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Do Yorkies Have Hair or Fur: Yorkie Coat Guide

One of the most distinctive features of a Yorkie is its coat, shiny and silky, flowing and gorgeous.

This unique coat often leads to one interesting question: do Yorkies have hair or fur?

And what’s the difference anyway? If you’re a Yorkie owner you’ve landed in the right place.

do yorkies have hair or fur

Hair or Fur – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the covering of our canine friends, the terms “hair” and “fur” are frequently used interchangeably.

However, in the world of pet care, they usually refer to different things:

  • Fur tends to grow to a certain length and then fall out, a cycle commonly known as shedding. It is usually shorter and denser, providing an efficient layer of insulation.
  • Hair, on the other hand, has a longer growth cycle. The strands grow longer and fall out less frequently, leading to what pet owners know as a ‘non-shedding’ breed. Hair is also generally smoother and finer than fur.

Both hair and fur share the same chemical composition and structure – they are both made of a protein called keratin.

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Do Yorkies Have Hair or Fur?

Yorkies have hair, not fur.

Their long, silky strands are more akin to human hair than the typical fur coat of many other breeds. This gives them their characteristic, flowing coats that are a delight to look at but require a fair bit of maintenance.

Why is it like this?

Well, Yorkies are considered a ‘hypoallergenic’ breed. Their hair grows continuously and falls out less frequently, just like human hair.

This means they shed less dander – the primary cause of pet-related allergies – compared to other breeds.

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Single or Double Coat?

Dogs either have a single or a double coat. A single coat means there’s only one layer of hair, while a double coat has two layers: a tougher and straighter outer layer (guard hair) and a soft, dense undercoat.

The undercoat is what sheds in breeds with double coats, and it’s also the one that provides extra insulation.

So what do Yorkies have? Yorkies have a single coat of hair.

This means they lack the undercoat that typically sheds and provides additional insulation.

This is yet another reason why Yorkies are less likely to cause allergies compared to breeds with double coats.

However, this lack of an undercoat also means that Yorkies are more susceptible to extreme temperatures, so extra care should be taken in hot or cold weather.

Yorkie Coat Types

Understanding the different coat types that a Yorkie can have is key to maintaining its health and ensuring optimal grooming.

Each coat type has its own characteristics and specific care needs. The three types of coats that a Yorkie can have are: the Puppy Coat, the Silky Coat, and the Cotton Coat.

Puppy Coat

The Puppy Coat is what all Yorkies are born with. It’s extremely soft, fine, and short. This type of coat doesn’t require as much maintenance as the other two types.

You’ll need to brush it occasionally to prevent any knots or matting. But as your Yorkie grows, usually around 6 to 8 months old, this Puppy Coat will transition into either a Silky Coat or a Cotton Coat.

Silky Coat

This is the ideal coat type for a Yorkie according to breed standards. It’s shiny, fine, perfectly straight, and flows down either side of the body.

When properly groomed, a Yorkie with a Silky Coat looks absolutely stunning. As its name suggests, the texture is similar to that of silk. This coat type requires daily brushing to prevent tangles and matting. It also takes longer to dry after bathing due to its dense nature.

Cotton Coat

Cotton Coats are more common in Yorkies than Silky Coats. The texture is closer to cotton or wool, and the coat tends to be quite voluminous.

This type of coat is more prone to matting and tangling than the Silky Coat. Therefore, it requires even more consistent and thorough grooming. It’s recommended to brush a Cotton Coat daily or at least every other day to maintain its health and appearance.

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The Yorkie Coat – Care, Styles, and Tips

Maintaining a Yorkie’s coat is a serious business. Their beautiful, human-like hair demands human-like care:

Regular brushing is crucial to prevent tangles and matting. Due to the texture and growth pattern of their hair, they are more prone to developing knots.

Bathing your Yorkie once every three-four weeks can keep the coat shiny and healthy. Always remember to use a dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner for bathing.

A balanced diet is also important, as the right nutrients contribute significantly to a healthy, shiny coat.

When it comes to styles, there’s a wide range to choose from. Some owners prefer to keep their Yorkie’s hair long, often tied up with a bow for that touch of cuteness. Others prefer ‘puppy cuts,’ a shorter, more manageable style.

Last thoughts

In summary, Yorkies have hair, not fur, and a single layer at that! This unique aspect of our little friends makes them less likely to trigger allergies, but it also calls for special care and protection from the elements.

So, Yorkie owners, embrace the joy of grooming your four-legged friend and revel in their hair’s unique beauty!

With this guide, you are now well-equipped to navigate the world of Yorkie coats – from understanding the basic hair-or-fur question to ensuring optimal care for a healthy, happy Yorkie.


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