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101 Exotic Border Collie Names With Meanings! Male & Female

One of the best parts about getting a new puppy is picking out a super cool name for them.

Since Border Collies are known as the most intelligent breed of dog, it is only fitting that they have a truly exceptional name that reflects their intelligence and personality.

This article will run through 101 exotic names for both male and female border collies AND provide the unique meanings behind each name. Oh yes, meaning matters.

border collie names

Tips on choosing the right name for your Border Collie

When it gets tough deciding on a name, something that helps a lot is to verbalize the name… Say it out loud!

Say it quietly, loudly and figure out the potential shortened version for the name.

Consider how easy it is to say… Does it flow off the tip of your tongue or do you feel like it’s a mouthful?

Remember, you can always wait!

Let’s be honest here, your border collie isn’t really going to know much different for the first 1-3 days after you get them. So, there’s no harm in waiting for a few days while you get a sense of their character, as this can really help you narrow down suitable names.

You will, of course, need to start training soon, though, so don’t wait too long as you’ll need to have their name ready for use!

50 Exotic Border Collie Names With Meanings: Male & Female

Let’s run through some of the most exotic and unique names for border collies. Each name is fairly short, easy to say, and comes with a meaning. Below I cover around 25 male names and 25 female names, with some being considered unisex names.

AkioMaleJapanese word meaning “bright man”
SabreMaleFrench male name meaning “sword”
HunterMaleMale name of English origin meaning “one who hunts”
MoonMaleUnique name inspired by the moon
BreezeMaleUnique name inspired by the collie’s quick movement
LokiMaleMale name meaning a trickster god from Norse mythology
ZeusMaleGreek word meaning “living”. Also inspired by the Greek god Zeus
NorthMale/UnisexUnique unisex name uncommon for dogs
StormMaleName of English origin meaning “tempest”
DiegoMaleMale name of Spanish origin meaning “supplanter”
CosmoMaleBritish/Italian name meaning “order, decency, and beauty”
MiloMaleUnique male name meaning “solider”
ZorroMaleSlavic name for “Golden Dawn”. Also Spanish for “fox”
LynxMaleUnique name of Greek origin meaning “brightness”
PantherMaleMale name inspired by the black panther cat
SageMale/UnisexUnisex name of Latin origin meaning “herb” or “prophet”
KeikoMale/UnisexJapanese name meaning “shadow or reflection”
TofuMaleUnique male name inspired by the food: Tofu
IceMaleUnique climate-inspired male name
AramisMaleUnique name with French origins. One of the three musketeers
ApolloMaleGreek name meaning “destroyer”
PicassoMaleInspired by the great Spanish artist, Picasso
JazzMale/UnisexUnique male name inspired by Jazz music originating in the states
BoltMaleWinter-inspired name suitable for a collie’s quick movement and speed
OrlandoMaleBritish/Italian name that means “from glorious lands”
NaomiFemaleUnique female name of Jewish origin meaning “pleasantness”
CarmellaFemaleHebrew female name meaning “garden” or “orchard”
TaliaFemaleHebrew female name meaning “dew of god” or “to bloom”
SaharaFemaleFemale Arabic name meaning “desert”
LuluFemaleUnique name with Arabic origin meaning “pearl”
MochiFemaleExotic name of Japanese origin meaning Japanese rice cake
WillowFemale/UnisexUnisex name of English origin meaning “willow tree” or “freedom”
MayaFemaleGreek name meaning “good mother”, and in Hebrew “water”
NahlaFemaleNahla has Arabic origins meaning the “first drink of water in the desert”
PriyaFemaleName of Indian origins meaning “dear” or “beloved”
KaliFemaleName of a Hindu goddess, and Sanskrit for “the black one”
KairaFemaleFemale name of Latin origin meaning “friend” or “beloved”
AmaraFemaleExotic female name of Latin origin meaning “everlasting”
SaphireFemaleFemale name of English origin and is the name of a gemstone
AstraFemaleFemale name of Latin origin meaning “star”
OpalFemaleName derived from Sanskrit meaning “jewel” also the birthstone of October
AthenaFemaleFemale name of the Greek goddess of “war and wisdom”
NovaFemaleInspired by astronomy, a nova is a bright star that releases powerful energy
AuroraFemaleUnique name of Latin origin meaning “dawn”
AtlantaFemaleUnique female name of Greek origin meaning “secure and immovable”
RavenFemale/UnisexEnglish name meaning dark-haired or “wise”
AylaFemaleAyla is a unique female name meaning “deer” or “gazelle”
MiskaFemaleUnique female name meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew
SakariFemaleFemale name of Native-American origin meaning “sweet”
SkylaFemaleA unique female name meaning “the sky”

Many of the names above are certainly more exotic and unique than most dog names we hear. If any take your fancy, say the name out loud to get a sense of how it feels.

Let’s move on to other unique and wonderful names for border collies.

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15 Unusual Border Collie Names: Male & Female

Exotic names aside, let’s cover a few more unusual names for those that like to stand out from the crowd. These might not flow off the tongue as smoothly as the list above, but these definitely set you apart.

GatsbyMaleName of German origins meaning “God’s boy”
PharaohMaleName referring to the royal palace in ancient Egypt
GalaxyUnisexName of American origin referring to a large collection of stars
DexterMaleName of Latin origin meaning “right-handed” or “fortunate”
PrimroseFemale19th-century female name of English origin meaning “first rose”
LeonardoMaleName of Latin origins meaning “as strong as a lion”
ArtemisFemaleName of Greek origin meaning “butcher”
KodiakFemaleName meaning “island”
FalconUnisexUnisex name inspired by the Falcon bird.
DelilahFemaleFemale name meaning “delicate” in Hebrew
HerculesMaleMale name of Greek origin, Hercules was the son of Zeus
DaltonMaleMale name meaning “valley” or “settlement”
EzraMaleBiblical name meaning “help” or “helper”
RolandoMaleName of Latin origins meaning “famous throughout the lands”
PetalFemaleName of Greek origin meaning “leaf”

15 Weather-Inspired Border Collie Names

It turns out that there are numerous weather-inspired names that sound awesome! These are just exotic and unique sounding as all of the names listed so far. Check them out below!

BlizzardUnisexInspired from snow blizzards
RainUnisexInspired by the rain (who invited captain obvious, lol!)
StrikeUnisexInspired by lightning strikes and quick movement
AlpineUnisexInspired by snow-capped mountains
GlacierUnisexInspired by floating masses of ice
Yuki UnisexJapanese word for snow
PolarMaleInspired by the north and south pole
BlazeMaleInspired by blazing hot summers
Thor/ThoraUnisexInspired by thunder
FrostyUnisexInspired by cold icey mornings
MistyFemaleInspired by
SolMaleSpanish for sun
CyrusMalePersian for sun
SummerFemaleFemale name representing the season of summer
KeanuMaleHawaiian for “cool breeze over the mountain”

21 Cool Border Collie Names

Okay… let’s just carry on with more AWESOME names that suit border collies down to a tee. Let’s get into it.

RubyFemaleInspired by the Ruby gemstone
JaxMaleShort for Jaxon, meaning “God of gracious”
MilaFemaleMeans “gracious” or “dear” also short in Spanish for “miracle”
AtlasMaleName of Greek origin meaning “to carry” “responsible”
QuesoMaleInspired by the Spanish word for “cheese”!
ManilaUnisexOriginally a name of a plant but now referred to as the capital of the Philippines
DeenaFemaleRelated to the French name Geraldine. Meaning “decoration”
RockyMaleItalian name with the meaning of “rest”
ScoutUnisexName with French origins meaning “to listen”
HazeUnisexName with Angelo-Saxon origins meaning a light brown color (hazelnut)
RangerMaleInspired by rangers and forest guardians
BrunoMaleName with German origins meaning “brown”
MikiFemaleName with Japanese/Hawaiian origins meaning “who resembles God”
DrakeMaleName with English origins meaning “dragon” or “snake”
CapriUnisexName with Italian origins meaning “Island”
LolaFemaleShort for Dolores, Spanish for “sorrows”
CamileFemaleName of French origins meaning “noble” or “free-born”
LenaFemaleUnique name which means “the ray of light”
GeneralMaleUnique name inspired by generals of the war
SydMaleAn old English name derived from Sidney meaning a “wide meadow”
JaviMaleName with Spanish and Portuguese origins meaning a boy that is “bright”

What Name Will You Choose For Your Collie?

Out of the 101 exotic and awesome names given above, did you find any you like?

Let me know your thoughts on those names, and be sure to let me know what you go for!

And don’t forget, The Puppy Mag has a lot of super helpful articles all about Border Collie health, behavior, grooming, and more.

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