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9 Things To Know Before Getting A Vizsla: Must-Read!

Vizslas are a striking breed that continues to grow in popularity every year. The combination of stunning coat color and loving personality is likely why so many people have grown to love this breed, and why so many dog lovers are now looking to add a Vizsla to their family!

Still, there are some important things all future owners of this breed should know about beforehand. Knowing these things will best prepare you for what’s to come.


What You Should Know Before Getting A Vizsla

Vizslas are a beloved breed with so many unique characteristics to offer. To help you best prepare for becoming a Vizsla parent, let’s get into the 9 most important things you should know before you bring a Vizsla into your home. 

  • Vizslas are filled with energy
  • Vizslas are very smart
  • Vizslas are very affectionate
  • Vizslas are sensitive
  • Vizslas are loyal
  • Vizslas need to be socializaed & trained
  • Vizslas do not like to be left alone
  • Vizslas are good family dogs
  • Vizslas have a low maintenance coat

With all this information in your pocket, you can make the best decision on whether or not this is the right breed for you!

1. Vizslas Are Filled With Energy

The most important fact to be aware of when becoming a Vizsla parent is that they will require 1-2 hours of daily exercise. Vizslas are filled with energy and require an active owner that is up for the task of being hands-on.

While most dog owners can get away with a 30 minute game of fetch each day, your Vizsla will need something a bit more involved. Vizslas do best with a few long walks each day, hiking an adventurous trail, swimming at your local lake, or any other activity that allows them to embrace their playful nature. 

Whether it’s multiple small activities throughout the day or one extended play session, your Vizsla will crave exercise alongside their favorite humans. The lack of daily exercise is what causes the Vizsla to participate in undesirable behaviors, ranging from destruction around your home to excessive barking. 

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2. Vizslas Are Very Smart

Vizslas are an intelligent breed that thrives in a mentally stimulating environment. Their intelligence makes them eager to learn new tricks and commands and allows them to catch on quickly to obedience training when implemented properly. Their quick wit helps them pick up good habits quickly, but this also means they can catch on to bad habits quickly as well. 

And it must be said that if you don’t assert yourself as a good leader from day one, a vizsla can easily become stubborn, defiant and harder to train.

Having a smart pup in your home can be a wonderful thing, but it will require a bit of extra care on your part. Vizslas need plenty of mental stimulation to prevent boredom, as a bored pup can quickly turn to undesirable behaviors.

3. Vizslas Are Very Affectionate

Vizslas are a lovable breed that craves being around their favorite humans. Many often joke that the ‘V’ in Vizsla stands for velcro, as these pups are typically attached to their owner’s hip. Vizslas would cuddle with their owners at all times if they could. 

Not only do they love to be around their family, but they are known to be gentle and affectionate with those they care about most. Vizslas turn into a puddle of love when you give them attention, and it’s one of the many reasons why this breed is so treasured. 

4. Vizslas Are Sensitive

With an affectionate pup often comes a bit of sensitivity as well. Vizslas are known for being a bit more sensitive than the average pup, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This just means that they require a bit of extra care in certain aspects of their life, and require an owner that is dedicated to understanding them. 

For example, Vizslas are known to shut down if your training methods involve any type of stern messaging or punishment. Vizslas do best with positive training methods and plenty of praise, as this helps to prevent them from shying away from the process altogether. As long as you are approaching most situations with a calm and loving demeanor, your Vizsla will thrive in your home. 

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5. Vizslas Are Loyal

Vizslas are extremely loyal and will stand by their owner’s side at any given opportunity. This breed can become extremely attached to those in their family, which is a positive trait when managed effectively. As long as you are diligent about socializing your Vizsla when you bring them into your home, you should have a well-rounded and loyal best furry friend. 

6. Vizslas Need To Be Socialized & Trained

As we mentioned above, Vizslas can become extremely attached to their family. While this can be a wonderful trait, it can easily spiral into a negative behavioral trait if your Vizsla is not properly trained and socialized. An unsocialized Vizsla may display territorial aggression around their owners, especially when welcoming new people or animals into your home. 

Vizslas can also struggle with severe anxiety and fear if they are not introduced to new settings and activities when they are a puppy. Due to the Vizsla’s sensitive nature, they are more prone to becoming antisocial and fearful if they do not gain confidence through socialization. Obedience training is also a confidence booster for a Vizsla, making training in all forms essential for a happy Vizsla friend!

7. Vizslas Do Not Like To Be Left Alone

With being so attached to their owners, Vizslas do not appreciate being left alone for long hours. Not only can Vizslas struggle with separation anxiety when away from those they love for too long, but their high energy levels can lead to a restless pup. These two factors combined can make it challenging for a Vizsla to cope.

While the average 8-hour workday should be just fine for a Vizsla, you will need to factor in proper exercise to your schedule. Vizslas are most pleased when going for a long walk in the morning before you head out, followed by a proper exercise session in the evening. 

8. Vizslas Are Good Family Dogs

Vizslas are the perfect family dog for multiple reasons. They love to play with children, they enjoy being around people, and they do best if someone is always home to offer attention. Vizslas may be a bit too rough for small children under the age of 5, but as long as the children are educated on canine respect, Vizslas love nothing more than being part of a big family. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Vizslas may not be the best fit for homes with small pets. Vizslas do have a high prey drive to their history in hunting, so it could be challenging to integrate everyone effectively. 

Unless your Vizsla is introduced to small pets when they are a puppy, it may not be the best idea to bring smaller animals into your home when your Vizsla reaches adulthood. 

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9. Vizslas Have A Low Maintenance Coat

You may need to factor in daily exercise, but at least you won’t have to worry about daily brushing! Vizslas have a short, sleek, low-maintenance coat that can get by with once-weekly brushing in most cases. Although vizslas do still shed, it’s minimal compared to other breeds.

Though Vizslas may leave behind a thin layer of fur when lounging on the couch, their shedding is not often excessive. Increased brushing may be beneficial in early spring or early fall with these being high shed periods, but overall, the Vizsla has a low maintenance coat. 

So What Does This Mean For Vizsla Owners?

So with all this information on the table, what are the questions you should ask yourself when deciding if a Vizsla is right for you and your home? 

  • Can you offer 1-2 hours of daily exercise?
  • Are you away from home no more than 6 hours a day, or do you have others in your home that can offer attention when you are away?
  • Do you live an active lifestyle?
  • Are you dedicated to properly socializing and training your Vizsla from the moment you adopt them?
  • Is your home free of any small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, cats, etc? (this can vary from dog to dog as well)

If you answered yes to the questions above, the Vizsla may be the perfect canine friend for you. This is a special breed with so much love to offer, but they do require an owner that is up for the task of helping them thrive. As long as you are able to offer your Vizsla the quality of life they desire, you will have an affectionate furry companion at your side. 

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Final Thoughts

Vizslas are the perfect canine companion for an active family. As long as you are educated on the information we discussed above, you will have the tools needed to be the best Vizsla parent possible!

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