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Why Are Boxer Dogs So Goofy, Weird, & Dumb: (Explained)

Why is it that boxers are so weird and goofy? It’s one of the many characteristics that set them apart from other breeds.

And to be clear, this isn’t a bad thing! In fact, it’s what makes them so loveable. Let’s find out why they behave like total goofballs!

What Is Goofy and Weird Behavior In Boxer Dogs

From chasing windscreen wipers on cars, the infamous butt wiggle, sitting completely upside down on the couch, to using the circular inside of a toilet paper roll as a megaphone… (yep that one’s true).

Goofy or weird behavior could simply be staring at you with their excitable wide eyes and big tongue flapping around outside of their mouth.

And I’m sure you can agree, that no other breed pulls off some of the most hilarious facial expressions quite like a boxer can!

Goofy behavior can pretty much be anything that’s weird for a dog to do… Because if you have owned any other breeds apart from a boxer, you’ll know that most just lay there, periodically come for attention, and chew their toy (pretty normal dog stuff).

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Why Are Boxers So Goofy or Weird?

The official term to replace goofy or weird is “reactive”.

Boxers are not goofy or weird, they are emotionally reactive and very sensitive. They LOVE to react to things they see, hear, smell, and feel!

Please note, however, that in the dog world, the term “reactive” is often used to describe dogs who react anxiously or aggressively when in certain situations… But for boxers, this isn’t what we are referring to here.

Reactive behavior itself is can be a complex topic to discuss, especially when diving deep into canine psychology. But for today, I’ll keep it simple…

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What Causes Reactive Behavior In Boxers?

There is a range of causes that all act together to form the boxer’s reactive nature:

  • Boxers are highly energetic
  • Boxers are highly affectionate
  • Boxers crave attention from their owners
  • Boxers love being the center of attention
  • Boxers fall in the average intelligence range

From this concoction of characteristical traits, it starts becoming clearer how boxers can “react” in such weird, hyper, and goofy ways.

They are very energetic, bouncy, sensitive to what their owner is saying and doing, and they love their attention. This is quite the perfect mix which can lead to their weird and wacky displays.

Emotional triggering:

Another reason aside from their natural characteristics is from being emotionally triggered…

When you ask your boxer to do something, speak to them, or even look at them, it’s provoking a response from them. This is an emotional trigger for them, and they will feel compelled to respond.

And due to their sensitive nature, their response is likely going to be something dramatic, funny or just plain goofy!

Being Dramatic and Goofy Is What Makes Boxers AWESOME

Let’s not make out that being goofy, weird, dumb, clumsy, or dramatic is in any way a bad thing!

This truly sets boxers apart from all the other breeds out there.

When their fun, loving, happy-go-lucky nature helps us to laugh and smile more often, there’s nothing more we could ask for!

So the next time you see your Boxer sitting in a plant pot that’s half of their size, laugh it off, before asking them to move!

When Goofy & Dramatic Behavior Can Be a Problem

In certain circumstances, when you genuinely need your boxer to come to you or do something, their silly antics become annoying, very quickly… I know how you feel.

A classic example that all boxer owners can relate to, is asking your boxer to “come back inside” after being in the yard. The battle begins…

This, however, isn’t really anything to do with their natural goofiness…

This is actually a matter of their recall skill and general obedience. Which, fortunately, can be trained and improved upon.

Although you can’t stop your Boxer’s goofy behavior, you can improve their ability to “come” and listen to you in general.

Start practicing daily recall training and well as running through basic command training.

This will be a welcomed boost of mental stimulation and slowly but surely, you will increase your boxer’s ability to simply listen to you, without kicking up a fuss. The more he gets used to listening and carrying out commands, the less dramatic he will be in the future.

This is an excellent video that explains how to increase your dog’s overall obedience. The video is with a labrador, but the advice will be just perfect for a boxer too. The video starts at the correct moment!

What Do You Think?

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic!

Do you have any funny photos or clips of your boxer? Send them in! I would love to put them on this blog post!

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