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Puppy Is So Hyper In The Morning: (The 8 Reasons Why)

Hyperactive puppies in the morning isn’t something new! Love it or hate it, there are several legitimate reasons as to why this happens. If you want a calmer puppy in the mornings then learning the causes will provide simple solutions to a less hyper morning!


Is It Normal For Puppies To be Hyper In The Morning?

Before we dive into the possible reasons why your puppy could be so hyper in the morning, it’s important to understand that that is very normal.

Hyperactivity in the morning does not mean you are not meeting any of your pup’s needs, and it is to be expected in any growing canine friends. 

Now that you are aware of how standard this behavior is, let’s discuss the possible reasons why.

8 Reasons Why Puppies Are Hyper In The Morning

Many of our growing pups will be bouncing off the walls with energy the moment they wake from their slumber.

To help you better understand why, let’s list some of the most common factors behind this occurrence below. 

  • They have to pee or poop
  • They are hungry
  • They missed you
  • They are excited to start the day
  • They want to play
  • They are well-rested
  • We encourage the behavior
  • They have the zoomies

1. They Have To Pee or Poop

The first thing that many of us do when we wake in the morning is walk to the bathroom and pee.

Our dogs have this same need as well, as they also have to hold their bladder throughout their slumber.

This is even more challenging for puppies, as they are still learning to control their need to go. 

If your puppy is bouncing off the walls and trying to get your attention each morning, they may be telling you that they need to go outside and do their business.

They may also be excited with the fact that they finally get to go outside to pee or poop. 

2. They Are Hungry

Most growing puppies will need to eat their breakfast soon after waking up in the morning.

Many puppies will be starving after not eating throughout a full night of rest, so the thought of breakfast can be very exciting. 

Our puppies quickly learn their daily routines, and they get used to the fact that they are offered a meal soon after they wake up.

If your pup is beaming with happiness in the morning, it may be because they know they are about to eat. 

3. They Missed You

Even if your puppy sleeps next to you throughout the night, your time spent asleep can still be viewed as separation.

This is especially true if your puppy wakes up before you, as they may be waiting for the moment that your eyes finally open. 

If your puppy greets you with an eager tail wag and a beam of happiness each morning, they may have just missed spending time with you overnight. 

4. They Are Excited To Start The Day

Life is pretty good when you are a puppy! Due to this, many puppies are excited to wake from their sleep and start another day. 

We often shower our puppies with love and attention, which makes them excited for another day spent at our side.

If a puppy is hyper from the moment they wake up, they may simply be ecstatic for the day ahead of them.

5. They Want To Play

There is nothing a puppy loves more than playing, especially with their owners.

Some puppies will greet their owners in the morning with a toy in their mouth, proving just how ready they are to start their day with a game of tug of war. 

If your dog is bursting at the seams with joy and immediately grabs the nearest toy, this could be a sign that they are ready for playtime. 

6. They Are Well Rested

Have you ever woken from a great night of rest and immediately felt recharged? If so, you know how wonderful of a feeling this is.

Our puppies can rejoice a good night of rest as well, causing them to run around their home the moment they wake from their slumber. 

7. We Encourage The Behavior

While hyperactivity in the morning is a normal behavior in puppies, we may be encouraging it each day.

There is nothing better than being greeted by a smiling puppy in the morning, so we often reward this behavior with a loving conversation or immediate belly rubs. 

When we reward any type of behavior, our dogs will continue to participate in that behavior in hopes of getting the same reaction each day.

This is not necessarily a bad thing since it is an endearing quality in puppies, but it can be why your pup is always bouncing off the walls first thing in the morning. 

8. They Have The Zoomies

Many dogs and puppies will get the zoomies when they are filled with energy.

A long night of rest can be the recharge they need to start the day, causing them to run around in a sprint the moment they open their eyes.

A puppy with the morning zoomies may just be making up for the hours they spent lying down throughout the night. 

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How Can I Calm My Puppy In The Morning?

Now that you understand why most puppies are hyper in the morning, you can then dive into the topic of calming them down.

Hyperactivity in the morning is typically linked to their basic needs, so let’s discuss a few of the best ways to calm them down below.

Take Them For A Walk

Taking your puppy for their morning walk is one of the best ways to calm them down.

Not only can they do their business outside, but they can also burn off some energy they accumulated overnight. This will also get them nice and hungry for their breakfast!

Give Them A Tasty Breakfast

There is no better start to the day than a delicious breakfast.

You can imagine how ancy you would be if you had to start the day with an empty stomach, so it’s important to offer your pup some food within the hour of them rising.

This will keep them full and satisfied until lunch time.

Engage In A Short Play Time

We know not everyone has time for a walk and playtime with their pup before they head off to work, but even a 5 minute game of tug of war can calm a hyper pup down.

This will be especially helpful if you will be gone for a few hours, as this will quickly tire out your pup and encourage a nap. 

Offer Them The Attention They Missed Out On Overnight

If your pup is begging for your attention in the morning, sometimes the best solution is a belly rub.

Our pups may have missed us in the time we spent sleeping, and our undivided attention may be all they need to calm down. 

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Final Thoughts

While hyperactivity in the morning is normal for puppies, there are a few easy ways to help them calm down once you start the day.

You’d be surprised how much a morning walk and a tasty breakfast can soothe even the most rambunctious of pups!


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