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7 Simple Reasons Why Yorkies Are So Expensive

If you’ve been searching around for a Yorkie it won’t take you long to realize these pups are not cheap!

Yup, Yorkies are particularly expensive, ranging from $1500-$2800 or (£1300-£2500) on average! When compared to many other popular breeds, these prices are rather high.


7 Reasons Why Yorkies Are Expensive

There are a handful of reasons as to why Yorkies are on the expensive side. Let’s explain them below.

Popularity certainly has an effect on price. While there are other breeds that are more popular yet have a lower price, Yorkies just have that special something that other pups don’t have.

Yorkies are extremely popular in the UK and have been for centuries, they remain to be a highly desirable breed and therefore the breeders are able to hike up the price a little. We might frown at this, but it makes sense.

2. Yorkies don’t shed too much

Something that makes a big difference for a lot of owners is shedding. Dog’s that don’t shed too much are highly desirable for certain people, particularly those that suffer from pet allergies.

In addition to this, a Yorkie will drop less dog hair around the home and has an easier coat to manage. Ultimately, this results in less work for the owner. Another positive.

3. Yorkies don’t need a lot of exercise

Another thing that makes Yorkies easy is that they don’t require a huge amount of daily exercise.

Some breeds require hours of exercise per day, whereas a Yorkie will be happy with two 20 minute walks per day.

This alone makes Yorkies a more realistic dog to own for A LOT of people. From elderly people to those who might be physically impaired.

4. Yorkies are super friendly!

Yorkies are one of the friendliest small dogs there is. They do not have the “small dog syndrome” as many small dogs do.

This again is a desirable trait to have in a dog. Dogs that are naturally friendly are just must easier to own in general!

You don’t have to worry about every single interaction at the dog park, and you’ll be able to let your Yorkie off the lead without fear of them attacking another dog.

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5. Yorkies are small and light

Yorkies are small, sometimes very small! (teacup Yorkies).

Even regular-sized Yorkies are small and manageable. A small dog will take up less room in the house and will not get in the way as much as a big dog will.

If you’ve never owned a big dog, you’ll be surprised just how much space you sacrifice. Yorkies are perfect lap dogs and are easily picked up should you need to. For many people, this is a must!

Secret fact: Small dogs are generally seen as more desirable than big dogs due to their manageability.

6. Yorkies are great for everyone

Everything that we’ve explained above essentially makes Yorkies the perfect dog for A LOT of people. Yorkies will work for first-time owners to experienced owners, of all ages.

From being small to not shedding much, happy with minimal exercise, and being naturally friendly, you can’t ask for much more!

Of course, many people just like big dogs (myself included) but for anyone that likes small dogs, a Yorkie will always tick all boxes.

7. A lot of senior citizens own Yorkies

It’s true that Yorkies are one of the most popular dogs for elderly/senior citizens… There’s no denying this is another POSSIBLE reason as to why they are expensive.

Things that are popular among the elderly are priced higher because, well, businesses think senior citizens have money. Whether or not this is true… Well, I have no idea.

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Breeders Know Just How Desirable Yorkies Are

Breeders know that Yorkies tick all the boxes for so many people, and for many, they are the perfect dog.

Naturally, this enables breeders to bump up the prices. Whether that’s right or wrong is a different issue.

Whenever a certain dog breed has something desirable about them, it will always affect its popularity and price.

How Much Should You Pay For a Yorkie?

Here in the UK, the average price of a Yorkie is £1300-£2500 and in the USA it’s around $1500-$2700.

If you find a Yorkie that’s significantly cheaper than this, it could indicate that something is wrong with the deal.

The breeder could be withholding vital information from you, or perhaps the pups have not had their full health check-up…

While you can sometimes come across a genuine “good deal” with a lower price, it’s rare. This means that most of the time, prospective Yorkie owners should expect to pay between the average prices.

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