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10 Most Compatible Dogs For Yorkies: (Update 2023)

Which breed would make the best companion for your Yorkie? It’s a great question, but not something many owners know the answer to.

The thing is, not all dogs are compatible with each other, and bringing another pet home can be quite a change for your Yorkie.

It’s important to select a breed that matches well with your Yorkie’s characteristics and personality.

In the canine world, dogs that share similar traits and temperaments tend to coexist more harmoniously, leading to a more peaceful household for all involved.

Everything you need to know is below!

companion breeds for yorkies

Basic Traits of the Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers, lovingly known as Yorkies, are small dogs with big personalities. Weighing just 4 to 7 pounds, these compact canines are energetic, bold, and curious.

They love to explore and have a keen intelligence. These adorable creatures are also known for their strong loyalty and protective nature.

Despite their small stature, they are quite fearless and sometimes forget how little they are!

However, Yorkies are also loving and affectionate, making them excellent companion dogs.

In picking a companion for a Yorkie, we should look for breeds that can match or balance these traits.

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10 Breeds That Get Along Well With Yorkies

Let’s run through the top 10 breeds that Yorkies get along with extremely well. From my experience looking after yorkies and speaking to yorkie owners, the following breeds stand out as amazing companions.

1. Maltese

Maltese dogs are similar in size to Yorkies, which is the first tick in the compatibility box. This small size ensures that neither dog will feel intimidated by the other’s stature, making their initial interactions smoother and more balanced. Their gentle nature and sociable personality, combined with their affectionate character, is a perfect match for a Yorkie’s loving disposition.

Also, Maltese dogs are not overly active but they have enough energy to keep up with the lively Yorkie. This ensures that both dogs can comfortably participate in playful activities without one tiring out the other. Their calm demeanor can also help temper the more energetic and adventurous side of a Yorkie, making them an excellent companion choice for your pet.

2. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are inherently sociable and outgoing, traits that harmonize well with the Yorkie’s spirited nature. They adore being part of family activities and would relish the companionship of a furry friend like the Yorkie. They also match well in size, removing any concerns about size-related dominance issues.

While Shih Tzus are not excessively energetic, they have sufficient vigor to enjoy playful interactions with a lively Yorkie. Their gentle and affectionate nature can also provide a soothing balance to the energetic disposition of a Yorkie. This balance, combined with their friendly nature, makes Shih Tzus an excellent breed to consider for a Yorkie companion.

3. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are brimming with energy and enthusiasm, much like Yorkies. They love playing and being the center of attention, which means they’ll readily engage in the spirited activities that Yorkies love. Moreover, their comparable size ensures that both dogs can participate equally in games and play-fights.

In addition to their playful nature, Bichon Frises are highly adaptable, which means they can easily adjust to the presence of a Yorkie. They are also sociable creatures who love companionship, which makes them a great companion for the sociable and loving Yorkie. Their cheerful disposition can bring a delightful vibe to your household and provide your Yorkie with an engaging playmate.

4. Poodle (Toy or Miniature)

Poodles, specifically Toy or Miniature Poodles, are smart and gentle, characteristics that align well with a Yorkie’s intelligence and loving nature. They are small enough to ensure a balanced interaction with your Yorkie, and their sociable nature encourages friendly interactions.

Moreover, Poodles are also fun-loving and enjoy playing, which means they can match the energy levels of a Yorkie. Their adaptive nature ensures they can comfortably coexist with a Yorkie, and their affectionate demeanor complements the Yorkie’s friendly personality, making them an excellent companion choice.

5. Pomeranian

Pomeranians, with their small size, vibrant energy, and sharp intellect, are another breed that matches well with Yorkies. They share the same spirited attitude and playful character, which ensures plenty of entertaining and lively interactions between the two.

In addition to their shared energy, Pomeranians, like Yorkies, are also known for their loyalty and protective nature. This shared trait can help create a strong bond between the two dogs, further enhancing their compatibility. Pomeranians’ lively personality can provide an exciting and engaging playmate for your Yorkie.

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for their friendly and easy-going nature. They are also relatively small, which ensures that they will not intimidate a petite Yorkie. Their relaxed temperament can be a soothing influence for a Yorkie’s energetic spirit.

Moreover, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are sociable creatures who enjoy being part of family activities and spending time with other dogs. This sociability, combined with their friendly nature, can provide an affectionate and engaging companion for a Yorkie. Their balanced energy levels also mean they can enjoy playtime with a Yorkie without becoming overly tired.

7. Havanese

Havanese dogs, with their sociable, friendly, and easily trainable nature, complement the Yorkie’s characteristics perfectly. They are comparable in size, ensuring balanced interactions, and have a relaxed temperament, which can provide a calming influence on an energetic Yorkie.

Havanese dogs are also adaptable and love companionship, making them excellent companions for sociable Yorkies. They enjoy playful activities but also appreciate quieter moments, providing a good balance for a Yorkie’s dynamic personality. Their affectionate and playful nature makes them an ideal friend for your pet Yorkie.

8. Chihuahua

Despite their small size, Chihuahuas are quite bold and courageous, much like Yorkies. They are also highly intelligent, making them a good match for the equally smart Yorkie. Their similar sizes ensure balanced interactions and minimize potential dominance issues.

In addition to their shared courage and intellect, Chihuahuas and Yorkies both possess a loyal and protective nature. This shared trait can foster a strong bond between the two dogs, leading to a robust and affectionate friendship. Chihuahuas can make for an exciting and engaging companion for your Yorkie.

9. Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are friendly, intelligent, and sociable, making them a good match for a Yorkie’s character. Their size is slightly larger but still within a comfortable range for cohabitation with a Yorkie. Boston Terriers enjoy participating in family activities and spending time with other dogs, which can provide your Yorkie with a constant playmate.

Besides their sociable nature, Boston Terriers are also relatively calm and gentle. This temperament can balance out the high energy levels of a Yorkie, creating a harmonious living environment. The combination of their sociability, intelligence, and gentleness makes Boston Terriers an excellent companion choice for Yorkies.

10. Dachshund

Dachshunds are energetic, friendly, and brave, making them a great match for Yorkies. Their comparable energy levels ensure that they can participate equally in playful activities and adventures. Their bold nature also matches the fearless attitude of Yorkies, making their interactions more balanced and harmonious.

Despite their small size, Dachshunds, like Yorkies, can be quite protective and possess a strong sense of loyalty. This trait can help to create a strong bond between the two dogs, providing your Yorkie with a loyal and protective friend. Dachshunds, with their lively spirit and engaging nature, can make an excellent companion for your Yorkie.

Why These Breeds Work Well

The selection of these ten breeds as ideal companions for Yorkies is based on several crucial factors that foster compatibility and harmonious cohabitation among dogs:

1. Size Compatibility: Yorkies are small dogs, and so having a companion of similar size reduces the risk of physical harm during play and minimizes potential intimidation or dominance issues. All the breeds listed are small to medium-sized, ensuring a balanced interaction.

2. Temperament Matching: The selected breeds either match or balance the Yorkie’s temperament. Breeds like the Pomeranian and Dachshund share the Yorkie’s energetic and adventurous spirit, creating a lively and engaging environment. On the other hand, breeds like the Shih Tzu and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have a calmer demeanor, which can provide a soothing balance to the Yorkie’s high energy levels.

3. Social Behavior: Yorkies are sociable, affectionate, and enjoy companionship. The selected breeds are also known for their friendly and sociable nature, which fosters a strong bond and ensures your Yorkie will have a constant playmate.

4. Intelligence Levels: Yorkies are known for their keen intelligence. Breeds like the Poodle and Chihuahua that match this intellectual prowess ensure that they can keep up with the Yorkie, fostering mental stimulation and mutual respect.

5. Loyalty and Protective Nature: Yorkies are loyal and can be quite protective, despite their small size. Breeds like the Pomeranian and Dachshund share this trait, which can help to create a strong, affectionate bond between the two dogs.

So, these ten breeds are selected as they share important traits with Yorkies, such as size, temperament, sociability, intelligence, and loyalty, which are critical for compatibility and harmonious cohabitation.

Visit Dog Parks To Know Which Dogs Your Yorkie Already Likes!

A practical way to discern which breeds your Yorkie might get along with is to visit dog parks or doggy day care centers more frequently.

Observe your Yorkie’s interactions with other dogs and note which breeds they seem to gravitate towards.

You might notice that your Yorkie has a particular affinity for certain breeds, providing you with insights on their preferences.

Personal experience

I did this with my dog and quickly realized they loved Beagles and Labradors over all other breeds (by a long shot)… Why? I have no idea, but it was clear. And this lead to us making an easy choice for our second pup!

Can Yorkies Get Along With Big Dogs?

Yes, Yorkies can get along with big dogs! Despite their small size, Yorkies often have no idea they are little and can fearlessly engage with larger dogs.

However, because of the size difference, it’s important to supervise interactions to ensure the larger dog doesn’t accidentally harm the Yorkie during play.

Last Thoughts

Choosing the right companion for your Yorkie involves careful consideration of their temperament, size, and energy level.

While this list provides a good starting point, every dog is unique. You know your Yorkie best, so keep their individual characteristics and preferences in mind when introducing a new furry friend into your home.

Above all, patience and time are key to ensuring a smooth transition and a budding friendship between your Yorkie and their new companion.


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