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When Do Vizslas Stop Growing & Reach Full Size? Growth Chart

Just when you think your vizsla has stopped growing, they keep on growing some more!

Most vizsla owners are quick to want to know when their V will eventually stop growing, and just how big they will get!

Rest assured, this guide covers absolutely everything you need to know!

when do vizslas stop growing

When Do Vizsla Puppies Stop Growing

  • Vizslas reach their full size and stop growing at around 18-24 months old. Vizslas typically grow to their full height of 21-24 inches by 10-12 months old but continue to gain weight up to 45-60 pounds until 18-24 months old.

Although the basic breed standard information is available on the AKC, I wanted to find out from real vizsla owners what their experience was.

All of them had very similar ranges which I outline below.

Most owners report that their vizsla puppy reached their full height by the 1-year mark. But very slowly continued gaining weight up until around 2 years of age.

Nearly all owners said their vizsla had a hard time gaining weight, and it really did take a full two years before their vizsla actually stopped gaining weight altogether. And this follows true that vizslas struggle with weight.

Out of around 35 owners, over 25 said the above. The others said their vizsla stopped gaining weight at 18 months.

You will also see this kind of timeline if you check out vizsla forums too. So all in all, it’s quite a safe bet that your vizsla will follow a similar timeline.

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How Big Do Vizslas Get?

So now you know when your vizsla will stop growing, let’s take a look at how big you can expect your vizsla to grow.

Vizsla Size:HeightWeight
Male22-24 Inches55-60 Pounds
Female21-23 Inches45-55 Pounds

These are the breed standard averages. They are useful, but it’s important to remember they’re not set in stone!

Some vizsla females or males may be bigger or smaller than their predicted range.

As I mentioned previously, many owners reported their vizsla takes a very long time to get up to their projected weight, so keep this in mind, especially if your vizsla is lingering on the lighter side.

Correct Vizsla Weight

As listed above, the overall correct weight for a vizsla falls between 45-60 Pounds. Females are nearer to the lower end of this, and males are nearer to the upper end.

Vizsla Growth & Weight Chart

I made the following chart from owners who had recorded their vizsla’s weight up until around 2 years. Although by then most had either stopped recording or their vizsla had stopped gaining weight.

The plotted graph represents the average.

Feel free to share this, just provide a link page to this page. Thank you

If your vizsla isn’t following this line exactly, don’t worry, the weights plotted are just averages.

If your pup is a little over or under that’s okay, just ensure that some progress is being made as he gets older.

I frequently hear about owners worrying as their puppy looks overly slim. Again, this is normal to a certain extent. As many vizslas struggle with gaining weight, it will come with time.

5 Tips To Help Vizslas Grow Properly

Let’s run through some tips and best practices to follow that will ensure your vizsla grows at a steady and healthy rate.

➡️ Ensure your puppy is consuming a high-quality kibble formulated for puppies.

Avoid all-life stage formulas. Puppy formulas are designed to provide the correct nutrients to support their rapid growth spurts whereas all-life stage kibbles are not.

Puppy formulas are higher in protein, fat, calcium, and overall calories which are all very important.

➡️ Ensure your puppy gets on well with his kibble.

If he is refusing his food or he has diarrhea, it means his body doesn’t agree with the kibble and the nutrients likely aren’t being properly absorbed anyway.

You may have a great kibble, but if he doesn’t get on with it, it won’t be providing him with the nutrients he needs. Quality kibble + great digestion are both equally important.

➡️ Avoid over-exercising before 10 months of age.

It can be an exciting time to take your new puppy out for walks, but it’s important not to overdo it. Before 10 months, avoid intensive exercise and spend less than 50 minutes a day outside for dedicated exercise.

His joints, bones, and muscles need more time resting than they do exercising and he likely already does enough jumping and bouncing around at home. P.S I’m not saying to avoid exercise, but there’s a fine line between a beneficial amount and causing too much stress.

➡️ Allow him to rest as much as he needs.

Puppies can sleep up to 18 hours a day when you combine all the little naps they take. And there’s a great reason for this… They’re growing!

So whenever your pup wants some downtime, it’s important to let that happen. This is simple enough for us, but young children may need to be reminded several unlimited times!

➡️ Plan frequent vet visits.

Nothing beats having a professional veterinarian give your pup a once-over. A vet will be able to perform all the necessary checks and assess his overall health. Their advice and analysis are invaluable and checkups like these will remove your worries.

Are Vizslas Supposed To Be Skinny?

Another frequent question I receive is whether vizslas are actually supposed to be “skinny”.

It helps to define what skinny means in order to use the word correctly. Skinny (in this context) would mean being able to see your vizsla’s ribs.

Vizslas are supposed to be lean and muscular, but not skinny.

Should you be able to see your vizslas ribs? No, you should not be able to see your vizsla’s ribs, but you should be able to feel them when you touch him with light pressure. That’s the general “rule” for vizslas.

If you can’t feel your vizslas ribs when touching lightly, this likely indicates he’s a tad overweight and may need more exercise and/or less food.

Factors That Change How Big Your Vizsla Will Grow

The biggest contributing factor to overall size is your vizsla’s genetics.

The parents and even their parents of your vizsla will determine the growth potential your vizsla has.

If your vizsla comes from a blood lineage of particularly large working vizslas, then it’s more than likely your vizsla will also grow to be on the large side. And the same goes for small vizslas.

Aside from genetics, there are other contributing factors like the quality of diet, nutrition, the amount of rest your vizsla gets as well as underlying health issues. But these aren’t anywhere near as pivotal as his genes.

Assuming your vizsla is healthy, resting well, and eating a quality diet, it will come down to his genetic make-up that will determine his overall weight and height.

So if you have details of his parents, it’s worth checking them out!

Key Takeaways From This Article

Let’s summarize the key points from the article: When do vizslas stop growing and reach full size?

The majority of vizslas will reach full height by 10-12 months
The majority of vizslas will continue filling out in weight and muscle until 18-24 months

The average height for male vizslas is 22-24 Inches
The average height for female vizslas is 21-23 Inches

The average weight for male vizslas is 55-60 Pounds
The average weight for female vizslas is 45-55 Pounds

Blood lineage will impact the overall size of your vizsla more than anything else
Ensure your vizsla rests, doesn’t over-exercise, and consumes a quality puppy formula until 1 year.

Vizslas are known to struggle with their weight throughout puppyhood
Schedule appointments with your veterinarian to check his progress

Thank you for reading! I really hope I answered your questions on this topic. If I missed something out that you think will be helpful for other readers please let me know and I am always happy to make adjustments.

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