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The Ideal Crate Size For Border Collies (all ages)

What size crate do you need for your border collie? The crate is one of the first important supplies we need, but what size is correct…

Let’s explain the perfect size crate for a border collie and more.

The quick answer: 42 Inches is the best size crate for a fully grown border collie adult. Owners may opt for a smaller crate for their collie puppy, but it’s more than okay to start with a larger crate. Most owners nowadays simply buy the size of crate that will fit their adult.

border collie crate size

Best Size Crate For a Border Collie

As explained above, 42 inch size crate is ideal for adult border collies.

36 inch crates can work too, but if your collie is on the larger side, this could be just a tad too small making the 42 inch perfect.

What About Puppies?

While your border collie is still a growing puppy, you may opt for a slightly smaller crate to make them feel more secure and comfortable.

However, this isn’t completely necessary.

If you want to save the extra cash, it’s more than okay to get a crate for your puppy, that will fit them as an adult. So a 42 Incher.

There are other ways to make a large crate cozy, like having blankets, and locating it in a corner of the room.

Best Kind of Crate For a Border Collie

Although “fashion” crates, and heavy duty crates are popular for many breeds, the good old classic wire crate never fails.

The crate I prefer (Wire Crate)

Heavy duty crates aren’t really necessary for border collies, which leaves only the wire crate or fashion crate.

If you want the crate to blend into your home furnishings then a wooden (fashion) crate, may be the best choice.

Still, in my opinion, the regular wire crate remains unbeatable. They are the most affordable, durable enough for a collie, and not too heavy.

Getting Your Collie To LOVE Their Crate

If only I knew this piece of advice when I got my first collie! There’s an important tip that will help your collie like and enjoy their crate, instead of fear it.

Life is a lot easier when your dog likes their crate!

It’s all in the introduction. Introducing your collie to their crate slowly and with plenty of positive associations will ensure they see it as a place they actually want to be.

How to build positive associations:

  1. Do not force your collie into the crate if they aren’t ready
  2. Keep the door open
  3. Allow them to inspect it at their own pace
  4. Place new toys near, or even better inside the crate
  5. Place a few tasty treats near or inside the crate
  6. Praise your collie for being near or inside the crate
  7. Spend time with your collie by their crate
  8. Never use it as a punishment or time out
  9. Don’t only use the crate for when you leave home (this will build a negative association to begin with)
  10. Once your collie is comfortable, only gradually start closing the door on them

Following these ten tips will ensure your collie learns to love their crate.


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