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Why Is My Yorkie Throwing Up: (Why & How To Help)

If you’ve just found what looks to be a puddle of vomit, you’ll want to know what’s caused it, if your Yorkie is truly sick, and how to help.

I’ve been there many times myself, so I’ve created this guide to explain everything and get your Yorkie back on track fast.

Most often, the cause of your Yorkie vomiting can be traced back to an overly indulgent feast, consumption of something rotten or potentially harmful.

Still, sometimes a vomiting Yorkie might suggest something more serious, which I’ll also cover below.

yorkie throwing up

What Happens When a Yorkie Vomits

When your Yorkie vomits, the content from their tummy is expelled through their mouth. Determining whether your dog has vomited can be tricky, as you may not witness the actual event.

➡️ The vomit might appear as partially digested food, yellowish bile, or foam.

Distinguishing it from feces can also be a challenge, especially if it’s brownish or has a slick texture.

Take notice: Before throwing up, dogs often experience nausea, which can be identified by signs such as excessive drooling, lip licking, and an unusual lack of energy. Your Yorkie might also start avoiding their meals and become more reclusive.

During the act of vomiting, you’ll notice a forceful contraction of your dog’s stomach which is visible when observing their belly. They may emit a strong gagging sound and could cough before and after the episode.

Source PetMd

Is Your Yorkie Vomiting Or Regurgitating?

There’s an importance difference between vomiting and regurgitating.

➡️ Regurgitation – usually normal, happens randomly, doesn’t mean your dog is ill
➡️ Vomiting – signs of nausea, upset stomachs, can suggest your dog is sick

Regurgitation happens when the contents of the stomach are expelled without the preceding signs of nausea or visible contractions of the stomach.

A dog will typically behave normally before and after regurgitating and might even attempt to re-consume what was just eliminated!

Simply put, regurgitation can happen randomly and is typically not linked with your dog being sick or ill. Therefore, regurgitation is usually no cause for concern.

12 Reasons Your Yorkie Has Vomited

Throwing up is a fairly common occurrence and can be triggered by numerous factors. Let’s explore some of the most prevalent:

  1. Eaten something they shouldn’t have (90% of the cases)
  2. A viral, bacterial, or parasitic inflammation of the stomach and intestines
  3. Liver dysfunction
  4. Renal disease
  5. Pancreatitis
  6. A blockage in the gastrointestinal tract (such as an ingested foreign object like a piece of a toy stuck in the small intestine)
  7. Poisonous substance ingestion
  8. Travel sickness
  9. Gastric ulcers
  10. Pyometra (an infection of the uterus in unsprayed female Yorkies)
  11. Diabetes
  12. Vestibular disorder (commonly seen in elderly Yorkies)

From the list, it’s evident that there are myriad potential reasons behind your Yorkie’s vomiting, the majority of which are health-related.

Additional Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Throwing up isn’t usually the only sign something’s wrong.

When your Yorkie is sick, spotting other issues can help us figure out what’s wrong.

Check for other symtpoms:

Anything not normal can give us a hint about what’s happening with your Yorkie.

Watch how much they eat and drink, keep an eye on them when they go potty, and see how much they play. Any clues you can give the vet will be really helpful for figuring out what’s wrong.

Is Throwing Up Always Serious?

Not at all.

Throwing up is a common thing that many dogs will go through in their lives.

But, it could point to a big problem sometimes, so it’s important to always check it out. This is especially true if it keeps happening (is chronic) or if there are other signs of being sick.

Take note: If your Yorkie isn’t eating, seems down, or is suddenly losing weight, their throwing up should be taken seriously.

Even though it’s not a fun job, always take a look at what your dog threw up. Bright red blood spots or digested blood that looks like coffee grounds is a serious warning sign.

How to Help Your Yorkie After Throwing Up

In several instances of vomiting, like mild tummy upset, you can care for your Yorkie at home. You want to make sure they’re feeling okay overall. They should be energetic, hungry, and have pink and moist gums.

If you sense your Yorkie just isn’t doing well, or seems to get worse, don’t wait to call your vet.

➡️ Here are some things you can do at home:

● Let them fast for 12 hours to give the stomach and guts a break. This is usually helpful but may not be right for all Yorkies. Puppies and older dogs need to eat often to avoid low blood sugar.

● Feed a simple diet. You can buy special food at the store that’s easy to digest and good for gut health. Or, plain boiled chicken and rice given in small amounts can help soothe a sick tummy.

● Keep them hydrated. Dogs that are throwing up are losing water and can get dehydrated. Make sure their water dish is always filled with clean, cool water.

● Try giving them probiotics for a short time. Probiotics can help bring back the good bacteria in the gut and are great if the gut bacteria are out of balance. You can find probiotics in capsules, powders, or liquids, and you can usually give them with regular meals.

● Make sure your Yorkie is getting good protection from parasites. Worms are one reason dogs throw up, and dogs that eat raw food or other dogs’ poop (coprophagia) are most at risk.

● Let your furry friend rest. If your Yorkie isn’t feeling well, they won’t want a long walk, and their body needs to rest to get better. A short trip outside for a bathroom break every few hours is all they should do.

● Keep a close eye on your pup. If they keep throwing up or they just don’t seem like themselves, it’s best to take them to the vet.

When to Visit the Vet

Knowing when to take your dog to the vet can be tough sometimes. A single throw up after munching on some grass in the garden probably isn’t something to worry about. If your Yorkie eats too fast and throws up, but is still playful and wagging their tail, they likely don’t need a rush trip to the emergency vet.

You should think about a vet visit if your dog keeps throwing up and/or can’t keep food down. If they’re low energy, not eating, or just not feeling well, it’s a good idea to get a check-up. More concerning signs include a swollen or tight belly or trying to throw up but nothing comes out.

When in doubt, the safest thing is to take your Yorkie to the vet, as throwing up can sometimes mean a big health problem.

What Will the Vet Do?

When a vet checks out a Yorkie that’s throwing up, they might do some tests like a blood test, pee test, or belly scan, based on what they find during the check-up.

The treatment they give will depend on what’s wrong with your Yorkie. Some common treatments might include:

An anti-vomiting shot Heartburn medicine Simple, special food Probiotics Antibiotics Dogs who can’t keep food or water down might need to stay at the vet and get fluids through an IV. This helps keep them from getting dehydrated and lets the vet give any needed medicine straight into the vein.

While throwing up in a dog that’s usually healthy isn’t usually a big worry, it’s important to keep a close eye on your Yorkie. They should start feeling better soon, and if you’re unsure, it’s best to take them to see their local vet.

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