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Yorkies & Hot Weather: 9 Tips Owners Must Know

We receive a lot of questions about Yorkies in hot weather.

From tips on keeping Yorkies cool in summer, their temperature tolerance, and whether or not they can live in hot climates… This article has everything you need to know.

How Well Do Yorkies Handle Hot Weather?

As the summer months approach, Yorkie owners start wondering how their little furry friend will handle the rising temperatures…

Most healthy Adult Yorkies handle hot weather well, but many factors can impact individual tolerances. Puppy and senior Yorkies usually need extra help keeping cool, so the tips below will come in handy.

Owners must remember that Yorkies are not a breed originally from a hot climate. So their comfortability in hot weather is questionable.

In very hot summers, Yorkies will not be able to cool down sufficiently regardless of age, gender, or health.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For a Yorkie

yorkie in summer

In general, most Healthy adult Yorkies are safe in temperatures up to 22-25C (71-77F). Puppies, seniors, or those with health issues should remain in temperatures no greater than 19C (66F).

Once the temperature rises above 25C (77F), the risk of dehydration and heatstroke increases significantly…

So even if you have an otherwise healthy Yorkie, it’s still advised to be proactive and take measures to ensure they remain cool and safe.

Please remember: All Yorkies are different, and some may be uncomfortable in lower temperatures than stated above. Always keep a close eye on your Yorkie and the temperature, and be ready to assist.

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9 Tips To Keep Yorkies Cool In Summer

Let’s run through 9 great ways to keep Yorkies cool in summer.

1. Elevated cooling beds

They sound fancy, but they aren’t! One of our favorite ways to keep our dogs cool in summer is to get out the elevated beds.

These beds are lightweight, usually made from aluminum, and are 6-10 Inches off the ground. The bed material is perforated, similar to trampolines.

This breathable material allows your Yorkie to expel heat from their underbelly while laying down. The breeze whisps underneath and does an excellent job of lowering their average body temperature.

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2. Avoid hot walking surfaces

Hot walking surfaces are a dog’s worst nightmare. And unfortunately, it’s something we owners forget about more than we should…

Your Yorkie’s first point of contact with the ground is their paws, which can easily get burnt on hot concrete or even certain types of wood.

Not only is this very painful and will likely result in a trip to the vets, it can also keep your dog feeling extra hot.

A good rule is that if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for a Yorkie’s paws.

3. Exercise at the right time of day

Yorkies need their daily exercise even if the temperatures get toasty. But we must exercise them at the right time of day to avoid dehydration or heatstroke.

It’s best to walk your Yorkie early morning or late evening while avoiding the midday sun completely. Early morning is usually lower in temperature, so this is preferable!

Walking your Yorkie during this time will allow you to keep them fit without being concerned about the temperature.

4. Discourage sunbathing

As much as Yorkies love to sunbathe, it should be discouraged. Too much exposure to direct sunshine increases the chances of dehydration, heatstroke, and general sickness.

You can encourage your Yorkie to lay in the shade with basic positive reinforcement techniques.

Avoid praising your Yorkie when in the sun, but whenever they’re in the shade, capitalize on this by praising and even giving them their favorite treat. Repeat consistently.

You would be surprised just how clever Yorkies are! They will soon associate laying in the shaded cool spots with positivity (tasty treats!) and will opt to lay there more often.

5. Keep a cool room available

Keeping one room in the home that’s lower than 20C (70F) will put an end to all discomfort throughout the summer.

If your Yorkie feels too hot, they can retreat to this room. And for those days where it’s just way too hot, we can put our Yorkies in the room ourselves.

If you have AC, then this is easily achieved, but if you don’t, then the use of UV blinds on the windows to reflect heat as well as a few fans should do the job.

Having a room like this that your Yorkie can access whenever they need to is a game changer.

6. Frozen treats!

A fun way to keep Yorkies cool in summer is to offer them some frozen treats!

Infused ice cubes are a great idea to provide some relief from high temperatures, plus it’s a way to keep your Yorkie hydrated.

Pop some banana or even meat broth in the next batch of ice cubes you make.

You can also freeze whole bananas or large whole carrots for some DIY chews.

7. Keep your Yorkie hydrated!

Most dogs don’t drink as much as they should, yet, being well-hydrated is key to efficiently regulating body temperature.

As soon as your Yorkie becomes dehydrated, it becomes much harder for them to tolerate hot temperatures.

Place more water bowls around the house and outside, and always keep the water fresh and topped up. This will encourage further drinking.

As mentioned before, you can also try popping a few ice cubes into their water bowl to encourage further drinking (and some fun!)

8. Damp towels

If you’re having a yard day of course, you’ll want to have your Yorkie among the fun!

One way to keep them cool while laying down (aside from cooling beds) is to place a few damp towels on the floor in the shade.

For some, damp towels might not be appealing, so the use of some tasty treats may be necessary.

If it’s particularly hot, this is a great way to keep your Yorkie safe and cool while outside.

9. Doggy paddling pool!

One way to keep your Yorkie cool and entertained is to get a shallow paddling pool.

If you want to opt for a deeper paddling pool, then it’s important to practice swimming and always place a doggy lifejacket on your Yorkie.

Nevertheless, this is a great way to keep your Yorkie stimulated and cool simultaneously.

Can Yorkies Live In Hot Countries

Yorkies can live in hot countries and climates. However, If the temperature gets too hot we must be ready to help them remain cool and safe.

Yorkies are found all over the world in some of the hottest states and countries. In fact, Yorkies are gaining popularity in Texas, Southern California, Florida, India and South East Asia.

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Can I Shave My Yorkie To Keep Them Cool?

As the ASPCA advised, it’s not always best to shave your dog. And in some cases, it can even leave them more vulnerable to the heat and hot weather.

While you may like to give your Yorkie a light trim around troublesome areas like their paws, ears, tail, and underbelly, it’s not advised to shave their coat back.

This can increase the chances of sunburn and make it easier for mosquitos to reach the skin.

If you employ some of tips listed above, you won’t need to shave your Yorkie to keep them cool!

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