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7 Reasons Chihuahuas Are GREAT For First-Time Owners

Considering getting a Chihuahua but you’re a first-time owner? Let’s find out exactly why these little pooches can make excellent dogs for newbie dog owners.

For those in a rush, here’s the quick answer: Yes, chihuahuas are great for first-time owners. Their low maintenance, exercise requirements, easy-going temperament, trainability, and small size make them “easier” than most other breeds to raise.

Let’s run through in greater detail seven reasons why these little pups are fantastic for those new to dog ownership.

7 Reasons first-time dog owners love Chihuahuas

Is it really this good? let’s discuss what makes chihuahuas appropriate dogs for first-time owners.

1. They’re low maintenance

Chihuahuas are a low-maintenance breed compared to most others. Their daily requirements are not an extensive list of rigorous exercise and military-like training.

A new dog owner with limited previous experience will not struggle in maintaining the basic simple needs of a chihuahua.

  • Low exercise requirement
  • Low grooming requirement
  • Are happy to chill and relax
  • Rarely pester owners for attention

Of course, owners must still ensure they provide exercise, a high-quality diet, some level of training, affection, and more. But on the whole, the needs of this dog are much less than most other popular breeds out there.

2. They can exercise indoors

One great advantage of being so small is that chihuahuas don’t need much space to exercise sufficiently.

Unlike most other dogs, you can easily give your chihuahua a good run and exercise just in your living room.

This makes exercising A LOT more convenient and easy for new owners.

3. You can take them places with ease

Another advantage of being small and light is that owners can take their chihuahua with them.

Why is this a good thing? Well, most dogs don’t like being left alone, yet sometimes we can’t avoid it… But with these little cuties, you can pop them in your bag and bring them along.

This prevents a lot of bad behavior issues, boredom, frustration, and even anxiety. Another good reason first time owners have great success with raising this breed.

4. They are highly trainable

Chihuahuas are eager to appease their owners and willing to follow commands.

Some breeds are extremely hard-headed and will do everything in their power to make training a nightmare… Not chihuahuas.

First-time owners often find it hard to handle confrontation when their dog disobeys them. And the reaction can easily make matters worse.

Thankfully with Chihuahuas, more times than not they are easy to train.

5. They are great with kids

If you have a family, then another important point is that chihuahuas are, on-the-whole, friendly with children.

Having a dog that’s good with kids is crucial, and with chihuahuas, it seems to come naturally.

Your kids and chihuahua will keep each other thoroughly entertained and occupied.

6. They are loving, affectionate, and loyal

Chihuahuas have an overall kind and loving temperament. And this can’t be said for all breeds!

Something that new owners struggle with is handling a dog that isn’t overly affectionate. All we want to do is give them smooches, but for most, it’s the last thing they want.

With chihuahuas, the affection will be well received and well given.

7. They have long lifespans

Last but not least, chihuahuas are a generally healthy breed with limited issues happening to them throughout their life.

Of course, every chihuahua is different and anything can happen. But on the whole, chihuahuas don’t give their owners many health issues to worry about.

This is why they have a healthy lifespan of 12-20 years. Yes, up to 20!

One Important Point…

Even though chihuahuas are said to be “easy” to raise for new owners, their needs and wants must still be taken seriously.

Owners still need to prioritize their chihuahua’s daily requirements for them to be happy, stress-free, and content.

Just because chihuahuas are often recommended as “easy” we should never take dog ownership lightly. Owning any breed is a serious commitment.

Last words

Chihuahuas are good for first-time owners due to being low maintenance, requiring low exercise, they’re small, highly trainable, great with kids, are loving, and have long lives.

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