most puppies won’t grow much anymore, with the exception of a few.

Not only does the AKC say this, but most Havanese owners say the same. So it’s safe to assume this will be the case for most others out there.

It is, however, important to understand that bloodline and genetics do affect the growth rate as well as overall size. So it’s possible you may experience some different results with your Havanese.

How Big Do Havanese Get?

The following are the height and weight averages of fully grown adults. These figures are again, taken from the AKC.

The average HEIGHT of Havanese:
Between 8.5 Inches to 11.5 Inches.

The average WEIGHT of Havanese:
Between 7 to 13 pounds.

These are the official breeding standard averages. But after speaking to many owners and checking in Havanese groups online, there were many cases of Havanese being heavier than 13 lbs, and some were even slightly taller than 11.5 inches (although not by much).

How much does a Havanese weigh?

7-13 pounds (3-6 kgs) is the standard weight of most Havanese dogs. Males tend to weigh more than females. In some cases, Havanese can grow to weigh more than the standard weight.

Factors That May Affect The Size Of Your Havanese

Bloodline will have the biggest impact on the overall size of your Havanese by far. There isn’t anything else that comes close, with some exceptions given to the type of diet your Havanese consumes.

Depending on the parents of your Havanese, and even their parents, your little fluff monster may end up growing to be slightly bigger than “normal”, or even smaller than “normal”.

And when it comes to diet, the only thing that may happen is either malnourishment which could potentially stunt or disrupt the normal growth rate of your Havanese, or overeating, which may lead to fat gain and excess weight.

Other than that, there isn’t much else that will likely affect the overall size of your Havanese.

Why Is My Havanese So Big?

Some owners unexpectedly end up with a larger-than-average Havanese, and of course, wonder why.

If your Havanese is significantly taller and heavier than the average ranges for a Havanese then it’s extremely likely that there has been crossbreeding in previous generations.

The phrase “King Havanese” is frequently mentioned in various Havanese forum groups. And it refers to Havanese that grow to be significantly larger than a normal Havanese.

But it’s very important to realize that this is only possible with cross-breeding. A purebred Havanese will never be extraordinarily large. There have been many discrepancies in the past where breeders have tried to sell a King Havanese as a purebred variation of the Havanese breed. When it is not.

So, if your Havanese is very large, then it’s worth getting a DNA test done to find out what kind of mix has caused the extra size. You may also want to speak to your breeder, especially if they have sold the Havanese as a “purebred”.

How Big Is An 8 Week Old Havanese?

If you are getting a brand new Havanese puppy from a breeder, then the chances are that you will be picking them up at around 8 weeks of age.

Breeders should never sell a puppy under 8 weeks old and in some states and countries, this is even a law.

So, how big will your 8-week old Havanese puppy be when you pick them up? The rule of thumb is that at 8 weeks old your Havanese will be around a quarter of their full-grown adult size.

Adults are typically 7-13 lbs in weight and 8.5-11.5 inches in height. So an 8-week old puppy would be around 3.3lbs in weight and 2.9 inches in height (if they are on the large size).

The easy answer: super tiny

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Havanese Growth Chart

If you want to know what to expect each month. Check out the Havanese growth chart below.

Weight increases slightly faster from month 4 until around month 7. After that, the weight gain will slow right down, but may possibly continue until 16 months of age. (although most Havanese will stop growing altogether by 10)

2 Months3 pounds
3 Months3-4 pounds
4 Months4-5.5 pounds
5 Months5.5-6.5
6 Months6.5-7 pound
7 Months7+ pounds
8+ Months7-13 pounds
Weight Averages Calculated From AKC Given Information.

Key Takeaways From This Article

Let’s summarize the most points from this article: When Do Havanese Stop Growing and Reach Full Size?

Most puppies will grow until around 10 months of age. Some may continue, but for the majority, they will be their full size by 10 months.
The average weight of a fully grown Havanese is 7-13 lbs.
The average height of a fully grown Havanese is 8.5 Inches to 11.5 Inches.
Bloodline and genetics will play the biggest role in determining how big your Havanese will get.

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