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Why Is My Boxer Shedding So Much: (5 Reasons & What To Do)

One of the most common questions I get from boxer owners is about how to handle shedding.

A breed that you wouldn’t think sheds much, actually turns out to shed A LOT.

Boxers have short needle-like hairs that can be super difficult to remove from clothes and furniture.

This article explains the 5 main reasons why boxers shed so much, and 7 excellent tips that will help you handle the shedding onslaught.


5 Reasons Why Boxers Shed So Much

Sometimes, your boxer may shed more than what’s considered normal. This could be due to a few different things.

1. Genetics

In some cases, your boxer may just shed more due to his genetics. It could be that both of his parents were shedders and he’s just inherited that trait too.

In even rarer cases, if there has been any crossbreeding somewhere throughout your boxer’s blood lineage, this could also affect the amount he sheds.

All breeds shed in different amounts, and if your boxer has even a little of another breed in his DNA this could be something to consider.

2. The Climate You Live In

Although this is the case mostly for double-coated breeds, it still holds true for single-coated breeds too.

If you live in a hot state or part of the world, then you can expect pretty much any breed to shed more excessively.

Double-coated breeds do this to help with temperature regulation, and for single-coated breeds, this can even just be considered a natural reaction to hot weather.

Urgent Vet: Weather & Shedding

3. Insufficient Nutrients / Malnutrition

Your boxer’s diet and the nutrients he receives has a huge impact on his skin and coat health.

This is why it’s crucial to use premium brands that use high-quality ingredients, over inferior products. Opting for kibble that uses whole ingredients from reliable sources is very important.

Getting a high amount of quality protein, healthy fats, and veggies are important for overall health. Try avoiding food with a high amount of carbs, fillers, by-products, common allergens, and additives.

Aside from picking a quality food, it’s essential that your boxer actually gets on well with it. Many boxers have sensitive stomachs and if he doesn’t tolerate the kibble very well, then his body won’t be digesting or absorbing all of the nutrients properly.

You may have found a high-quality food, but if he doesn’t get on well with it, you’ll need to find another.

For extra help with this, be sure to contact your local veterinarian.

4. Allergies

Excess shedding a very common reaction when dogs are suffering from allergic reactions. And unfortunately, many boxers are sensitive to a range of allergens.

Food allergies are common and there are many different ingredients that dogs can be allergic to, as well as environmental allergens such as dust, human dander, pollen, mites and fleas.

As allergies are very hard to identify and diagnose, the only way you’ll know is with the help of your veterinarian, and through the process of elimination.

5. Underlying Health Issues

In more unfortunate cases, significant hair loss can be caused by underlying health issues or skin issues. If this is the case, there will usually be many other symptoms aside from just excess shedding.

The following can cause excessive shedding: (Pets WebMD)

  • Parasites (fleas, lice, or mites)
  • Fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Inhalant or food-related allergies.
  • Kidney, liver, thyroid, or adrenal disease (including Cushing’s)
  • Pregnancy or lactation.
  • Certain medications.
  • Self-induced trauma due to licking
  • Canine-Cancer
  • Immune disease
  • Sunburn
  • Contact with irritating or caustic substances

If you are ever unsure about the health of your Boxer or think his shedding is excessive then give your veterinarian a call to schedule an appointment.

Ruling out health conditions should always be a top priority.

7 Tips To Help With Your Boxer Shedding

Let’s get right into the best tips to help reduce the amount of hair your boxer sheds.

Keep in mind: You’ll never be able to completely stop shedding completely, but you can reduce it and manage it better. Secondly, there could be alternative reasons why your Boxer is shedding more than normal like underlying health issues. I will cover this in the next section.

1. Add Fish Oil, Olive Oil, or Flaxseed Oil To Their Food

Always consult your veterinarian first, but typically speaking, adding a single teaspoon of either olive oil, flaxseed oil, or fish oil into their daily diet is perfectly safe and healthy.

The great thing about these oils is that they are naturally very high in essential fatty acids like Omega 3’s. These oils are excellent for keeping the skin and coat healthy, strong, and moisturized from the inside out. This will result in less dead hair over time.

Our favorite fish oil supplement!

2. Use Baby Wipes Regularly

Oh, it’s time to jump on the baby wipe bandwagon! You can use dog grooming wipes or baby wipes, both options are fine.

Wiping down your Boxer’s coat with baby wipes doesn’t replace bathing, but it does keep his coat clean, odor-free, moisturized, and at the same time, removes excess dead hair. You can start wiping down his coat 2-3 times per week and you’ll see an improvement in all areas in regards to his coat.

3. Consistent Brushing Routine

A consistent brushing routine is the most important part of keeping on top of your boxer’s shedding. Even though boxers have a single coat, it helps to brush them 3-4 times per week, or even every other day.

Keep brushing sessions short and sweet! 10-15 minutes at the max is sufficient. Many owners make the mistake of brushing infrequently, only to try making up for that with an hour of brushing! This doesn’t work and is more likely to irritate your Boxer. Little and often is the key to a brushing routine that actually works.

4. Use The Correct Brushes

Using the correct brushes is also essential! There are many different types of dog brushes on the market and it’s admittedly very confusing.

For single coat breeds like boxers, the two best brushes you can use are a Slicker Brush, and a Pin & Bristle brush. Slicker brushes being your main choice. Both of these brushes are safer to use than sharp de-shedding tools and neither one will irritate your boxer’s skin through his short coat.

If you had to use only one brush, the slicker brush will be your best option, but if you can use both as part of your routine, that would be even better.

5. Don’t Overbathe Your Boxer

Bathing is important, but overbathing is a big no-no! Overbathing with shampoo will strip your boxer’s coat from its natural oils making it dry and brittle, leading to more dead hair.

To remain on the safe side, only ever use a natural ingredient shampoo, and only bathe your Boxer once every 3 months at the maximum.

6. Use Natural Coconut Oil Topically

Either when brushing or when using baby wipes, massaging a few drops of natural coconut oil throughout the coat will keep the hairs and skin moisturized and strong.

You would be surprised just how powerful this can be at keeping the skin and coat from drying out. This will soon lead to a stronger coat less prone to dropping hair.

7. Encourage Your Boxer To Drink More

Just like us, our dogs usually don’t drink enough water every day, even if they have access to it. If you can help encourage your boxer to drink a little more, it will go a long way in keeping his entire body healthy, apart from his just skin and coat!

You can occasionally add in a small amount of low-sodium meat broth to his water, a couple of pieces of kibble, or even ice cubes. If you can make his water either more appealing or “fun” then he’ll drink more. Always be sure to keep his water clean and topped up after whatever you try.

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Do Boxers Shed All Year?

Some boxers will shed all year at a consistent rate, whereas others may only shed noticeably in spring and summer. This changes from boxer to boxer and according to the climate where you live.

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Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions about your boxer’s shedding habits or have something I can add to the article, feel free to contact me! For now, take care! Harry.

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