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Do Corgis Get Along With Other Dogs: What About Pairs?

How well do corgis get on with other dogs? It’s an important question owners often ask me.

Whether you’re getting a second dog, having friends over with their dogs, or visiting the dog park, there’s many reasons to know the answer.

I’ll explain in simple terms whether Corgis typically get along well with other dogs, the factors at play, and more. Let’s get into it.

do corgis get along with other dogs

Do Corgis Get on With Other Dogs?

Corgis can get along just fine with other dogs, regardless of size and breed.

➡️ But it usually comes down to one thing: Socialization.

Whether or not your Corgi will get along well with another dog comes down to how well socialized your Corgis is, as well as the other dog.

What’s the big deal with socialization?

Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to strangers, other dogs, and even new environments.

Frequently being exposed to new dogs and people teaches them how to interact appropriately, in a friendly way, rather than a scared and hostile way.

And this is absolutely KEY in determining a dog’s overall friendliness and ability to make new friends (both human and canine).

So to confirm: yes, corgis can get along with other dogs, but the true factor determining this is socialization levels.

When things might not be so simple:

For example, if you’re bringing in an adult corgi into a home with an existing dog that hasnt been properly socialized, then it’s likely you’ll have some issues.

Additionally, if the resident dog is well socialized but the adult corgi isn’t, again you’ll have some issues.

This is because if either dog hasnt had the experience of “socializing” with others, then their instant reaction will be fearfulness. This will cause them to be overly anxious, scared, and as a result aggressive.

When things will work out easily:

A scenario where this will likely work out is if either the corgi or the other dog (or both) are very young puppies.

Puppies are unlikely to be aggressive and will try to mingle peacefully with the other dog. Again it will require the other (adult) dog to have some level of prior socialization in order to know how to behave nicely with the puppy.

But in general, raising two puppies together, or introducing one pup to an already-socialized adult, will be easy.

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do corgis get along with other dogs

Can Corgis Get Along With Big Dogs?

Thankfully for a corgi, size doesn’t matter.

Whether your corgi meets the world’s largest dog, or the world’s smallest dog, it truly makes no difference.

Your corgi will be able to make friends with big dogs just like any other size of dog.

Again, it comes down to socialization! This is always what determines whether or not the two dogs will be friendly to one another.

Consider the big dog’s temperament, their socialization levels, and how well trained they are. Consider this too for the corgi and if there are no obvious issues then it should be a green light to introduce the two dogs together.

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Are Corgis Aggressive With Other Dogs?

If the corgi is well-socialized then no, it’s unlikely they will be aggressive to another dog.

Still, owners should be aware that their corgi does have the potential to be aggressive to another dog in certain situations.

There are times when a Corgi may feel the need to defend theirself or warn off another dog should they be persistently annoying or unpleasant towards them.

We have to remember that corgis have bold characters, and they aren’t afraid to put another dog in their place!

With that being said, it’s always important to monitor dog interactions closely and be ready to intervene if it doesn’t seem friendly and neutral.

Can You Leave Your Corgi Alone With Another Dog?

It depends.

Whether or not you can leave your corgi alone with another dog depends on the situation.

Owners should ask the following:

➡️ Have they already met before?
➡️ Were they peaceful on their last meet?
➡️ Are both dogs well-socialized?
➡️ Are both dogs calm adults?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, then it should be fine to leave your Corgi with the other dog.

On the other hand, it is not advised to leave your corgi with a new dog they are not familiar with, or with a puppy they are unfamiliar with.

Additionally, if one corgi is particularly territorial, it is not recommended to leave another dog with them “on their turf” so to speak.

Are Corgis Better In Pairs?

Corgis often do very well in pairs.

Most of our corgi readership here at The Puppy Mag actually own TWO corgis.

These cute pups are just so adorable that most corgi owners aren’t satisfied with one. Totally get it.

The interesting thing about this question is that researchers are unable to prove whether or not dogs can even identify their own breed. More research points towards them not being able to…

So, why do pairs work out so well?

This is likely down to the fact that any two dogs with similar temperaments and personality traits often get along well with ease.

But again, we have to mention socialization here. Even two corgis could end up battling it out, if one or both of them have not been sufficiently socialized.

Can Adult Corgis Be Socialized?

If you’re reading this with an adult corgi in mind, you might be wondering is it too late?

The good news is that it’s never too late to start socializing your corgi. It might just take longer.

Owners will need to be cautious and persistent in gradually exposing their adult corgi to other dogs and strangers in a safe and controlled way.

General exposure in dog parks is a good way to do this. As your corgi becomes more comfortable you can slowly bring them closer to the other dogs in order to get a more intense interaction.

Here’s a great video on socializing a dog quickly

Last thoughts

Corgis can get along well with any other dog so long as both dogs in question are well-socialized.

It doesn’t matter about the other dog’s size or breed. Just as long as they are friendly and approachable, it’ll probably work out.

Corgis might get a bad rap about being aggressive, but this simply isn’t true.

A well-socialized corgi will be more than happy to mingle peacefully with other well-socialized dogs.

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