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When Do Yorkies Calm Down? (5 Tips For Hyper Yorkies)

Trying to handle a hyperactive Yorkie can be quite a challenge. This leaves most new owners wondering when their cute pup will eventually calm down.

I’ll cover everything you need to know to achieve a calm Yorkie, way before most others. And the secret isn’t in waiting for it to happen naturally, as I’ll explain below.

when do yorkies calm down

When Do Yorkies Naturally Calm Down?

It’s not long before Yorkie owners message in asking when their new pup will calm down! Yep, yorkies have a lot of energy…

In our extensive experience, Yorkies tend calm down at around 2 years of age.

But we have to clarify that there is real no set-in-stone moment that a Yorkie will go from hyperactivity, to a meditating monk.

Although it would be nice, It just doesn’t work like that.

I’ve spoken to many owners who didn’t actually see that much of a difference even nearer towards three years old. So, it’s quite hit and miss when it comes to this.

How To Get a Calm Yorkie

The truth is, there is a far better way to achieve a calm and sensible Yorkie without waiting years.

It falls on us, as pet parents, to offer our Yorkies suitable methods to expend their energy.

It is essential to establish suitable daily routines that keep a Yorkie physically AND mentally engaged as much as possible.

This is the true way to tire out a Yorkie and to keep them calm and relaxed.

It’s when Yorkies don’t have an outlet to expend their energy, does it become noticeable and unruly.

A quick note on Yorkie training! Brain Training For Dogs might be the ideal training methodology for all Yorkies. Results display advancements in obedience and behavior faster than we anticipated! It’s genuinely worth a look.

5 Ways To Calm Down Hyper Yorkies

Here are five top ways to properly handle your Yorkie’s energy, and encourage them to be calmer throughout the day.

1. Exercise twice a day (and at the right times)

Exercising your Yorkie FIRST thing in the morning should be a priority.

This will set your Yorkie up a calmer day ahead by immediately expending a chunk of that pent up energy gained from sleeping.

➡️ Puppies:

Yorkies that are very young should stick to the 5-minute method to ensure you don’t overexercise them. This means exercising them for 5 minutes per month of age they have, twice a day. So at 4 months it would be 20 minutes (4×5 minutes), once in the morning and then again later on.

➡️ Adults:

For adults nearer to 12 months you can exercise your Yorkie first thing in the morning for around 45 minutes. Then again later on for another 45.

We all know exercise is important, but very few owners wake up early to get that first walk in. This will have a big, and instant impact on your Yorkie’s behavior and hyperactivity.

2. Utilize playpens effectively

Puppy pens are awesome, and despite their name, they’re not just for puppies. A puppy pen works like a crate, just larger and not fully enclosed.

By introducing the puppy pen in a positive way (not as a punishment area), it can become a place your Yorkie loves. Ensure a positive association by introducing new toys, treats, and offering ample praise.

So, how does it help pacify my Yorkie?

Well, the playpen confines space, which naturally encourages dogs to relax and calm down.

Sometimes, it’s the fact that your Yorkie can’t do the zoomies from one room to the other which keeps them on edge and hyped up.

Restricting their moment to a pen well encourage them to take a break, sit down, and chill.

The key to this working as intended is in the introduction. Your Yorkie must not view this as a punishment, and instead view it as a good place to be where they get treats, toys, and praise.

3. Increase & prioritize socialization

Though this might be slightly harder to include in your routine, it’s vital.

Improved socialization leads to adequate mental stimulation for your Yorkie… And a mentally engaged dog is a content dog.

Even with ample physical exercise, if the mind isn’t worn out, your Yorkie will be recharged and ready to go after a brief 20-minute nap.

This is why mental stimulation is so crucial!

Socialization is one of the most potent forms of mental stimulation for dogs. So, consider spending extra time at the dog park, inviting friends and their dogs over, or explore local doggy meetup groups online (Facebook is excellent for this).

4. Be consistent with daily command training

Many owners tend to halt command training as soon as the basics are learned. I’m guilty of this too!

Sure, dogs quickly learn basic commands like sit and stay, but do we reinforce these basics enough? Often, not so much.

In truth, basic command training can and should continue daily for at least the first year.

You can add variations and increase difficulty levels, for example, by lengthening the sit and stay periods. There are countless possibilities with a dash of creativity.

Engaging in daily basic command training not only mentally stimulates your Yorkie but also satisfies their instinct to solve problems and “work.” Plus, they adore the extra time spent with you.

A well-trained and mentally stimulated Yorkie is a happier, calmer Yorkie.

5. Engage with interactive puzzle toys

Puzzle toys can occupy your Yorkie for a good length of time, depending on the toy’s complexity.

Some puzzle toys can be left with your dog (perfect for when you’re away), and others require your participation.

Regardless of your choice, puzzle toys engage your Yorkie’s mind, keep them busy, and ultimately lead to a sense of fulfillment.

Your Yorkie’s energy will be released into the toy, rather than your slippers or beloved furniture!

We recommend the StarMark ⭐ or a Snuffle Mat for times when you need to leave your Yorkie alone, and something like the Nina Ottosson when you can assist.

Essentially, puzzle toys are another high-quality form of mental stimulation.

So What’s The Secret To a Calm Yorkie

All of the tips above focus on one thing: stimulation.

It’s all about keeping them engaged!

Overactive/hyperactive dogs are typically under-stimulated and unoccupied.

If Yorkies receive sufficient physical AND mental stimulation daily, they have no cause to be hyperactive, and they won’t be.

Dogs that are properly stimulated will snooze or sleep whenever they aren’t involved in an activity.

And you won’t need to wait 2 years for a maybe-calm yorkie!

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Last thoughts

If you’re currently managing a hyper Yorkie, then try to increase their stimulation with the tips given above.

This could be through dividing daily walks into morning and evening strolls, improving socialization, or maintaining consistent training – whatever it is, you’ll see a quick difference in your Yorkie.

Yorkies exhibit these behaviors because they are descended from working dogs. All such breeds need their intellects engaged and problem-solving abilities challenged. If they feel a sense of accomplishment they crave, their behavior will notably improve, and they’ll be significantly calmer.


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